What Does an SEO Consultant Do? How they Help?

Do you believe it is time your business starts getting regular visitors and that search engines can be the best source for that?

All you need is get your website to rank on first page on search engines like Google. SEO consultants are the ones who offer the right services for this.

They have the expertise to guide and help your website rank and start getting traffic.

All that you need to start is know who these SEO consultants are and what they can do to help websites get regular visitors.

Here is all you need to know to find the best consultant for your website in 2023.

Who are SEO Consultants? What they Do & How they Help?

Who is an SEO Consultant?

An SEO consultant is the person you would go to when you want to hire some valuable experience with proven expertise to get you results from search engines like Google.

You can surely learn SEO on your own and practice it too. But a consultant with proven expertise is someone who can give you results for your business faster.

But when it comes to applying the knowledge and using the techniques with strategies to bring results for your business website SEO consultants are the experts you want to hire.

SEO Consultants are the experts to guide you when you are looking to get real ranking and traffic to your website.

They are those who bring better understanding of SEO and its workings with an approach and strategies all bundled into services that can benefit.

Consultants are independent SEO experts who have built their expertise & specialisation and their way of planning and achieving results.

They have their own way of working and they do not fit into a typical agency service framework.

How SEO Consultants Work and Help?

What expertise SEO consultants bring? How do they help your business in real terms with their expertise?

Consultants usually work towards goals keeping in mind what benefits can they bring for the client business website.

SEO consultants usually take less clients so that they can focus more on each website they work on to get more results and benefits.

Consultants work differently than typical agencies.

They would give little more time to planning and setting measurable goals for a website rather than right away jumping to the later tasks of link building for example.

This is how they may approach a new website for better SEO results.

What they would do is analyse your website to look into your keywords potential.

It is like looking at your market potential in terms what keywords you can target better and how you can rank.

Then it is about doing the competitive analysis.

This means understanding where your website stands compared to your competitors who are already ranking.

And then how best and fast to fill this gap to make your website rank.

This is a complete approach SEO consultants follow.

Setting the right goals based on detailed analysis is how a website can target for more rankings and traffic.

This is how an SEO consultant helps bring quality and relevant traffic to your website and then make that traffic grow over a period of time.

What to Look for in Expert SEO Consultants

As you understood how consultants operate and work now you need to find an expert SEO consultant for your website.

This starts with knowing what all a consultant can do in search engine optimization.

And you should know their skills and expertise to optimize your website for search engines.

This is how to know more about them.

Skills an SEO Consultant Should Have

SEO is a process where we need to many tasks. There are many techniques and steps which we need to follow and practice.

All this requires many skills that make a person really good at search engine optimizing a website.

These are the important skillsets an SEO consultant should have.

Analyse Websites for SEO

Analysing a website is how we start when we want to optimize a website for search engine traffic.

A consultant should be able to analyse websites for SEO.

There are many aspects of a website that need to looked into and many of these can have an impact on the optimization journey that website will take in future.

Understand Website Design & make it work for SEO

Many experts say that you need to have some knowledge of HTML coding and CSS.

This helps one to read into the design.

Website design attracts a user but the existing design can also be a hindrance in presenting right content. Also overdesigned websites are believed to discourage viewers rather attract them to read more.

Therefore a good knowledge of designing and the required coding can go a long way in making a consultant better for your business.

Sound Technical SEO Knowledge

Sound Technical knowledge is a must have in SEO.

Technical SEO is that set of tasks and techniques that we need to do or take care of right throughout the process of optimization.

It starts right when we submit website to Google and stays all along the journey of making website rank and maintaining those rankings.

Can do Keyword Research

You cannot do SEO without your keywords. And for this you need to have the skills to do Keyword Research.

We target keywords for websites. We rank those keywords on Google. And it is these keywords only that tell us about our audience.

How good you are in keywords tells how skilled a consultant you are.

Knows how best to use On Page SEO Techniques

On Page SEO is what helps bind the keywords perfectly. It is also what structures your content.

