Is Learning SEO Worth It? Why Learn SEO First (Before You Start to Learn Digital Marketing)

Is it worth learning SEO for you in 2023?

Should you invest time in learning SEO or go for digital marketing?

Is it a good career option? Is it a high demand career?

Get all the answers.

Is Learning SEO Worth It? Why Learn SEO First (Before You Start to Learn Digital Marketing)

Why Is Learning SEO Worth It?

Should I Learn SEO?

Should you learn SEO? That is what you will find out here.

You will discover the benefits you get by learning SEO.

A skill is worth learning and mastering when it is needed professionally by many and when you can add value by practicing it as a professional.

So you will find out the real worth of learning the skills to optimize and rank websites on search engines.

And you will get to know this worth with a brief case study of how I got traffic for my website(s) as I learned SEO.

This, I believe, will definitely inspire you to find your own roadmap to SEO for beginners and start learning the skills and master this practice.

Is Learning SEO Worth It in 2023?

Yes, SEO is very much worth learning. You should definitely go ahead and learn it. It is a skill. It is a very important skill that is very important. It is a great and wonderful career and growth opportunity.

You can read about what makes SEO worth it for small business here.

Companies look for SEO professionals for their businesses and their business websites. This is because they know that SEO is important for business and for its online success.

SEO is also the most important, effective and result oriented digital marketing channel or technique.

With the help of search engine optimization a website or a blog or a business can get thousands or even millions of views or visitors or users and that too regularly.

What is SEO

You need to understand what is SEO first.

Every learner needs SEO introduced and explained simply with meaning & summary.

SEO is an important digital marketing technique which helps to optimize a website to bring online traffic from search engines.

Search engine optimization as it is called in full form is to make a website rank for relevant terms and keywords which people use to find information on search engines.

When a website targets and ranks for any relevant keyword with optimization techniques then slowly it improves its rankings.

When a website starts appearing on the first or even second page of a search engine for that keyword it starts getting noticed by searchers.

And that is when a website starts getting clicks or traffic.

There are techqnues we use in search engine optimization to make a website appear and improve rankings on search engines. You will learn about these optimization techniques we use in SEO in the later part of this guide.

Who can Learn SEO

Who can learn and can I learn SEO is one question you may ask as you understand the worth and benefits of learning it.

Anyone can learn the list of SEO skills and start to optimize a website for search engines.

SEO takes some time to learn but it is not difficult.

There are no prior knowledge or skill requirements.

These SEO skills can make you a skilled professional who can optimize a website to help it rank on search engines.

Anyone can add great professional worth and at any stage of life.

Here are the types of people who can learn search engine optimization.

  • You can learn it to start your career when you finish your education
  • You can learn it as an additional skill to advance your career
  • You can move into SEO or digital marketing in the middle of your career, whatever be your profession
  • Even a retired person or a housewife can learn the skills
  • Learning SEO is very beneficial for blogger or business owners for their own websites
  • SEO is best to learn if you are running any online business

Benefits of Learning SEO

Why Learn SEO

The reason why beginners learn SEO is that it is a profession which is in demand and valued by all the companies.

And it will remain in demand & highly valued.

This is because SEO is much needed marketing skill that we all or most companies need in this online world.

And you need to learn SEO because as a skill it can add so much value to your profession or career.

And as you also know digital marketing is not one technique but an umbrella term for different online marketing channels, techniques and platforms.

SEO is one of those channels and techniques. It is one of the most important ways of digital marketing.

It may not be wrong to say that SEO is the most important or at least most effective channels.

SEO brings much relevant online traffic among all channels. It can also help generate much higher conversion rates among all types of online traffic that we get from digital marketing.

So, yes. SEO is important for businesses in digital marketing and this is why you need to learn it.

SEO also offers excellent career opportunities.

Should I Learn SEO or Digital Marketing?

Many beginners ask if they should learn SEO or digital marketing?

Now you can learn both easily. All you need to do is learn search engine optimization complete & best and start applying it.

This way you will also learn much more than the basics of digital marketing.

SEO Helps You Learn Digital Marketing Easily

And yes, SEO is the fastest gateway to learning digital marketing.

Here is How.

You do not just learn SEO you also learn many more things with it.

First. You learn the value and importance of website as I did. As you start practicing it you get to know about the basic HTML and CSS codes. This can help you further learn website designing.

We extensively use keyword research in SEO. It helps us understand what are keywords and why these are important.

This helps you learn PPC which is the paid way to rank website on search engines.

And when you build expertise in SEO then you also start using social media. It is still debatable if social media helps in SEO yet it is widely used to promote new content and get it in front of new visitors.

And so you get to learn how to use social media.

Therefore learning SEO is much beneficial as it helps you start digital marketing as you learn the basics of other digital marketing techniques.

What You Get When You Learn SEO

Learning SEO provides many benefits for all types of learners.

Here are the rewards you get from learning search engine optimization.

  • You can build a growing career
  • You can start your own agency
  • You can make help your blog website get traffic
  • You can help any website grow and get traffic
  • You can learn the skill and grow your business or startup website
  • This skill is a faster route to learning and doing digital marketing

If you want to learn SEO for job and career then this is why you need to learn it.

You should learn this skill because when you become a professional then your expertise become highly valuable in the industry.

You join the community of professionals who are in great demand by all types of companies and businesses.

