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What is Digital Marketing?

What is Digital Marketing?

The popular and effective way of marketing in today’s world is digital marketing. It takes marketing online to the web and internet. Online marketing uses marketing techniques for different online platforms.

Digital marketing therefore is an umbrella term for various techniques to use different online platforms like search engines, social media, and more.

So doing digital marketing means using more than one of the techniques like SEO, PPC, social media marketing & advertising, content marketing, and more.

Let us explain how SEO doubles up as Beginners Digital Marketing Roadmap

Let us explain how SEO serves as Digital Marketing Roadmap For Beginners

SEO Opens Up Digital Marketing Roadmap

SEO beginners roadmap is not just to learn and do SEO.

But it can also start your digital marketing journey.

SEO is much more than a single digital marketing technique.

It is your window and door to the world of digital marketing.

By learning & practicing SEO you can also learn how websites are designed, learn to use search PPC ads as well as can start how to use social media marketing.

What is SEO Beginners Roadmap?

SEO is Like A Beginners Roadmap To Start Digital Marketing

What is SEO in Digital Marketing

Here’s a new take on what is SEO, from Purpalyn.

SEO is the digital marketing for search engines by way of website optimization and rank improvement strategies.

It helps to get in front of search users and get ahead of competing & top ranking websites.

We market on search engines to connect with search users.

And the only way to do that is by optimizing website for what & how our audience searches for information.

SEO is Inbound Digital Marketing: Bringing audience to website with good content & optimization

What is SEO Marketing & SEM in Digital Marketing?

SEO marketing is that form of digital marketing where we optimize a website for search engines where loads of people everyday search for information.

SEO is the marketing of website content in front of those information seeking users of search engines.

SEM means search engine marketing which is a category in digital marketing consisting of SEO and PPC (pay-per-click advertising).

However, we like to believe that SEO is the real SEM. While PPC should be called as search engine advertising (SEA).

What is SEO Marketing & SEM in Digital Marketing?

7 Step SEO Roadmap for every Beginner & Business

Understand the importance of SEO.

Learn what makes SEO important for the online success of every business and website.

You need to know the worth of SEO.

What is the real value of search engine optimization for any business and website.

Now whether you want to hire the services or become an expert, here is what you need to understand.

You need to learn about what SEO consultants do and who are they.

What you also need to understand is what you can do and achieve once you become an expert.

Know what are rankings and what benefit they bring for your website.

As you are going to become a professional you also need to know what all types of SEO there are.

You need to know once you become an expert what all you will be doing in search engine optimization.

And what all types of websites you will be optimizing for rankings.

How can you become an expert fast?

How do you learn strategies that work and help to rank.

You can always take help of the proven strategies and tactics that help to rank websites.

How do you explain SEO to your client once you start working?

How do tell them about the role and importance of SEO in digital marketing?

Here are few things to understand.

SEO Value in Digital Marketing

Effective Marketing & Growth

Build Stream of Free Traffic

Beat Competition & Get Leads

SEO is Cost Effective Digital Marketing For Local & Small Business

Local business can benefit the best from SEO marketing.

SEO can be the most cost effective digital marketing for a local business to get traffic and leads.

The local audience are mostly looking to buy from nearby places and that is what they search on Google.

Therefore, SEO becomes the most effective digital marketing technique. It is your most cost effective marketing strategy.

If you run a local business then you can know how SEO can help you get traffic and leads.

SEO Helps Local & Small Business Get Traffic & Leads

How Best to Explain SEO in Digital Marketing?

6 Benefits that Explain Importance of SEO in Digital Marketing.

There are few things which make SEO important in digital marketing. And they explain role of SEO in digital marketing perfectly.

These are the 6 benefits which mainly SEO provides as the important digital marketing channel.

Effective Marketing

Every business needs effective marketing. Marketing that proves to be more productive and beneficial for the business.

A successful marketing can create a successful business.

This is what SEO gives. An effective marketing strategy for business.

Getting in Front of Right Audience

Getting in front of right audience is the first requirement of every marketing campaign.

