Why learn SEO and is it worth to learn it in 2020 & beyond? Let us find the answer.

Why it is worth to learn SEO in 2020

Is it worth to learn SEO as a career and a skill in 2020 & beyond?

Is SEO worth Learning is a question which a beginner asks when they looking at search engine optimization as a career option. One will get the right answer and perspective when they understand why it is needed, what all it can do and how well they can grow taking it as a career option and a skill.

SEO is one important and very effective digital marketing channel. You can call it as SEO marketing. It is a very important skill and very much demanded and needed by businesses and websites.

I learned it and made my website rank for thousands of keywords and was able to get thousands and thousands of traffic which ran into a good 6 figure number annually.

I understood the worth and value of learning search engine optimization and selecting it as an online channel to market my website and grow its traffic.

Whether learning SEO is worth for you or not? Should you learn how to do SEO? Is it difficult? Or should I learn digital marketing instead?

Here is the right answer you are looking for.

Yes, SEO is very much worth learning. You should definitely go ahead and learn it. It is a skill. It is a very important skill that is very important. It is a great and wonderful career and growth opportunity.

Companies look for SEO professionals for their businesses and their business websites. This is because they know that SEO is important for business and for its online success.

SEO is also the most important, effective and result oriented digital marketing channel or technique.

With the help of search engine optimization a website or a blog or a business can get thousands or even millions of views or visitors or users and that too regularly.

What is the worth of learning SEO for a complete beginner?

When beginners want to know whether they should learn SEO and will it be worth learning what they want to know? All they want to know is can they make a successful career out of it, will it be a good career choice for them, is SEO a worthy skill to have.

All these questions lead us to one question. What will be the value of learning SEO as a skill in 2020 and when we are going into 2021 & even beyond?

Let us start with knowing it a bit. What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is one skill and a technique which is used to make a website reach any number of people online. It is therefore a marketing technique but a very unique and specific one.

Search engine optimization is part of digital marketing and is one of the techniques which we use when we want to market a business online.

Almost everyone knows what is Google, just like we know Facebook. We have used it to find some information, to find the best product to buy, and even to find recommendations online.

When we use Google or even Bing or any other search engine then we become a searcher. Like us there are scores of searchers. Google receives millions and billions of searches on a regular basis.

So, what SEO does is help a website build its presence on these search engines. What happens then is when a searcher like us is looking for some information or product or recommendation our website appears before them.

Along with your website there are thousands of other websites also which appear for every search query.

So, the objective and purpose of learning and doing SEO is to make a website appear higher for such queries which are relevant and useful for that website. This is what search engine optimization does by improving the rankings of a website in search engines for the useful queries and questions of searchers.

When you as a SEO professional can do that for a website then what you are able to do for a business is make it reach hundreds and thousands of people. This is what marketing does and this is what SEO does as a digital marketing channel.

This is the learning worth of search engine optimization for every beginner.

Now since SEO is a part of digital marketing let us look at its worth as one single channel and also why you should learn it when compared to complete digital marketing.

Why learn SEO?

Should I learn SEO?

Let us now understand and answer your question about why should you learn SEO. To begin with, if you learn SEO well enough then you will learn much of digital marketing.

Therefore, you should start learning SEO if you want to take it as a profession, and you should also learn it if you want to learn digital marketing and be good at it.

This is because doing professional or advanced SEO involves social media and content marketing which are the 3 important digital marketing channels along with SEO. Getting better at SEO and striving to achieve better results we move towards creating better content which takes us to learning and doing content marketing. SEO uses both content marketing and social media.

Learning complete and best SEO is the best way to learn and understand digital marketing. A career in digital marketing is a natural extension of SEO and often starts with search and content specializations.

The day I realized what is SEO

Why I needed SEO and why it was best for my website

The day I realized, my website is not reaching anyone. People on my contact list and social media contacts are just that much.

The day I realized the HUGE GAP there was!! There are millions of people for whom I made my website and the data in it. I was not reaching any more, I was not reaching anyone new.

The BIG Question, that was! How do I let those people know that I have a website for you? How do I make my website reach to all of them?

I searched the Internet, Google basically. Never did I realize that what I was searching for was actually functioning or working right in front of me and that I was playing a part. Only I was on the other side of it.

