Want To Learn SEO: Best Way To Learn SEO & Where To Start

How do you learn SEO as a beginner in 2023? Here is your best way to learn SEO with right resources

Want To Learn SEO: Best Way To Learn SEO & Where To Start

How Do I Learn SEO?

How do I learn SEO as a beginner?

What I should learn in SEO?

I am a complete beginner.

So, how do I begin? And where do I start learning?

How do beginners start to learn? Is there a process of learning beginners follow?

What is SEO all about and how much time do I need to learn it?

Is there a better or effective way to start learning SEO?

These are questions which everyone asks as they start learning.

Let us help you get your answers here and tell you about SEO and what you need to learn in it.

And with that let us show you the best way how you should learn SEO.

Let us start with helping you know yourself better as a beginner.

Who Can Learn SEO?

Any talk about learning SEO cannot be complete or can be started without talking about the learners of SEO. If you are here then are an SEO learner. And there is a reason why you want to learn search engine optimization.

That reason for learning is important and you should understand it. You have certain needs and some goals as a learner. When you understand your reasons, needs & goals then you take the right path and get the right learning.

There can basically be three types of learners:

  1. Those who are looking for a SEO course for job & careers – Job Seekers
  2. Those interested in learning SEO online for learning & growth – Career Builders
  3. Those looking to learn SEO for their website or business – Business or Website Owners

Job seekers

Are you looking for the best SEO course for career and job?

About You: You are a fresher and looking for an SEO course to get your first job and start a career. Career is usually the secondary objective at this time, job is the main goal. What will really help you at this stage is learn more, learn thoroughly & seriously and learn with sincerity. Your job and whole career may depend upon how much and how well you know SEO.

Career Builders

Are you looking for the best SEO course for career and job?

About You: You are already working, in SEO, in other digital marketing fields or some related area. You want to learn more in SEO and advance your knowledge, understanding and skills.

Website Owners

Are you looking for the best SEO course for career and job?

About You: You are mostly experienced with many having entrepreneurial experience too. You may be a business person, an entrepreneur, a blogger, a website owner, or running your ecommerce site. There could be few reasons for you to learn SEO, however, you want to use SEO as a tool to market your business website or blog.

About Learning SEO

You need to understand two important aspects of learning SEO in 2023.

These two aspects are about: one, what you learn and its stages; and two, how to learn meaning the ways you can take.

So these are the two aspects we discuss now which you need to get clarity about.

  • Stages of Learning
  • Ways to Start Learning

Stages of Learning

There are two stages of learning SEO actually.

  • Theoretical Learning
  • Practical Learning

Theoretical Learning

Theoretical learning means starting with knowing what SEO is, learning the basics and then learning the techniques step by step.

Practical Learning

Practical learning is when you start applying the techniques. SEO is more practical. You learn what is SEO and how it works complete only by applying the theory and the techniques.

The best start is to learn the techniques and steps of SEO.

That is when you know how SEO works for a business website. You learn about many practical aspects which you do not learn in theory or you see how they actually work in real life.

Starting to learn SEO is about getting clarity and answers too. This helps in going ahead to learning the more important things including the fundamentals and the techniques. Here you can get some answers.

5 Possible Ways How You Can Learn SEO

How Beginners Start Learning SEO from Scratch

SEO Classes

This is the first approach and the very obvious way that comes to mind for all the freshers. All SEO beginners who have just completed their studies and want to learn SEO to get a job and start a career in search engine optimization field look for nearby SEO institutes to attend classes and learn about search engine optimization.

There are however two important things that a learner and beginner in search engine optimization needs to look at.

ONE, Institutes are location based. Learning through classes from institutes is therefore location based. This means that you are always going to prefer an institute near to your home. Not all the institutes near your home may be the best in teaching SEO.

TWO, you will always have to support your learning through supplementary online studies. This is because of the very nature of search engine optimization profession. As a professional field SEO requires you to look at how the theory is applied and used. So to master anything in SEO you need to go, look and search online.

Learning SEO Free Online

One can learn SEO online and free. There are so many websites and blogs which talk about SEO. They cover many things on search engine optimization from basics to the techniques and some even talk about advanced strategies.