And digital marketing is no different.

In fact it gains much more importance in digital marketing as you are doing everything online.

SEO gets you in front of an audience who are already looking for products, services, information and companies.

Getting Relevant Traffic to Your Website

Getting relevant traffic to your website. This is what SEO does for a business.

This is where keywords play the most important role in SEO.

With the help of SEO keywords you can find large set of audience who are searching and looking for the information that you provide on your website.

This makes the audience that visits your website from search perfectly relevant to your business.

Getting Leads for Your Business

Getting leads for your business. This is what you want from digital marketing.

How do we create leads for a business online?

By bringing in an audience that is more interested in what you are offering.

And when you target the right audience and bring relevant traffic the leads that you generate are higher.

Securing More Conversions With Traffic

How can you secure more conversions with digital marketing traffic?

Do you know SEO traffic is said to have a much higher conversion rate than many other digital marketing channels.

So the traffic that comes to your website, the leads that you generate from that traffic will give you a better conversion.

Cost Effective Marketing For Long Term

SEO is the most cost effective marketing strategy that is best for long term.

With SEO you can always scale up your campaign with much less additional cost.

The organic traffic that comes from search engines can be maintained for long term if you keep doing SEO for your website.

What is SEO and How It Works in Digital Marketing in Step by Step Process

This is how you should learn about what is SEO and how it works as a step-by-step process in digital marketing.

This is the way in which you not only learn the techniques and what we do in it. You also learn the order of doing each technique and the order in which SEO works.

Business Always Need Marketing

Every business needs marketing and there is nothing new about it.

Marketing is and always has been a set of activities that aim to take your business and/or its products and services in front of the right people.

And this is the way that every business or company sells their products and services.

It is the activity that we do with the purpose of

Marketing Now Means Digital Marketing

Now we are in 2022. Among many other positive and negative things, the strongest of trend or push for past few years is going digital.

We are into the digital world now.

And so for many years now marketing is online.

We are now doing digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Has Many Channels

What is digital marketing?

Marketing since ages has always used some mediums or platforms.

Digital marketing means doing marketing using online channels or platforms.

And so, online marketing is not one technique or channel or platform.

It is a set of channels and techniques.

One of the digital marketing techniques is SEO.

SEO is Digital Marketing

SEO is actually more comprehensive as an online marketing technique for a business or website.

It is more inclusive and is not just a single digital marketing channel.

If as a business you need to select one single digital marketing technique and go all the way through then it is SEO.

This is because as you go full scale you get more benefits than other channels and you can easily combine more channels with it.

Most ranking experts also use other channels with SEO.

This in a way makes SEO more complete.

SEO is a comprehensive digital marketing roadmap for beginners.

Explain SEO In Digital Marketing

You can explain SEO as the most important strategy in digital marketing.

Unlike any other technique of digital marketing, SEO is followed as a process of steps.

The process is to optimize a website for search engines with the objective of improving rankings which helps get more search visibility and as a result more clicks from searchers.

The main goal of getting clicks is a step-by-step process. We can divide this process into 4 steps and objectives of optimization for search engines.

These four step-by-step objectives are

  • Build search engine presence
  • Improve website visibility in searches
  • Get website rank for its keywords
  • Get organic traffic from search engines

SEO is an organic digital marketing technique.

SEO is considered as a popular and important digital marketing strategy as it brings better quality and more relevant traffic to a website.

These are four step-by-step objectives why we optimize websites for search engine.

There are two important factors that assist, support and boost our goals.

These are relevancy and authority.

With the help of content and on page optimization we make our web pages relevant for the search queries or the keywords.

Then we build authority of our website and its pages with the help of off page SEO optimization.

This is what SEO is in a nutshell which beginners need to learn.

SEO is one important digital marketing technique.

And it works like that.

Doing or learning SEO means learning to market your website on Google properly. It is all about improving visibility on search engines. That is what marketing does.

What is SEO

The practice that sets the optimization ball rolling to build presence and visibility to get ranking and traffic on search engines assisted by relevance and authority.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the practice, the technique to optimize websites for search engines to rank for searches so as to get clicks or traffic from there.