That's when I realized. There is something called search engine optimization!!!

I read more about what is SEO, how it works and what I can do with it or how can it help me in what I wanted to achieve. It took me few days to realize and truly understand the meaning of search engine optimization, and not just its full form or definition. Then I fully understood search engine optimization and why it is needed and what it does.

AND. That was it!!! That was the moment!

I realized and knew that SEO is what I was looking for. It was the answer to my question, "How to make my website reach the audience for whom I made it".

SEO was the answer, the solution. SEO meant to make my website reach any number of people I want. Search engine optimization can make my website reach people I do not even know, and wonderfully also find out who are these people that are looking for the information and exactly what they want.

Why websites need SEO & why you need to learn it

Why SEO is so Important

No matter how good and best your products, services are if they do not reach the audience for which you created and designed those, you will not get any success. And no matter how best your business idea is, it still needs to reach people otherwise it will just remain an idea and not turn into a business. Every business needs marketing to succeed.

SEO is a very specialized way of marketing. SEO is that one very important tool and digital marketing channel which will bring and ensure growth of your business for a long time. It will give you long term and a consistent growth. Search engine optimization is the best way to reach your target audience. Not just this it is the best way for any business to know your target audience and then make it reach them.

SEO Need

SEO is needed because there is a ready and huge demand and market which is the search engines (yes, GOOGLE).

These are some of the reasons why you should learn search engine optimizations. These are also what you get, what you can do and the benefits you can get from it.

  1. SEO is important for business growth and marketing
  2. Can help grow any business
  3. Best way to reach both specific section of audience and bring volumes of website traffic
  4. One of the best ways to start your own business or company
  5. Build a growing & rewarding career
  6. Do better digital marketing
  7. Get more results from content marketing

Why we do SEO

We do SEO because we want to want our websites to appear higher and higher and for more keywords and terms on the search engines.

The huge demand that is there in terms of billions of searches can only be met by doing SEO.

And so, with SEO we want to, we can and we do reach more and more of our targeted searchers on search engines.

We do SEO because it is very beneficial and it can bring what no other digital marketing channel can. Tons of free organic traffic which you can grow to as much as you want.

Why learning SEO is an advantage

Should I learn SEO? Yes and there are two very important reasons why should you learn SEO. One is that it is the most dynamic channel of digital marketing which in fact uses most or all of the other channels. Second is that it targets the largest platform which can to get as much traffic to your website in the best way.

You can do many things after you learn SEO completely and in the best way. Making a career is just one of them. You can do freelancing and take up projects and grow; you can make your own blog website and make it grow; and you can further grow your career and start doing content marketing and digital marketing and be one of the best in it.

This is because when you understand and master SEO you also discover and understand that how you can apply your skills in many ways and areas and grow.

To build and achieve all that start learning the right and best techniques and skills. Learn the techniques that I used achieve rankings and build traffic. Learn what I discovered learned. Take advantage of my years of experience and experiments. Learn in just few weeks all that took me years and become an expert.

Learning SEO career & professional benefits

4 Reasons making search engine optimization an important and in demand skill

THE important part of digital marketing

SEO is THE essential part of digital marketing. Most of the organizations start with it and also no matter which other online marketing channel they take this organic search targeting channel to make their reach and grow and build a reliable flow of traffic.

This is also because search engines are the best and largest source of website traffic. Search engines provide you two types of traffic. Organic search and traffic, which is the largest and the very foundation of search engines; paid traffic which is costly and low in volume.

Search engine optimization is the only way to target, attract and leverage organic traffic. And to get paid traffic through SEM or PPC most of the SEO basics and principles apply. And even if you are doing social media marketing or optimization, there are few similarities like optimization and audience study, and social media is always a part of advanced SEO techniques and full scale search engine optimization campaigns.

In the same way content marketing and SEO become inseparable at many or most points.

Search engine optimization is the core of digital marketing & the most widespread online marketing channel. It is also a growing and promising area and career opportunity.

Many career options

One can take many different careers and types of jobs and do different things after learning SEO.

Inhouse Job

Job in SEO agencies


Work as an SEO consultant

Start own agency

Work in content marketing

Work in digital marketing

Growing career

Whatever type of job one may take, SEO offers good growth. This is because of increasing demand of SEO, increase in online channels, increase in the number of websites and other reasons.

