How to optimize your website better for search engines and search traffic

How should you prepare or optimize your website so that you targeted relevant and truly benefit from search engine traffic and aim for conversion too!?

SEO checklists of things to do for new website

Do you know that getting SEO for your website may not be enough? Ok, let me explain. You still have to get it to make your website reach more and more of your audience by getting your keywords ranked. But what I mean here is reaching more and more is not any more the right objective of SEO, which might have been in the past years. The way SEO has been used till now is not enough.

Ideally, doing it better starts with knowing right steps how to learn SEO without wasting time and effectively and better including understanding how factors surrounding the search and optimization affect it. SEO actually is something which needs a detailed and complete planning, and taking things which are not entirely part of SEO (as previously thought) into account. And if you are a student, beginner or even a search engine optimization professional then our complete SEO course can help you learn search engine optimization better and completely, and therefore help you do it better.

Doing search engine optimization in 2022 and beyond has become a more elaborate process comprising various set of activities which are done at different stages and also regularly. This only brings better results. If you can know how to rank keywords faster then you can bring thousands and thousands of organic traffic to any website. To make search engine optimization effective and result oriented, it requires a wider understanding of many other related aspects.

So, the next question is, what is right and how to do it. Now if you want to gain true benefits from search engine optimization then, first, you need to reach the right audience. And second, you need to focus on attracting those audiences and not just reach them.

How do you achieve this? How do you reach the right audience and influence them to not only visit your website but also take some action there? You need to follow these 5 steps when you plan to get SEO services for your website to maximize your gains from SEO optimization and also from your search engine rankings.

SEO or what is called as search engine optimization actually starts much before SEO activities. The best way to put it across is that things which are not completely related to on-page or off-page optimization, keywords ranking, etc, all of which are done to get search engine rankings, can or will have an impact on your SEO and its results. So, we give you a list of some very important on page SEO few techniques which you should actually do before a full dive into SEO. We have created a very unique set of website optimization and on page SEO checklists that will prepare your website for better and targeted search traffic and therefore better SEO results, and can ideally be done while getting your website designed and even before that.

Must Haves for an SEO Optimized Website

What is an SEO optimized website? What should it have which makes it friendly for search viewing and helps in further search engine optimization?

Before starting to do step by step SEO for your website you need to understand what is an SEO optimized website. Which website would you call properly optimized for SEO?

When you learn SEO then you also learn to find and identify a well SEO optimized website. You develop the skill to differentiate between a website which is optimized for SEO and one which is not.

These are the following factors or aspects which can tell you that a website is optimized for SEO.

Well structured website

Well Designed

Good & Focused Content

User & Reader Friendly

Keywords Optimized

Look at the meta description tag

Is Mobile friendly and responsive

Let us explain how to identify SEO optimized website through these factors

Well structured website

A website is important in this digital world. You can understand the importance of a website by the fact that your website only can make you reach anyone and everyone in this digital world and is your online presence.

SEO experts know this. So, the first thing that distinguishes an SEO optimized website from other websites is that it is well structured.

It means it has a proper navigation. It has all the important pages and these pages are made accessible to the users through techniques used in search engine optimization.

Well Designed

A well designed website improves your image in the eyes of your online users. Before going for full scale search engine optimization you should understand what is website designing and what role does it play.

Good & Focused Content

Content plays a very important role for both your website and your website content is important for its search engine optimization. The design of a website helps in creating or maintaining interest of users. However, it is your website content that a user is looking for. Search engine optimization is also done for the content on your website.

User & Reader Friendly

A fancy or over designed website is not user and reader friendly. Design has its role but overdoing it can have a negative impact.

So, you need to understand this. A well optimized website is always focused on its users. Such websites make it easy for users to read a page, find and go to other pages and do other things.

Keywords Optimized

This is the most important thing for a well optimized website. SEO is based upon the keywords that it targets on the website. These are your SEO keywords. It requires one to do keyword research to find keywords for every website.

One can quickly know if a website is optimized for search engine optimization or not by looking at key areas of the website and check if it is using the keywords there.

If the Title, H1 and other tags are not using any keywords then the site is not optimized for search engine optimization.

Look at the meta description tag

This is another meta tag which SEO experts know and optimize. Only the experts know the value of a well optimized meta description tag.

Having a nicely written meta description means the site is SEO optimized.

Is Mobile friendly and responsive

Any website which is not mobile friendly and responsive cannot be called as SEO optimized. Experts doing SEO know this.

