How SEO Works for Business: Benefits & How Best to Use

How does SEO work for a business? How your business benefits from it, why optimize for search engines, how it helps & how to use it. Get the answers

SEO checklists of things to do for new website

What is SEO and how it works for businesses (why we do it)

SEO is search engine optimization.

It is a technique and a practice to optimize websites for search engine presence.

It is a process involving various steps.

The purpose and goal is to make websites improve their visibility on search engines.

Search engine optimization is also a particular type of marketing.

With this website optimization we target search engine users.

It is like marketing your website and web pages in front of a selected set of audience with the help of optimization as a way to help them find what they are looking for.

This is how it helps and works for various businesses and their websites.

Basically, it is for websites and not for businesses. So, SEO works for website of every business or company.

Search engines rank websites for different terms, phrases and keywords.

This is how they present best content for their users and satisfy them.

With the help of SEO a website can target and improve their rankings for their relevant keywords so that it becomes visible to the users who are using and searching those terms.

This way SEO helps a business get clicks and traffic on their websites from Google and other search engines.

SEO meaning for business in Today’s world

Every business has products and services which it wants to market & sell.

So, every business has an audience, and needs to reach them.

Today’s world is more online or digital.

People are spending more and more time online.

And there they are doing all types of activities from entertainment, socializing to even buying and selling.

So every business is now looking at and targeting digital audience. We all are digital audience.

The question before every business is in what ways to target and reach this audience. And how best to connect with this audience.

This is where SEO comes and scores more points in 2022.

Will SEO work for my business?

There is a very simple way for you to know if SEO will work for your business and why you should do it for your business website.

If there are searchers on Google looking for information and products in your niche or industry then doing SEO is good and beneficial for your business.

This means you can get traffic from Google and other search engines.

Searching on Google and other search engines for businesses, products, related information and even reviews is what we all do.

Just type in your business or products and you will see business websites and web pages ranking there.

This means SEO will work for your business.

How SEO helps your business

SEO brings traffic to your website in probably the best way considering all the digital marketing techniques and channels.

The goal of doing SEO in itself is getting clicks from SERP (search engine result pages).

And this is exactly what it does and gives you.

This is how SEO works and helps your business.

  • Your business has an audience which is using search engines
  • You need to find keywords that they are using to reach & connect with them
  • With the steps and techniques of SEO you make your keywords rank on Google
  • This improves visibility of your website in front of your audience
  • Improved rankings bring clicks from that audience
  • This builds your free organic traffic from search engines
  • This traffic helps in your growth as this search engine traffic has been proved to have a better close rate or conversions

This is how you get traffic from search engines.

This is SEO explained simply and how it works for your business.

How businesses use SEO?

There are mainly two ways how businesses have been using search engine optimization.

These are:

As a digital marketing technique and using it within the digital marketing package.

Taking SEO as a standalone service to rank their business on Google.

Search engine optimization offers many benefits for different types of websites or for all types of businesses and websites.

This is what SEO can do for a business. These are the benefits which it can give.

  • Traffic
  • Conversion and leads
  • Scalable Digital Marketing
  • Cost Effective online marketing
  • Branding
  • Target, reach & connect with your customers directly
  • Know what your customers want and are looking for

How to use SEO and make it work for your businesses?

Do you want to know why SEO is important for business and how you to make it work best for your business growth and success?

Because it can give you so much more than just digital marketing or ranking.

It is all about how you use it or how you make it work for your business.

How a business uses SEO and makes it work to get the benefits depends upon how well they understand it, what and how much they want from it and are willing to go for it, and how well they do it.

Yes, SEO is important for a business. But you have to realize & appreciate its value. To really benefit from it a business needs to be willing to go ahead and go far with it.

You need expertise and strategies to make SEO work for your business

To really benefit from search engines and rankings a business needs SEO strategies which can their website get traffic and value from it.

Hiring an experienced and expert business SEO consultant who has achieved ranking and traffic could definitely help.

You may also look forward to do it yourself or build your own in house team. In this case what you may need is a DIY SEO course in proven strategies which helps to rank your website.

All you need is proven Google ranking expertise.

There is a big difference between doing website SEO step by step with strategies and just following and doing its techniques randomly.

That difference you could see in rankings, traffic and in terms of what value those rankings and traffic bring to your business.

SEO strategies can be what topics to select, finding more keywords, how to write & structure content, connecting pages within the website, building links; ranking a website for more keywords; or how to bring relevant traffic to your website.

Here are few types of business and what they could do to benefit from SEO.

Local Businesses

A local business is one that sells products or services within a specific geographical area of city.

What they primarily need is location based optimization of their websites.

Their targeted users look for products and businesses which are within their area or closer. They often look to visit the stores and that is one of the reasons why they search for such businesses on Google.