There are, however, two problems in learning this way, especially for beginners. First, you may not know these websites and blogs. Second, even when you do know, it may take quite a bit of time to go through various blogs and guides and tutorials.

When you are just starting learning you do not know much on SEO. Therefore, you may not be able to find all the resources and know which ones are best.

However, this changes one you start working and develop a good understanding and are in constant touch with online reading. You then know who and which resources to follow, which are more relevant and best.

Complete SEO Training Online

You can start learning complete SEO with a beginners training. This is of course paid courses but can provide the best platform for learning and for your jobs and career. Online courses, most of these, are designed to keep the online learning in mind. Therefore, they tend to cover more in SEO as both beginners and early professionals are likely to enroll for such courses.

They also cover better and more as they have to compete with classroom trainings which is the preferred choice for beginners.

The benefit of learning from a course is that you can learn much more in much less time and you also get guidance.

The one problem could be to find a good course and also to find a course that is suitable to your needs.

Learning on the Job

Many people learn many things on the job and search engine optimization can also be learned while on the job. It is possible when you have colleagues doing SEO work in your office and you can start learning from them.

This also means that you are either working in an digital marketing or SEO consultancy or agency. Or you working in a company which has its own in house SEO team or have hired one or two SEO experts.

Learn SEO by Practice

This is the best way to learn SEO on your own.

And practising search engine optimization is also the best way to complete your learning.

This is because SEO is practical. You learn much more and complete when you practice it. And this you cannot learn properly in theory.

All you need is a website and a topic of your choice. And you can easily start learning SEO by practicing it and as you write blogs on your own website and optimize these for Google.

Best Way to Learn SEO

3 Step Learning Approach

If you want to learn SEO effectively and fast and want to become an expert and be good at it then you can take this 3 step approach.

This is How You Can Start Learning SEO

We discussed that SEO needs both theoretical and practical learning.

On the basis of that we suggest the three steps of learning SEO complete and best.

This approach can be much easier for learning from scratch. This way you can learn SEO at home, and all of it.

Start Learning on Your Own

This is learning search engine optimization with the help of free to read and learn resources available online like blogs, tutorials, guides.

There are experts like consultants who have websites where they write all about search engine optimization and what they learned in this field.

This is learning SEO at home. Many of us start this way. I learnt it like this only.

Getting Proper Training

And if you want to take it from horse's mouth then you should get a proper training in search engine optimization from an expert.

Many experience professionals provide online courses.

What can be the best for any beginner would be a complete beginners to advanced SEO Training.

Learning by Practice on Your Own Website

Whatever way you take, you need to start practicing it as early as possible. Practice is the best way of learning.

There are people who straight away jump to learning search engine optimization or digital marketing or other things by applying it or practicing it.

You can have a website and start practicing it on it.

You can learn website designing along with search engine optimization.

If you did not know, SEO can be the best digital marketing roadmap for beginners.

Or one could directly go for an apprenticeship in a company if such positions are available.

There is another way. If you have a friend, relative or a known person who is an expert consultant then you can spent some time with him or her and observe and also start practising it.

Still, it is better to have some knowledge of SEO.

How You Can Learn SEO On Your Own Website

If you have a website of your own then it becomes little easy to learn and practice SEO on your own website.

This is because SEO is more practical than theoretical. It is much easier and faster to learn when you already have a website with content or blogs. All you need to do is understand and apply.

And to guide you through the steps as beginners here is our tutorial which teaches the basic steps of SEO practically for beginners.

SEO is the step by step website optimization process.

And all the techniques of SEO are best learned in a practical way.

One reason according to me why people take time to learn SEO is that they do not start practicing the website SEO steps to see how the techniques work.

SEO As A Career

Importance of SEO

No matter how good and best your products, services are if they do not reach the audience for which you created and designed those, you will not get any success. And no matter how best your business idea is, it still needs to reach people otherwise it will just remain an idea and not turn into a business. Every business needs marketing to succeed.