This is one of the first things that SEO guys would look at and get it done when they start doing website SEO step by step.

5 SEO checklists for new or any website to target and attract right search traffic

Know your audience - get to know your customers

Who are your audiences? These are the audiences you want to target and reach. They are your prospective customers from the search optimization's point of view. Start with the audience who would be interested in what you have to offer. There could be versions of interest. So the next step would be to know their interests. Are they interested in buying, or looking for some specific information that could assist them in buying it, or some very general information? If you are a seller of a product then your audiences are the ones who want to buy or want information to assist their buying decision.

So, on the basis of which type of audience you want to target, you can decide about which pages or sections of your website would serve best for them. Then you need to know what each set of audiences will be searching so that you can create relevant set of keywords.

Target the right keywords (audience) - long tail is the talk of the town

You know your audiences. Now you need to target them. That means targeting those search terms which they are using. All this requires extensive keyword research. This also means knowing their intentions and matching those with the right keywords. What all search terms they would be using to find your products, services or business would form the basis be your keyword research.

So, your customers' intention decides what keywords you need to target. Or, more specifically, the customers whose intention matches your business, marketing and your SEO goals decide your main keywords.

This is where long tail keywords, key phrases and LSIs come in picture. You should focus more on these, and especially at the start of your SEO. This is because these types of keywords will bring the audience which you are looking to target and who are more likely to convert you're your present or prospective customers. Second reason for this is that these keywords are little easier to rank for.

When you want to know how to rank a keyword fast for your website then long tails are the answer. The key phrases, long tail will also nicely set up your SEO and your website for better quality and relevant traffic.

Build right content - keep in mind what audience is looking for and answer them

What are they going to find out when your targeted audience visits your pages? This is where you build your content. Not just the home page or any single page, but all the pages of your website. It is very important to maintain content quality across all your pages because someone may visit any of your pages out of blue or out of curiosity and if quality of that page is not of the same level, then you stand a chance to lose that prospect.

Secondly, if all your pages are important for you and are indexed in search engines then they are candidates for keywords targeting and ranking. And if any prominent search engine finds some of your pages having low quality or thin content, then your entire website may suffer and your domain authority, rankings can dive down a little or even more.

Do not go overboard with this. Just keep in mind to create content which best answers what your audience is looking for.

Ready your website - be mobile

Did you forget about this? It happens often. Before you go all out with off-page SEO, you need to take into account how your visitors are going to come to your website and how do you expect them to behave.

The first part means, get your site mobile ready. Each passing day mobile views and clicks are increasing. More and more people visit websites on their mobile. So you need a website perfectly designed for mobile. In fact the word now is that you should first design your website for mobile viewership and then consider desktop version of it. In very near future, majority of viewership is going to be mobile. Isn't this why Google is so focused on enhancing and promoting mobile search? Even so, that they have recently brought out their mobile first indexing. Got the Idea!?

Oh, and yes, do not forget internal linking.

Optimize and build the right links - be present at the right places

With all very set with audience, keywords, content and mobile ready website, now it is time to make some rankings. Don't get too excited just now. This is a huge task and research in itself. You do not start building random and easily available backlinks.

But yes, having done the hard work of targeting right keywords and building good quality content across your pages, building of quality and relevant links will not be that tough and your website will get rewarded with rankings and traffic sooner than later.

With good content, all that is needed is to get in front of the right people and you may get loads of natural and high quality links. You can start blogs too with high quality and customer focused content and start reaching out to other blogging sites or sites who have a user base similar to yours but are not your direct competitors or are not using that customer base in the way that you are i.e. sell them. Guest blogging is one of the great ways to build high quality and relevant links.

There is no harm in doing link building the traditional ways i.e. business listing, profile sites, bookmarking, etc., provided you do not overdo it. As a matter of fact it is also required. One last advice, keep an active track of all your links and remove any bad link as soon as you find it or realize.

You are all set to go now. All the very best to you!


There is no doubt that SEO is important for your business and its online success in this digital world. It will bring you tons of organic traffic and help in the growth of any and every business. But to truly exploit all its potential it needs to be done in the right way.

Whether you look at any of the ranking experts or want to hire the best SEO consultants for your business website, they follow these steps. These steps make your website and your business is ready for a much better result from your search and optimization campaigns. Also, if you want to become the best SEO professional then follow these steps always for doing search engine optimization of all websites and particularly new websites.