18 Types of SEO We Do in Digital Marketing for Websites + 2 Main Kinds of Optimization

What are the main types of SEO that we commonly do & practice in today’s world?

What are these kinds of SEO that every expert practices and every learner needs to learn?

Know & learn about the types & categories we have in search engine optimization.

18 Types of SEO: Categories & Kinds of SEO Optimization We Do

What is SEO Types?

When you begin to learn SEO you understand how we need to do different things to optimize different websites.

There are many tasks we need to do within the SEO process for a new website.

These tasks are different from each other yet are part and kinds of optimization for search engines.

These are the different kinds of SEO which experts actually practice and follow and do.

You can also look at these as the different ways and categories of optimization that we do in search engine optimization.

These are the kinds of SEO which you will understand here.

2 Main Categories of SEO

All that we do in SEO can be simply divided into 2 categories. This helps understand all the other types there are in search engine optimization.

On Site SEO

On Site SEO covers all the activities and tasks of optimization that we do on the website itself.

Off Site SEO

Off Site SEO is a totally different category where the tasks that we do are all outside of the website.

Here we do not do anything on the website or its pages.

What are the Main Types of SEO?

We are covering 18 Types of SEO?

We have divided the 18 kinds of search engine optimization into two broad types.

First set covers the 11 basic types that tells us best about what is SEO that we all learn in SEO as beginners.

Second are real life applications that tells us how SEO works for business. This covers those kinds that we do when we practice as experts.

All the kinds of search engine optimization are listed within these 3 categories.

18 Main Types of SEO and What are They

  1. Technical Optimization
  2. Keyword Research
  3. Competitive Research
  4. On Page SEO Optimization
  5. Content Writing & Optimization
  6. SEO Copywriting
  7. Off Page SEO Optimization
  8. Mobile SEO
  9. White Hat SEO
  10. Black Hat SEO
  11. Grey Hat SEO
  12. Small Business SEO
  13. Local SEO
  14. E-Commerce SEO
  15. International SEO
  16. Enterprise SEO
  17. Youtube SEO
  18. Blog SEO

The Types of Search Engine Optimization We Commonly Do and Practice in Today’s World

Technical SEO Optimization

Technical SEO covers many things and steps which help connect your website to search engines and the searchers.

Technical optimization is to ensure that a website is ready and always remain optimized and updated to appear on search engine results.

From submitting a website to search engines to ironing any short comings of flaws covering your complete website is the objective of Technical SEO optimization.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research is the first step of SEO.

Keyword Research is the process and set of techniques to find the keywords that you are going to target on your website.

This technique involves finding all probable words, terms and phrases that belong to your niche and are relevant and applicable for your business or your website.

And selecting the right keywords for your website to target and aim for ranking these on Google.

Competitive Research

Competitive research is a very useful skill and step.

Competitive research means to research about and analyze various aspects of your competitors to help in complete SEO process i.e. keywords research, on page optimization, technical optimization, content and off page SEO.

We use this research at different stages of SEO.

Here you will learn how to use competitive research as a connecting point between keyword research and on page optimization.

Here we try to find more keywords or rather keywords that our competitors are using.

And in that process we also identify the key on page SEO optimization techniques.

On Page SEO Optimization

On Page SEO helps tell your readers what your page is about and help them read your content with much ease.

On Page SEO optimization is a set of techniques that helps you indicate to search engines that you are using and targeting these keywords.

It also tells search engines what keywords you are targeting and what type of queries and therefore which type of searchers is your audience.

Whether it is SEO or anything else, proper ordering and presentation score the highest.

That is what on-page optimization can be called in SEO.

On-Page SEO optimization is more about users and also the search engines.

You have your keywords, your content and your pages.

But you need to put everything in right places and in right order to help users read your content and help search engines understand what your pages and website is all about.

On Page SEO techniques and optimization helps and ensures proper use of your keywords in the right places and across the complete page and content.

Content Writing and Optimization

Content plays a very important role in ranking. Its importance in search visibility and rankings has been increasing continuously.

You need to create or learn to create content for a website.

Content Writing and optimizing is one big part of doing SEO. Content is important for a website, for SEO and for users.

And therefore when we write content we need to keep all these three aspects in mind.

These are like your three point framework which in a way define your content and set the scope for writing.

These are also the three broad objectives why you need content.

SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriting is a specialized field in optimizing content for search engines and the users for whom you are writing the content.

This is where you give your content a purpose and target. This is what gives your website relevance and builds meaning and competence for search.

Off Page SEO Optimization

Off page SEO is all what we do in search engine optimization which is not directly or anyway done on our website or content. Building links is the most important part of off page.

These are called the backlinks and are one of the most important factors which make your website rank in search engines.