Career itself has growth

Every digital marketing agency needs SEO professionals

Every content marketing agency needs these professionals

Traditional marketing companies are going digial

Websites are growing

Growth in search usage trends

Every website needs SEO guy

Every online business needs them

Growth of websites & online marketing trend means growing demand for this profession

Grow website traffic

Bring and grow website traffic. This is the most important reason to learn SEO. This is what everyone, from job seekers & career builders, to business owners, website owners & bloggers and all want to learn SEO.

What SEO does is target the search traffic. That is also called the free traffic because unlike PPC (pay-per-click) advertising one does not have to pay for every website click from search and therefore does not have to pay for every search visitor.

SEO is perhaps the best way to target that search traffic. This is because with this you can target and reach as many types of search visitors and traffic. You can grow your organic website traffic to huge volumes. All you need to do is keep doing SEO, keep writing better content and keep improving it, keep targeting keywords, keep making improvements and further optimization, and keep building relevant and right backlinks.

With this you will grow the authority of your website. And as your website authority grows it gains the power to rank for more and more keywords. And your website starts ranking for more difficult keywords. These are the keywords which either bring huge traffic volumes or are very profitable and relevant for business.

How worth is learning SEO compared to other online channels

You are probably asking this question as you are evaluating which online marketing channel you learn and master.

You may be comparing search engine optimization with social media marketing, PPC advertising or even with learning complete digital marketing.

When you want to compare search engine optimization with social media then my simple answer is if you are good at marketing, designing then you can go for social media. It is more of a visual platform. You need to be creative there and also accurate.

SEO as compared to social media is a very simple and straight forward way of marketing for non-marketing people.

If you compare SEO with PPC then both are very similar. And for search pay per click advertising you need to learn and use few basics of SEO like keyword research. So you need to learn that, which itself is a part of search engine optimization.

If we compare SEO as a career to website designing then to be frank web designing is probably more in demand. This is because website is the very start to any kind of online marketing. You cannot do any kind of online marketing without a website.

However, only a website will not serve any purpose for any business or individual. And when it comes to marketing your website online, SEO again is the first and more popular way to do it.

Now, many learners look to straight away jump to learning digital marketing. It is a good career option and a very rewarding one. But you need to properly evaluate it.

What is digital marketing?

It is a set of various online marketing techniques. In itself, digital marketing is no technique or method. In fact there is no one definitive way to do digital marketing.

It is a combination of one or more of these channels, SEO, social media, content marketing, PPC, etc.

So, to learn digital marketing you need to learn all or few of these.

But how do you become good in complete digital marketing?

It is only when you can master more than one of its channels and say that you can really bring results from it.

And it is always better to start with becoming really good at one channel of marketing and then go on to the others.

Why SEO is best to start learning and mastering digital marketing?

Because when you master SEO then you also know how to do social media marketing, how to go about PPC. You also know how to write & optimize content and therefore you know content marketing.

This is because advanced level SEO uses all these techniques.

How you can start learning SEO?

Now it comes to learning search engines optimization. To help you in this and to answer many questions which beginners usually asks we have this learn SEO 101 guide. Here you get answers to questions like:

  • How to learn SEO?
  • Is SEO difficult to learn?
  • How much time it takes to learn it?
  • And many more.

But to help you start learning it, let me tell you how you can start.

There are mainly 2 ways, approaches or routes which you can take to learn SEO. These are:

SEO classes

You can enrol for classroom based training or courses for this. Here instructors teach you. What you need to do is search for a nearby training institute or a good institute which conducts its classes there.

Learn SEO online

This is how you can start learning it at your home without having to do anywhere. You can enrol for an online course and immediately start learning. You can also learn SEO online through tutorials, guides, blogs and other free resources.

What to learn in SEO?

Learning and doing search engine optimization mainly involves three sub areas.

These are also the important steps of search engine optimization, it is the process that you follow and this is how you do it.

These three key steps are:

  • Finding Keywords
  • Optimization
  • Building links

SEO works around keywords. You need keywords which represent your content. Google and other search engines rank your content and pages for keywords.