It is a step-by-step process which covers these five major steps.

  • Technical Optimization
  • Keyword Research
  • On Page SEO Optimization
  • Content Optimization
  • Off Page SEO Optimization

We do these 5 steps when we optimize websites for search engines.

This sets the optimization ball rolling.

How SEO works in Digital Marketing (for a Business)?

Why we do SEO?

We do SEO for a business. But we do it on and for websites. Your business first needs to have a website.

Also as the full form suggests we do search engine optimization for search engines.

SEO means online marketing of a website on search engines, specifically.

What we do is optimize a website for search engines. This is what SEO does.

It is a process and not just a single step. You will learn about it and the steps involved in it here step-by-step.

But you may ask, why we do SEO? Why companies or websites need it for? What it brings or gives us?

Let us start learning SEO with this basic understanding so that you learn it better.

Website is Important Platform

Your website is the platform which allows you to do digital marketing.

In this digital world you cannot do marketing without having a website for your business.

Your website is the only platform where your audience or visitors can come and know about your business.

In this online world your website is your office, your store, your face to the world, your everything.

FAQs About Starting Digital Marketing

You may want to have few more answers about learning and/or starting digital marketing and how SEO helps in it.

Digital Marketing Learning Roadmap

How do you learn digital marketing with a roadmap?

First thing to understand is that digital marketing is not a single technique but an umbrella term which consists of many different techniques and channels.

So you need to learn these channels and techniques.

You need to first understand how techniques and channels work.

There are three most important things in digital marketing to understand as you start learning.

These 3 things are the important platforms of digital marketing.

  • Website
  • Search Engines
  • Social Media

You need to have a website to start digital marketing.

Then when you start doing digital marketing then search engines and social media are the two platforms where you do online marketing of your website.

So, one of the best roadmaps to learn digital marketing would be to start learning or just understanding website designing and then move on to learning how to market website online on search engines and social media.

This would be your digital marketing learning roadmap.

Website designing as a platform.

SEO & PPC as the channels for digital marketing on search engine platform

Social media marketing & advertising for digital marketing on social media platforms like facebook, linkedin, instagram, twitter, pinterest, etc.

How Do Beginners Learn Digital Marketing?

How do beginners learn digital marketing?

As you understood in the above question that learning digital marketing means learning the different techniques.

Therefore, you have to start by taking up these channels one by one.

And when you learn two or more channels and techniques then you can say you have learned digital marketing.

What is the First Step to Start Digital Marketing?

What is the first step to start digital marketing?

Understanding the platforms and what they offer and then understanding the techniques which we use for digital marketing on each of the platforms is the real first step to start digital marketing.

This gives you clarity and understanding of digital marketing and its techniques.

Every business has an audience which they want to reach out to and connect with. These are their target audience and prospective customers.

And when you understand each digital marketing platform and what they do, you also learn why people go there and what they want.

Understand what your audience needs and how they behave.

This would help you focus and prioritize the digital marketing channels wisely.

How To Start Digital Marketing with A Roadmap?

How do you start your digital marketing journey?

What can be the best roadmap for your digital marketing journey?

Having a website for your business is the right start towards your digital marketing journey.

And if you want to learn digital marketing then start your journey by learning SEO.

As SEO is the best digital marketing roadmap for beginners.

And if as a business you already have a website then also you should go for search engine optimization as that is the most cost effective, targeting and long term digital marketing strategy for any business.

How You Can Learn Digital Marketing With SEO?

What are the main channels & platforms of digital marketing?

  • Website
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Social Media
  • Content Marketing

You use all these channels and platforms when you learn and practice advanced SEO.

On Page Optimization in SEO helps you learn website HTML codes & also some CSS. A website is designed using HTML and CSS.

When you do PPC the main part to learn is to find keywords. And you learn to find keywords with keyword research with SEO.

When we go advanced into link building and website promotion we use social media and content marketing.

So, SEO helps you learn these too.

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