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Career Choices in Mumbai

Living in a city which offers a good life and many growth opportunities is just wonderful and satisfying. Mumbai is one of those cities in India. Mumbai is not just one of the best cities in India but also one of the top most cities to live in the world. This is because of many reasons and one among these is the growth and career opportunities it presents.

Young generation living in Mumbai and particularly school and college students of Mumbai can have lot many options and opportunities in Mumbai to make great careers in different fields and achieve growth.

For this we want to list out some of the popular and growth oriented career options in Mumbai.

List of Career choices in Mumbai

1. Film making

Mumbai means Bollywood. Mumbai is the city of dreams and the center of film making in India. Acclaimed as one of the biggest film industries of the world, Bollywood produces over 1000 films every year. Film industry in Mumbai or Bollywood employs thousands and thousands of people in different areas and with different skills and expertise. From direction to acting to cinematography to editing, Mumbai offers lots and lots of wonderful career opportunities in film making or film industry.

2. Acting

When you think of acting, you think of Mumbai first. All want to be actors go to Mumbai to start their careers and fulfill their dreams of acting. One can pursue his or her interest in acting or performing arts living in Mumbai. There are also many renowned acting schools in Mumbai in which one can enroll and learn all about acting and join Bollywood or the film industry in Mumbai.

3. Stock Markets

Working in stock markets needs knowledge of finance. More than that it requires knowledge of stock markets, its various aspects, and how it works. BSE or Bombay stock exchange is one of the largest stock exchanges in India. Mumbai is also the stock market and finance capital of India. So, one can work in the stock exchange and also can work with various brokerage firms or stock brokers.

4. Animation

Due to Mumbai being the hub of film making and the film industry animation industry is one of the largest industry, popular and growth oriented industries in Mumbai to work in. Films, advertising use animation, videos and related skills.

5. SEO

SEO means search engine optimization. It is one of the popular channels in the digital marketing. It makes a website reach its target audience on the search engines like Google. Learning complete SEO including keyword targeting, on page optimization, techniques SEO and link building, SEO experts make websites rank higher on search engines. By doing this the websites improve their search appearance and get clicks from searchers.

Every types of company and industry uses or can use SEO to target their target audience or prospective customers on the search engines. SEO is one of the great career choices. One can learn all about search engine optimization by enrolling for a good and a complete SEO course in Mumbai.

On completing their learning from that SEO course they can then start their careers in SEO. They can start working as as SEO executives in SEO agencies, digital marketing agencies or as an inhouse SEO expert in different companies