SEO is a very specialized way of marketing. The reason why SEO is important for business and website is that it is that important tool and digital marketing channel which will bring and ensure growth of your business for a long time. It will give you long term and a consistent growth. Search engine optimization is the best way to reach your target audience. Not just this it is the best way for any business to know your target audience and then make it reach them.

Businesses need SEO Professionals

Every business needs or at least can benefit from SEO expertise.

As a learner you should understand that SEO is the only digital marketing technique that can bring targeted and relevant online traffic to a website and it is much cost effective.

This is why businesses look for Google ranking SEO experts.

And as you are about to start learning you should also understand what consultants do and how they help a business.

Businesses need SEO. They use it as it is one important channel of digital marketing. More importantly they need it because it can help a business target such a large set of audience on search engines who are already looking for information and to buy products or services.

It is this importance of organic traffic from search engines why businesses look to hire SEO services to help their website rank for many keywords.

This is the reason why you learn this technique to become an expert who can help businesses rank and get traffic.

This is why you make a career in search engine optimization field.

What You Need to Learn in SEO

What is SEO

SEO is the synonym for search engine optimization and hence it basically means optimizing websites for search engines.

SEO improves visibility of websites on search engines so that the visitors click on your website within the top search results and the website gets traffic.

It is about getting or attracting search traffic or the users who ask (or search) for various queries (or questions) on the search engines.

SEO is an inbound marketing method and is one of the important channels of digital marketing.

SEO is a continuous process and not a single task or step and not at all a "Do it and forget it". It involves research, monitoring, tracking and doing it on a consistent basis, and provides a steady and growing results.

Understand more about SEO here

Keyword Research

What are Keywords? These are words and phrases that represent a topic. We write content for your website pages like home page, product page, blogs. Keywords are what represent the meaning of these page content.

Keywords are what someone types in to search for some information or product, services or company, blogs, etc. Keywords are also what the websites use to target the searchers or groups of searchers who use search engines for seeking such information.

Keyword research means doing research to find keywords and phrases which are relevant for a business and its website. These are the keywords or phrases which people are searching on the search engines like Google.

These are the word or phrases you will be optimizing your website for. These are key terms around which you will be writing content and optimizing it to make your keywords rank higher on search engines.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO means optimizing various technical aspects of a website to improve its functioning, accessibility by search engines, and user experience. We do technical SEO optimization to ensure better & smoother crawling and therefore better indexing which helps a website in improving its organic rankings.

Every website has many technical aspects which are optimized and these are not that difficult to understand and do. Sometimes it is also about correcting the technical errors of a website.

Few basic and important technical optimization factors are:

  1. Improving website speed
  2. Submitting sitemap to search engines
  3. Making website mobile friendly
  4. URL optimization
  5. Internal and external links

On Page optimization

On Page SEO is called on page optimization. It means optimizing your content to better target your keywords and improve their rankings. So, optimization is about using your keywords on your pages. It can also be called as keywords optimization.

You do not and cannot just put your keywords directly on the page. And you cannot use them randomly in your content.

You also write your whole content or optimize it which means rewriting or rephrasing it to suit and match your keywords.

There are three key places where we use our keywords on each of our web pages.

These are your Title tag, URL, and your header tags. The size header tags are H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6.

Link building

Off page SEO is all what we do in search engine optimization which is not directly or anyway done on our website or content. Building links is the most important part of off page.

These are called the backlinks and are one of the most important factors which make your website rank in search engines.

Backlinks give your website authority and visibility on the Internet. This authority helps your website rank higher for the targeted keywords.

What you do here is follow various link building techniques or practices. These techniques are ways to create or get backlinks from other websites. These techniques are also various approaches of building links.

Listing your business or website on business listing sites, creating profiles on various social media and profiling websites, writing articles on other websites, are all few popular and basic techniques of linkbuilding.

Your Turn to Start Learning SEO and Practice It

Now I believe you are in a much better position to learn SEO as you wanted it.

You got some clarity on how to start, you got some answers to help you on your way forward.

Now it is your turn how to start learning and how soon do you want to start.

All you need to do is decide the way and you can start learning immediately.