Backlinks give your website authority and visibility on the Internet. This authority helps your website rank higher for the targeted keywords.

What you do here is follow various link building techniques or practices. These techniques are ways to create or get backlinks from other websites. These techniques are also various approaches of building links.

Listing your business or website on business listing sites, creating profiles on various social media and profiling websites, writing articles on other websites, are all few popular and basic techniques of linkbuilding.

What you need to do here step by step: The Off Page SEO techniques.

Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO primarily involves making sure your website works properly on Mobile handsets. This means working on two aspects.

One that your website looks perfectly fine when viewed from different sizes of mobiles.

This means that it is well optimized for mobile viewing considering the screen sizes.

Second task we do in Mobile SEO is to make sure it loads faster on mobiles. This again is done to ensure best viewing. People viewing on mobiles want fast loading websites.

White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO means following and practicing the accepted and ethical way of doing the various techniques of search engine optimizing a website for search engines.

As the experts will tell you that SEO takes some time.

So when as an expert one is willing to give time by practising the techniques as they should be practiced then it is white hat SEO.

It basically means following the search engine guidelines or what we also call as webmaster guidelines.

And yes it also means taking a long term & building approach.

It is when you essentially are focusing on your users and look to create value for them with content, optimization and link building.

Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO is exactly the opposite of white hat.

When you practice the unethical ways of optimization or tweak the techniques in manipulative ways to get quick results then it is black hat practices of optimization.

This means relying on manipulative practices to get quick wins. It directly means violating Google guidelines.

These are tactics which are somewhat clearly pointed out by Google as violating or harmful for website.

Grey Hat SEO

Grey Hat SEO literally means using methods which fall somewhere between white and black practices.

Grey Hat SEO is not that well defined area.

A technique which is not yet flagged by Google and has not yet harmed any or many websites can be better categorized into this grey area of SEO practices rather than calling it a black tactic.

Small Business SEO

A major part of learning optimization is through practice. And when it comes to practising most common types of websites or clients we come across is small scale businesses.

This is one of the specializations that many experts offer.

This is how to make SEO work for small business.

Working through many boundaries, limits of a small set up yet exploring & achieving the value and importance of SEO for small business as much as possible.

This is where and how you learn the application, role and importance of the techniques of optimization.

Local SEO

Local SEO is one of the most popular branches of search engine optimization.

This is because most of the businesses are location based.

What is Local SEO?

For that understand what is local searches.

When you search for any term or specifically a product, service or company and you are looking within a particular area then that is a local search. You can also call it location based search.

The term, phrase or keyword a user will use in this case will always have a location name in it.

E-Commerce SEO

E-Commerce SEO is another very important branch or a type of SEO we do.

And since we are in 2021 and we are still going through the Corona Pandemic we all have noticed one thing.

That is popularity of online activities and shopping.

This is E-Commerce.

Doing SEO E-Commerce business means aiming to rank online shopping, selling websites which we call as E-Commerce websites.

This is a little like doing SEO for any international website.

Few major differences are.

There is a strong buying intent in the search terms for which these E-Commerce websites look to rank for.

The keywords for such websites are difficult to rank.

This means E-Commerce websites fall under difficult category when it comes to ranking.

How we do SEO for E-Commerce websites?

International SEO

International SEO is another type of optimization expertise one can specialize in.

International SEO means exploring few new aspects of optimization.

Here you work towards optimizing websites for different and more than one countries.

And therefore what you are also targeting are different languages and thereby targeting different language specific search engines.

Enterprise SEO

Enterprise SEO takes you as a professional to an altogether different level.

This is that advanced and expert level SEO which not many learn and do.

Enterprise SEO means the type of optimization we do for large scale websites with hundreds of pages.

And websites which are already optimized, are ranking and getting traffic.

This is where you explore further growth opportunities.

As an expert you design and devise strategies to improve that goes much beyond the average practicing of techniques and even beyond the professional expertise.

Youtube SEO

Youtube SEO is also one major branch of optimization. This is mostly seen as part of off page SEO but may also involve some on page aspects.

Here what you are doing is optimizing your youtube channel as your website.

As far as your own website is concerned your youtube channel is like doing off page SEO.

But when you look at your channel then you are doing complete SEO but differently.

This involves keyword research, competitive analysis, content creating and optimization and even link building.

Blog SEO

Blog optimization is a type of SEO that is both a part of regular website SEO and is also a different kind and branch of search engine optimization.

Blogs are informational posts that usually focus on one topic where they elaborate that topic and also sometimes provide relevant answers which users might have.

Basically what you focusing on is blogs and not company, products or services.

In that sense the focus is more on information content. The set of keywords are different. And so is on page and off page SEO optimization.