And on-page SEO is what sets up your keywords for ranking.

Having mastery on how to best use onpage optimization techniques becomes a must for a consultant to do search engine optimization as a professional.

Good with Content

A consultant has to be good at content.

Content is the soul of the website.

And being good with content means having many skills.

Content writing starts with planning what to write.

It also means being good at English or whatever language that website is in.

It is also important to put meaning and life into the content and to make it relevant.

SEO copywriting is a skill that a consultant needs to master.

And to analyse top ranking content to understand what is being said and how is one fine skill a consultant can have.

Link Building Skills

No SEO is complete without link building. Backlinks are the stairs or steps to climb up and improve rankings of your website on search engines.

Search engines pay attention to the links your website builds or acquires.

Quality of links is a factor that search engines count and consider. And this is one important factor that they take into account to evaluate rank worthiness of your website.

Knowing how to build relevant links for a website is a skill that can set a consultant apart from others.

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What Expertise SEO Consultants Need to Have

Having the desired skills is good but to become a consultant one needs to have some expertise too.

The skills tell us what one can do. But the expertise tell us how well they can do and what they achieve as a consultant.

Here are few expertise that your SEO consultant should have.

Knows SEO in and out and can Explain

It is very important that consultants have complete and deeper knowledge of SEO and various aspects related to it.

They should have good understanding of the many factors that impact and affect website SEO.

And equally important is that they should be able to explain SEO to clients as and when needed.

Analyse Competition, SERP and Content

Doing SEO means to outrank your competition. If someone starts your SEO without properly analysing competition then they do not have a goal and cannot give results.

A consultant should know how to look at and analyse your competition.

They should know how to analyse SERP results relevant for your website and what to look in it analytically.

And they should be especially good at analysing and researching top ranking content that is relevant for your website and is ranking too.

Know what your Audience is looking for

An expert in SEO should be able to understand what their targeted audience is looking for when they search on Google and other search engines.

Without understanding this you cannot really rank on any search engine.

Understanding the keyword intent is great way of doing this and your consultant should have the expertise to analyse this.

Create Good Quality & Unique Content

Creating good quality and unique content is the one of the important expertise that every consultant needs to have.

Content is the King is the saying that goes in SEO and everyone knows that.

Website content plays a very important role in SEO in more than one ways.

Your content is not only important for search engines but also for your audience.

This is what makes your website important for your audience in SEO and digital marketing.

Ability to find & target more Audience

Ability to find & target more audience is an area of expertise for a consultant.

If you want your website to grow in organic traffic from search engines then it needs to target more audience.

The more is your audience the more is your reach and traffic.

Can create Strategies

Just following the SEO process and its techniques is not going to give you results.

The SEO consultant you hire should have expertise to create strategies for your website.

Strategies in search engine optimization are used across all the steps and tasks.

This only helps you bring results.

Can improve Keyword Rankings

SEO is very dynamic and can be quite unpredictable at times.

Nobody knows what will be the exact outcome of any step.

Ranking on search engines is not that easy and straightforward. There are many factors which are beyond our direct control and can happen any time.

For example your competitors can start building high quality links or decide to improve their content significantly.

There are many Google related factors too which can impact rankings.

So your consultant should know how to deal with all these and take the necessary steps to constantly improve your keyword rankings.

Yes he should know how to rank keywords faster. Yet if anyone guarantees you top Google rankings then they are not expert consultants and you should not hire them.

Can Scale Up your SEO when needed

Businesses grow over a period of time. They add verticals or decide they want to target a larger market.

This also happens in SEO and you decide to grow your reach.

For this your consultant should have capability to bring that growth from search engines and knows how to scale up your SEO when needed.

Good at Analytics

Analytics is very important aspect of SEO.

As you progress with your SEO and your search engine reach grows you have lots of data to work with.

Google analytics and search console are the two primary platforms where you can see load of data telling you many things about performance of your website on search engines.

Expertise in reading and analysing the relevant data is important to take important decisions to continue, improve and grow your website performance, positioning and rankings on search engines.

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