How long it takes to learn SEO? How much time beginners need to learn SEO in 2020

best way how you can start learning SEO in 2020

How long can it take to learn SEO?

Now know how long it takes to learn SEO

After knowing how hard SEO is to learn, the second question you want to ask is how long does it take to learn SEO as a beginner. So, the quick, short and simple answer is about 6 months when you are just beginning to learn.

When it comes to learning SEO and specifically asking how long it will take to learn search engine optimization then there are few things you should know if you are a beginner.

The first thing to know for a complete beginner is that there are various levels or stages of learning SEO. So, therefore, the question on how long does learning SEO takes in fact is a set of few questions.

1. How long does it take for a beginner to learn about SEO, then

2. How long it takes to learn to do SEO as a beginner, then finally

3. How much time it will take a beginner to be professional in how to do SEO

You need to go through these stages of learning to become an SEO professional or expert.

1. Learning the basics of SEO

2. Learning SEO fundamentals & techniques

3. Learning how to do SEO practically

4. Learning how it actually works

So, the time take to learn SEO depends upon what level you want to reach or achieve.

The second thing you should also know here is this.

In search engine optimization or digital marketing as a whole learning never actually stops or completes. This is because in SEO particularly there are always new developments, methods and changes from Google.

Learning SEO actually means developing your skills and in that way you need to learn the fundamentals and how to do SEO practically and how it works in real life.

However, the basics, the fundamentals and the techniques remain more or less the same. It is just few improvements, adjustments that take place.

So, when a beginner asks as to how long it takes to learn SEO, they actually mean how much time it usually takes to learn the basics and the techniques of SEO so that you can start doing it completely and properly.

But when experts answer the same question on how long it takes a beginner to learn SEO then they mean the time you should devote to learn both the fundamentals and how it works.

This is because experts or trainers know that professional level SEO learning means that you also know how to do SEO besides knowing the fundamentals.

How much time does it take to learn SEO, for a beginner

6-9 months is the short & straight answer.

6-9 months is how long it takes to learn SEO from scratch.

You can learn the fundamentals of SEO in about a month’s time, it takes 6-9 months to learn it properly. That involves learning the techniques, using these techniques on a website, using basic tools and first hand witness the rank/traffic movements.

You can understand the time factor properly with this time schedule I have created from experience.

6-9 months is the learning time frame for a beginner to learn SEO from scratch and be ready as a professional.

The Breakdown of the time take to learn SEO from the beginning.

When beginners start to learn SEO then this is the three phase process they typically go through. We breakdown SEO learning time by these three phases of learning.

1 Month — The time taken to learn the basics of SEO. Allot about a month for this.

6 to 9 Months — The time you need learn from doing how the concepts, techniques in SEO is done and how it works. For this you need good understanding of basics and if needed you can revisit the fundamentals as you practice it.

How long does it take to be an SEO professional or expert?

1 Year — You will need at least or about one year from here on, depending upon how much you practice and learn from it. So, if you are a complete beginner and want to know how long it takes to be a professioanl or expert in SEO then you need to give about 2 years. This time you need to reach a decent professional level in doing SEO and develop your skills.

This is the total time period by phases which you need to learn SEO properly with practice to become skilled professional in SEO.

Learning how to do SEO as a professional and how it works takes time. The time this stage takes is not because SEO learning becomes hard. But it takes time because now you have to actually do SEO and learn more from how it works in the real world.

You do it step by step. This itself takes time. Once you do step one then you go to step two and three and so on. After this you wait to see results which are rankings and traffic.

Both of these take time and work as per Google guidelines. The one most important part of doing SEO is building links.

This part itself takes time to do, and then more time in seeing some results from it.

So, if you want to know how soon or fast can you become an SEO professional, from scratch who knows how to do SEO for a website then the proper answer is 12 to 15 months or about 1 year.

And then if you want to know how long will it take a beginner to become a skilled SEO professional who know how to do SEO for a website, what all to do in SEO, how SEO works and how to rank a website. The right answer to this is that there is no actual time frame for this. It all depends upon how much you are willing to learn. Still, to reach this stage you may take about 18 months or 2 years.

These are the three steps according to us which YOU NEED to learn SEO completely and properly. The second and the third parts are more important.

This is the actual learning of SEO. This is because SEO is more about application and less about theoretical SEO knowledge. The basics, fundamentals are much needed but you actually learn SEO when you start applying it.

Why does it take much longer to learn how it works? It is because of the process of doing SEO and seeing the results. Two reasons for that. SEO is a step by step process. It is also a continuous process wherein you need to update, adjust, optimize & re-optimize.

This is the actual way of doing SEO and the real learning. Second, Google and search engines take their own time to give you the benefits of what you did in SEO.

Then begins the second stage of improve SEO efforts. Once on the page, and even on the second page you start getting clicks.

Then on the first page you need to improve further and reach top few. Then comes (or might come) the need to optimize search results and conversion optimization, to get more clicks or traffic and to convert more of the traffic into leads.

How do you learn SEO FAST, from scratch, to become an expert?

How long does it take to be an SEO expert? And how fast can I become an expert in SEO?

You cannot become an expert only by learning fundamentals and techniques. You need to learn and know how SEO is done, what all you need to do and what you get when you do each of the steps from keywords to link building.

Becoming an expert requires much more than theoretical knowledge. No matter how good you are, you need to practice and actually do SEO. When you know what you need to do to achieve the goals of a website then you become an SEO expert.

How to become an SEO expert fast?

To become an SEO expert fast, you need to learn more, learn complete, learn SEO fast, start practicing it quickly, and learn from what you do. Find our here how to learn SEO fast.

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How to learn SEO fast & complete?

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