If you are a blogger or have your own blog website then if you learn SEO then you can generate a good number of regular visitors which we call as organic traffic from search engines.

If you own a business or a startup and have some time and also you want to some valuable skills then learning SEO can benefit you a lot.

It is quite right to say that SEO works to help business in growth. It is a very effective way of marketing. And this is why SEO is important for business. You can do your business marketing and make your products and services reach the right audience and get valuable leads for your business.

And within the digital marketing profession, I strongly believe SEO skilled professionals demand better respect. Because you know & can do much more than just optimization.

What is the worth of learning SEO for a complete beginner?

Search engine optimization is one skill and a technique which is used to make a website reach any number of people online. It is therefore a marketing technique but a very unique and specific one.

What SEO does is help a website build its presence on these search engines. What happens then is when a searcher like us is looking for some information or product or recommendation our website appears before them.

Along with your website there are thousands of other websites also which appear for every search query.

So, the objective and purpose of learning and doing SEO is to make a website appear higher for such queries which are relevant and useful for that website. This is what search engine optimization does by improving the rankings of a website in search engines for the useful queries and questions of searchers.

When you as an expert SEO consultant can do that for a website then what you are able to do for a business is make it reach hundreds and thousands of people. This is what marketing does and this is what SEO does as a digital marketing channel.

This is the learning worth of search engine optimization for every beginner.

Now since SEO is a part of digital marketing let us look at its worth as one single channel and also why you should learn it when compared to complete digital marketing.

SEO Helps You Improve Your Worth & Demand as a Professional

When you learn SEO well and become good at it then this technique will make you a sought after professional and build & improve your worth as an individual and a professional.

This is because you can do and give something which every business wants.

Grow and increase traffic to their websites and do the best digital marketing for their business.

SEO professionals are hired by companies for in house jobs and by agencies for their clients.

Not just SEO agencies but all types of digital marketing agencies hire professionals for search optimization.

You can also work as a freelancer, an independent professional or start your own SEO consulting agency.

The Real Worth & Benefit of Learning SEO

The Day I Realized the Value of SEO

The day I realized, my website is not reaching anyone. People on my contact list and social media contacts are just that much.

The day I realized the HUGE GAP there was!! There are millions of people for whom I made my website and the data in it. I was not reaching any more, I was not reaching anyone new.

The BIG Question, that was! How do I let those people know that I have a website for you? How do I make my website reach to all of them?

I searched the Internet, Google basically. Never did I realize that what I was searching for was actually functioning or working right in front of me and that I was playing a part. Only I was on the other side of it.

That's when I realized. There is something called search engine optimization!!!

I read more about what is SEO, how it works and what I can do with it or how can it help me in what I wanted to achieve. It took me few days to realize and truly understand the meaning of search engine optimization, and not just its full form or definition. Then I fully understood search engine optimization and why it is needed and what it does.

AND. That was it!!! That was the moment!

I realized and knew that SEO is what I was looking for. It was the answer to my question, "How to make my website reach the audience for whom I made it".

SEO was the answer, the solution. SEO meant to make my website reach any number of people I want. Search engine optimization can make my website reach people I do not even know, and wonderfully also find out who are these people that are looking for the information and exactly what they want.

And what I also realized is your website is the best way to learn SEO

The Real Worth of SEO

The question may still arise for many who already know it. This could be because they did not learned it fully and properly. Therefore they are not yet able to get all the benefits from it. They still have not fully explored its potential.

As we said before SEO is a marketing tool and technique. Yes, it is the most effective digital marketing technique where you can track it, direct it and control it.

Any marketing is only effective when it can get results. And with the help of SEO you can make your website reach thousands and thousands of people with very less cost.

Making a website reach thousands and thousands of searchers on a regular basis is one of the best & most value skill one can learn & acquire. In this online world this is one thing that will pay off highly.

This skill you acquire when you learn SEO properly. This is the result which, if you can bring, can make you an in demand and worthy person in the world of digital marketing.

But, simply learning it and starting to do it will not bring results and its value.

You need to learn it properly. You need to understand what to achieve from it and therefore learn it.

The Rewards SEO Gave Me

This is my little story of getting the worth from learning search engine optimization. I did not ask this question when I started learning it. I did not even thought or question it.

I just started as I had my website lying with me, not making any inroads in terms of reaching people. And search engine optimization seemed the easy & obvious way.

So, now what I needed was to make it reach those who want it and are looking to it.

SEO is that technique which will make a content reach to those people, and those only, who are looking for it. This increases the importance of your website.

This also makes your website content important as it is now valued by viewers.

This is what I did to my website with the help of SEO. I learned SEO myself and used it for my first website.

Before starting learning it, I had no idea that there was something in the world called as search engine optimization or SEO.

But now it was time to learn it and use it.

Learning SEO was all that I needed. And after years later I realized that it was worth learning it.

So, I started to learn and do.

What was the result of learning SEO?

What did learning SEO gave me?

How much was learning SEO worth for me?

I grew up my website traffic.

For me, learning SEO is worth thousands of monthly traffic.

To be near to some exact figures, I was able to get much more than 300K of free organic search traffic for my website.

This is what I was able to get from learning SEO.

I was able to rank my one blog on that website for THOUSANDS OF KEYWORDS.

Those keywords brought me 123K or 1,23,091 of free organic search traffic in one year.

This is all what learning SEO was worth for me?