SEO Beginners Guide Step-by-Step

What learning SEO means for beginners

To learn SEO means two things for beginners

  • Entering & Learning a way of digital marketing
  • Learning to optimize websites

Here is how to sum this up and understand it as beginners.

SEO is one of the techniques of digital marketing. Let us help you understand further.

Digital marketing means doing marketing online. It uses the Internet and online platforms and methods. So, digital marketing is a combination of different techniques where we can do marketing using online channels.

SEO is one such technique, the other popular technique or channel being social media.

SEO targets and uses search engines as a platform to market. Doing SEO means optimizing a website for search engines.

The goal is to build presence of a website on popular search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

What you Learn in SEO

Therefore, what you learn in SEO is basically optimization.

There are different ways and forms of optimization which you learn in SEO.

And all these levels of optimization collectively make up what SEO is.

Each type of optimization has its own importance and place.

And this is what you learn in SEO.

Learn SEO Online Free Step-by-Step

Doing optimization in SEO is a step-by-step process.

The guides we have for you here are for beginners to learn SEO online free step-by-step.

SEO is a practice which we do step-by-step.

Therefore, you should learn it the same way, step by step.

What are these steps in SEO?

As we said above that what we do basically is optimization.

Therefore, these steps are the techniques of doing SEO.

These steps or techniques are how we optimize a website for search engines.

What all Helps Beginner Learn SEO

Beginners start learning from scratch.

Often the learning journey begins with guides and blogs.

For this we have these guides to help you start learning, online and free.

Once you build proper understanding you move to the next level where you want to learn the techniques and how it works.

You also need few topic wise and detailed guides.

And we have those guides covering topics from keyword research, on page optimization to how to rank.

SEO Starts with Website

SEO starts with a website. You do SEO on a website and for a website.

Therefore it is also important to learn few things about websites.

For this reason we have few online and free resources and guides to help you understand various things about websites.

SEO is Practical

SEO is a profession and a practice. It is a practice which is more practical in nature than theoretical.

Practice and practical learning are very much needed to learn SEO better.

Our practical guides and practical way of teaching SEO online and free will help you learn it better.

Objective of Learning SEO is to Rank

The reason why we all learn SEO is to optimize websites so as to make them rank on Google and other search engines.

Ranking websites requires practice, expertise and experience.

For this we have the perfect SEO course for all beginners and professionals.

This is the Purpalyn DIY Proven SEO Training in actionable steps & strategies to help rank a website on Google. This is DIY SEO course is best for all types beginners including startups, businesses and bloggers.

You learn these proven steps and strategies from the experience and expertise of Kshitij Thakur who has ranked thousands of keywords and is the founder of Purpalyn.

He is also available as an SEO consultant for business.

And to make your learning complete and learn it like an expert you may need online training.

Best SEO Guides for beginners to Learn Step-by-Step Free Online & Complete

Learning SEO as beginners need best of guides and guidance. So, here we give you both, if you want to learn the best.

This is your ultimate & complete list of learn SEO guides which is actually a collection of guides on complete search engine optimization learning journey.

What these guides cover is all the different aspects and stages of learning journey of a beginner in how to optimize websites for search engines or more specifically for Google (the largest search engine in the world).

This is the start of your learning roadmap which has a purpose. To make you a professional and expert in search engine optimization.

This guide will teach you many things in SEO and in more than one ways so that you understand it better, learn it and grasp what all you learn here.

This is the go to guide for beginners like you to help you learn SEO today.

You can learn SEO in one day, learn it practically, take few more days to learn it complete, and learn it the expert way how to rank.

The SEO Learning Guidance for beginners, before you start

Learning SEO should mean properly understanding the basics. It does not mean learning all at once but learning the right things to build your base. It means to understand what each of the techniques do in SEO, why do it and how they help.

To start also does not mean reading a lot about it and going through many online resources.

It is very important not to get yourself confused or overwhelmed with it.

The right way on how to learn SEO is this.

  • Clear you mind (of the doubts & questions)
  • Start to learn it step by step
  • Understand the basics well
  • Know the basic techniques that we use to do SEO
  • Learn & understand each technique one at a time
  • Once you build proper understanding practice it a bit

List of 34 FREE Guides on SEO & Digital Marketing for Beginners, Startups, Bloggers, Businesses & Professionals in 2023