But you need to use the keywords properly. This is what optimization mainly is. You optimize your keywords through important on page SEO techniques.

This is just one part of search engine optimization. What you want is search visibility and rankings. This you cannot achieve without building links.

Links or backlinks are another websites linking back to your website. These are like votes (of confidence) from other websites for your website in the eyes of search engines.

All the three steps are important and needed in SEO. But it all starts with keywords and is all about these only.

The SEO Keywords

Yes, the SEO keywords are like gold mines. The keywords is all what optimization and targeting in SEO is based upon. When you know what are SEO keywords then you understand how very important these are.

With the help of these you can do so much. Keywords help you target users, they help you know what people are searching for in search engines.

Keywords make your website rank on top. And it is the keywords that bring traffic to a website, thousands and thousands of organic FREE traffic, month after month, and year after year.

We do SEO to get traffic and traffic comes from targeting and optimizing the right keywords in the right and best way.

Finding the real value of SEO & why you should be learning it

The question may still arise for many who already know it. This could be because they did not learned it fully and properly. Therefore they are not yet able to get all the benefits from it. They still have not fully explored its potential.

As we said before SEO is a marketing tool and technique. Yes, it is the most effective digital marketing technique where you can track it, direct it and control it.

Any marketing is only effective when it can get results. And with the help of SEO you can make your website reach thousands and thousands of people with very less cost.

Making a website reach thousands and thousands of searchers on a regular basis is one of the best & most value skill one can learn & acquire. In this online world this is one thing that will pay off highly.

This skill you acquire when you learn SEO properly. This is the result which, if you can bring, can make you an in demand and worthy person in the world of digital marketing.

But, simply learning it and starting to do it will not bring results and its value.

You need to learn it properly. You need to understand what to achieve from it and therefore learn it.

And if you are still struggling to rank keywords and get traffic for a website then you have not yet discovered the worth & value of doing search engine optimization.

For this, I also crafted this complete SEO training to help a beginner and a professional learn it complete.

In short you need to focus your learning on these three goals to make SEO worth learning.

Steps to make your website target more queries and rank for more keywords

Add value & focus on each step to get better results

Avoid the simple mistakes and improve your SEO in easy ways

The value I got from learning SEO

This is my little story of getting the worth from learning search engine optimization. I did not ask this question when I started learning it. I did not even thought or question it.

I just started as I had my website lying with me, not making any inroads in terms of reaching people. And search engine optimization seemed the easy & obvious way.

So, now what I needed was to make it reach those who want it and are looking to it.

SEO is that technique which will make a content reach to those people, and those only, who are looking for it. This increases the importance of your website.

This also makes your website content important as it is now valued by viewers.

This is what I did to my website with the help of SEO. I learned SEO myself and used it for my first website.

Before starting learning it, I had no idea that there was something in the world called as search engine optimization or SEO.

But now it was time to learn it and use it.

Learning SEO was all that I needed. And after years later I realized that it was worth learning it.

So, I started to learn and do.

What was the result of learning SEO?

What did learning SEO gave me?

How much was learning SEO worth for me?

I grew up my website traffic.

For me, learning SEO is worth thousands of monthly traffic.

To be near to some exact figures, I was able to get much more than 300K of free organic search traffic for my website.

This is what I was able to get from learning SEO.

I was able to rank my one blog on that website for THOUSANDS OF KEYWORDS.

Those keywords brought me 123K or 1,23,091 of free organic search traffic in one year.

This is all what learning SEO was worth for me?

Highlight & conclude value of learning SEO

If you are still questioning is search engine optimization worth learning then here is the final answer which will convince you to start learning it and build it as your career and skill.

I got 123K of annual traffic to my website. If I had to get this much of traffic to my website through other popular digital marketing channels like Google adword (PPC) or Facebook as the preferred social media platform then what would I had to pay for?

As we discussed before that PPC, adwords or social media, is advertising. To get this much of traffic by advertising through digital marketing channels would have cost me anywhere from 250K to more than 600K of rupees.

Now, it is up to you to decide how much of learning SEO is worth to you, for your career, for your website and for your growth.

So, go ahead learn SEO in 2020 and make the most out of it. Learn it complete and learn it the best and in depth. Because, we are going to tell you here the benefits of learning it, mastering it and using it.

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