How to Rank SEO Training

How to rank starts and is based at proper & thorough understanding of SEO and how things work. It is the deeper observation of the process and progress when you do SEO for a new website that actually helps you move towards expertise.

Develop your love for SEO, an eye for details, and practice. Start best with How to Rank SEO Training based on deeper understanding and expertise & experience:

  • Need & role of technical optimization
  • Effective & thorough keyword research
  • Understand keywords and which all to find, use, target and how
  • On page optimization: need, role, techniques & approach
  • Why content is so important and how to make it better & relevant
  • Types, techniques and steps of SEO
  • How to do SEO, how to rank and how to build links

Learn How to Rank on Google in 2021

Do you know or want to learn How to Rank on Google?

Most of the SEO courses in India will teach you the fundamentals and techniques of search optimization.

But how to make your websites rank on Google using SEO and its techniques is taking many more learning & mastery steps.

This is what the Purpalyn Master SEO Training teaches you.

How to Rank is expertise and comes from experience and experimentation.

Do you want to learn all that in few months and be ready to rank?

Do you want to gain expertise and expert knowledge and insights into how to use SEO to rank even before you start working?

The SEO Training Masterclass gives you that expertise. This is the experience & result based expert training in SEO techniques.

How to get Google traffic in 2021?

Do you want to learn how to get Google traffic to your website in 2021?

Do you know that even most SEO professionals often fail to get good SEO traffic from Google to their client websites?

Many SEO clients remain unhappy with their service providers which are agencies or even the professionals who call themselves experts.

Because they do not get the results or returns from SEO even after spending many months.

The results & returns come only when you get traffic from Google in 2021.

Learn the complete approach to SEO and how to rank keywords top and #1 on Google to get free organic traffic in 2021 and 2022.

Become 2022 ready expert from the Purpalyn SEO Training Masterclass 2021.

Google Ranking & Traffic for your business


That is all I can say and do for your ecommerce or startup business. Build hundreds of first page Google rankings that will bring thousands of organic search traffic to your website.

This is why I love SEO. It gives tons of opportunities, FREE, to every business in the form of tons and tons of keywords that are waiting to be explored and ranked.

You build value with content, you rank for those keywords, you take away all the organic traffic which Google is offering to the right taker. Make that traffic your own, and let it bring prospects and growth to your ecommerce or startup business.

A constant effort & endeavour: Build individuality, uniqueness & expertise in SEO

Hi my name is Kshitij Thakur. This is what I believe in and advise the same to every learner, professionals and even experts in SEO, digital marketing or whatever field you are into.

Build your expertise, deeper understanding, uniqueness and individuality. This is even more true for businesses and help it achieve great things with SEO and digital marketing.

The Expertise to Rank. Acquire it or Hire it.

Know Purpalyn little more

Know what is Purpalyn, what we stand for and what we do and offer.

You might be interested to know how it all started. How this website started, who is behind this. Why do we call ourselves as some sort of expert.

Know how this website was founded and started. Learn how it became what it is today.

Learn about the building blocks and the SEO expertise you can find here at Purpalyn and use it as training or consultancy.

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Purpalyn SEO Institute

The Purpalyn Institute online is build on SEO expertise of its founder Kshitij Thakur. Here you learn the approach & strategies on HOW TO RANK YOUR KEYWORDS ON GOOGLE. Learn to build expertise.

It all started and is based at Dwarka in Delhi, Capital of India. This is the physical location of Purpalyn and its founder Kshitij Thakur. And here is where the institute is based and operates from, online.

There are various levels of expertise in any given field. But it is never a quick fix thing. It is and is always based on a proper and deeper understanding.

One of the aspects which Kshitij bases his expertise on is having achieved results, reached a level of expertise, and waited long enough to see that the results were and are sustainable.


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