E-Commerce Businesses

An E-Commerce Business sells products online. They are not location specific. What people are looking for are best ecommerce websites for the products they want.

Right optimization, better presentation, brief but proper information, users specific and relevant content are some important parameters for every ecommerce business.

These websites need more domain authority to rank and more traffic from search engines.


Bloggers or business blog websites are focused on content or information.

They write or provide information on a niche or for a business like digital marketing or SEO blogs.

It is important that their content actually relates to their users and their needs.

They need to find topics which their targeted users are looking for and then write content that is relevant for their users.

How effective is SEO in the Growth of a business?

Can SEO bring growth to your business? Will it be effective and helpful in making your company & business grow?

Yes. SEO is helpful, effective and in fact can be the best online marketing technique that can contribute towards your business growth.

This is how and why.

Every business marketing needs to balance growth in reach, conversion and costs to be effective and helpful for business growth.

You get it better with search engine optimization.

SEO helps a business reach a large set of audience and increase this reach further with the help of in depth keyword research to find and target more and more relevant keywords.

The audience we target on search engines with SEO is believed to bring more and better opportunities of conversion.

This is because of the simple fact that the audience on search engines is already in the process of taking an action towards purchase whether they are seeking right information or they are looking directly for products.

Compare this with social media where people are surfing, socializing, watching, reading or just chatting. They are not in the state of mind of buying and are surely not always looking for information.

SEO brings you free traffic. And with right strategies one can maintain this traffic and even make it grow further over time.

This proves to be much more cost effective than marketing on social media or choosing to advertise on search engines with PPC ads or on social media.


SEO is best digital marketing strategy for your business in 2022

SEO is the best digital marketing strategy for your business growth in 2022.

There are four most used and techniques in digital marketing.

These are:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Search Engine Advertising (PPC)
  • Search Engine Optimization

These four have different ways of working and purposes for which they are used.

Social Media Marketing is basically used to make people aware of your business and its products and services.

Here a business is looking more towards staying in touch with their audience.

Social Media Advertising helps you advertise your products and services on social media platforms. Here the advantage is that you can reach a really large set of audience and much faster.

On the flip side, this audience is not looking for your products and you pay for every click, even if someone just want to see what your web page has to say.

Search Engine Advertising (PPC) is like paying to rank on the top of the first page to get instant visibility for targeted keywords.

You have the same keywords which you target with SEO and you start appearing on the first page as soon as you start your campaign. But you pay for every click you get from your users.

You keep on paying as long as you want to get the traffic. As you stop paying your campaign stops and your paid listing goes away.

With SEO you can select your keywords and with the right optimization & link building strategies you can rank on the first page.

Yes it takes time, months to reach the first page organically.

But you do not have to pay for every click.

And you can stay on the first just by continuing to do right SEO.

So Now. How to learn SEO quickly

By learning how we do search engine optimization for Google.

This is how SEO works on Google

Getting your website on Google

The first step is to get your complete website on Google. There is a process and steps which help a website get all its pages properly indexed on Google database. This is the first step how you build search engine presence.

This is why your website is important, and also all its web pages. Without your website and without submitting it to Google you cannot fully gain from SEO.

Finding your keywords

If you want search engine optimization to work for your business then you need to understand the role & importance of keywords in SEO and its success.

You have a business with products, services and some related information too.

You want an audience who is interested in this. Or an audience which is looking for such type of products, services and information.

You can reach this audience on search engines with the help of targeting the right kind of keywords.

When you target the keywords which people are using to find products, services and information that you are offering then you target the audience that is relevant for your business.

What we do is here is target searches made on these search engines. This way we make your website visible to the searchers who are searching for a business and products like yours using various search queries.

Writing relevant content for keywords

You need content for your business website.

All your product and service page need content to explain to the users what they are about and what they offer.

When you are targeting keywords then you are targeting the users who need information.

To provide this information you need to have quality content on your website.

This is why content is important in a website as it the vital link between your business and its users.

Optimizing your pages

Having the right keywords for your website and for all your pages and writing content is not enough.

You need to optimize your pages.

Optimizing website pages means you need to practice on page SEO techniques.

Using right keywords at the right places and in the right way is what matters in SEO optimization.

Building Backlinks

Your business does not get all the visibility and clicks from search engines unless your website appears among the first few results for the keywords and key phrases you are targeting.

This we do with the help of backlinks.

When you start building backlinks for your website it starts improving ranking for its targeted keywords.

That is how link building works in SEO and for website rankings.

What to do next

Now you know how search engine optimization will work for your business in its marketing and growth by bringing relevant and result oriented search engine exposure and leads.

The next thing what you should do is take all those benefits which SEO can give you for your business.

The two ways to do that is hiring an expert SEO consultant OR get a proven SEO training course to help you do it yourself.