How difficult it is to learn SEO for beginners

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How tough is it to learn SEO for a beginner?

How difficult is it to learn SEO for a beginner

How hard is it to learn SEO or is search engine optimization difficult to learn? These are few questions which learners usually ask themselves or search on Google or other search engines.

Who are the ones who usually ask this question? Not the newcomers as they have very less idea about it. People who ask whether SEO learning is hard or easy are the ones who have read few things about what is search engine optimization. They are the ones who have probably read the technical things or read blogs or articles about some over excited or over enthusiastic experts.

The question should have been absolutely relevant if you were to start learning any programming language from scratch and you have absolutely no tech love yet.

Still, since it is a question often asked, it should be answered. So.

How hard it is to learn SEO from scratch, and do it

SEO learning level: Easy to Medium

SEO is not hard to learn from scratch & beginning. Like the keyword ranking difficulty (KD) scale (easy, medium, difficult) learning SEO is easy to medium. It may look hard due to the terms & technical aspects. The basics are easy while the techniques can be learned & mastered with practice. All you need is interest & time.

It is not difficult to learn SEO, in fact it is quite easy to learn it. It surely involves many aspects and different set of techniques which may seem difficult to learn, but they can be mastered with a step by step learning approach. Everything in SEO is practical and so you learn more as you do more.

Even the technical things in search engine optimization are not so technical and can be learned by anyone easily. You even do not need any technical or any particular education background.

Many early learners often get little stuck and confused when they learn that there are so many algorithms which Google has, and then there are updates and the machine learning it uses and all that stuff.

Why SEO looks like a hard skill to learn, while it is not?

What makes beginners think SEO is hard to learn?

It is mainly the technical things, jargons, the misinformation about all that and the perception of having to master all that. This is what actually creates the fear that learning SEO may be too hard. But it is not.

There is another thing which makes it look hard to learn. When a beginner starts to know about it then it surely looks difficult. Why? Because for a total beginner learning SEO means learning so many things from keywords, types of optimization to content, off page & link building.

Learners may also confuse themselves as to what SEO actually is. Is it marketing, is it technical? And also about what type of skills or aptitude it may need. Both technical & marketing actually require specific skill sets or abilities. And as it is a part of digital marketing then it has to be dynamic & difficult.

But, like the whole digital marketing, search engine optimization is not a hard skill to learn and master.

Let us help you understand how and why SEO is not that hard or difficult to learn as you think it to be. Let me go back to algorithms.

The algorithms (the term itself) looks so technical but you do not need to worry about it, really. You just need to learn how to do SEO which is more like complying with Google, that’s it.

Besides, when you really understand the purposes of these algorithms then you realize these are actually guidelines to help you stay on the right track (white hat) in SEO. These guidelines are not so difficult to follow & practice.

These algorithms are to make search and SEO related aspects more clear. But that is for Google. All that machine learning & algorithms result in few simple guidelines which everyone can follow.

If you can write an 8th standard level good content in English language, if you can do some search and research to find keywords to write content for and use on your website and its pages, if you can find websites which you can get links from and most of these website are from where your competitor website are getting links, you can learn and do SEO pretty well.

The only thing that may seem difficult is spending time to do it. Doing is learning in SEO. And yes, you need to learn it from scratch, and properly. And we also suggest a step by step process to learn SEO from scratch easy & fast.

Breaking down of how tough it is to learn SEO professionally

We assess the difficulty levels of learning SEO by looking back at the three learning phases we talked about in the above section on how long it takes to learn it.

The phase 1 of SEO learning is super easy as you have to learn all the basics. The reason why it is easy to learn SEO basics as they are very practical.

Going to the second phase of learning it is still easy if you have understood the basics well. At this stage it is all about doing the fundamental SEO and looking closely at what results it brings. This way you learn how to do SEO in a practical way.

The third phase of learning SEO is just a little bit tough. On the difficulty scale this phase is still medium. Still, we say tough because it takes more time here and needs you to be more observant. At this stage you will witness many new things happening. All you need to do is stuck to the basics and right way of doing SEO and look for answers to questions that are thrown at you by the results or the lack of results from all what you have done in SEO so far.

Now that we understood how hard it is to learn search engine optimization as a set of skills, why it looks hard and that it is not that tough to learn, let us go to the next question which is about the time it takes to learn.

How to learn SEO easy & complete?

When you do not learn SEO complete and have to actually search for what more to learn and how best to learn it then it becomes much more difficult.

That is the case even after you enrol for some course and then you realize you do not know many things.

What you need is complete training which gives you step by step easy learning.

Here is one way to make your learning easy. This SEO training is complete in learning and also teaches you in easy steps how to do search engine optimization.

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