What is website desgning and what goes into designing a website?

What designing a website means

There are two things to understand which you need to know when you want to understand what is website designing. The first thing to understand is what is a design or a website's design. And then we understand what we mean by designing a website.

Let us understand in very simple language and easy to understand way what is web designing by understanding what is a website, what is its design and what is designing.

This will help when you start a website designing course.

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Knowing what is website designing & how it is done and what all is a part of it also helps a lot when you start to learn SEO from scratch as a beginner.

What is a website design?

What is a website? A website is a group of web pages which have a common domain name through which all the pages can be accessed. All the web pages are connected and grouped under this domain name.

In order to make a website look nice and make it easy to read or go through we design these websites.

Your website presents and defines who you are and what you stand for in the online world. Your website is important hence it needs to look good. Your website helps you build your brand in the digital world.

What all you see on or in a website is website design. There are three main things which you, as a user, find useful on a website, things to read, see and do. All these three aspects of a website are presented to you through a design of that website.

These parts also are few of the essential elements which a website consists of.

The look and feel of a website when you open it, see and go through it is part of its design.

Everything you see on a website, everything you do on a website is a part of how it is designed.

As we said in the beginning website design is what you see on a website. Design of a website is the final result which can be seen by a user.

Every written word and line, every order of things you see on a web page, the colors or even the lack of it are all parts of a grand website design.

What is a website designing?

Website designing is a grand activity which is actually the complete process of bringing a design live on a website.

Website designing means and is defined as the process starting from planning to the final execution of deciding how a website and its webpages should look and how all the elements of a website including text, images, etc. should look to a user and also where they should come and their order and arrangement.

When one says or asks make a website, create a new website, get your business a website, what we essentially mean is designing a website.

Since we are talking about website design and designing, it is worth mentioning what is website development.

You must have heard the term website design and development, and many of you may have a question about what is website development.

If designing means giving a website a face or look or order then what is development?

So, let us answer what is website design and development and what is designing vs. development.

A simple way to understand is this.

While designing is bringing a design live on a website development is bringing a designed website live on the Internet. Designing is not the final thing. You need your website live and working.

It has to be on the Internet where one can access and see it. All the work to do this will come under development.

Website development includes many more things, and can cover everything we do to make a site work and be accessible on the Internet.

If you cannot see something which is working and making things or actions happen on a website then it is the backend development.

What goes into designing a website?

The whole process of designing a website and the way professionals design different websites involves few steps. Then there are many elements which a designer has to work around and use.

And after this there are technical ways or a range of different codes and techniques which a professional designer uses to bring a design concept live on a web page or website.

Here is how websites are designed.

Visualisation & Planning

The first thing to do is to visualise the website. You cannot jump directly on to designing a website using and writing all the codes. You need to have an idea about what you want to bring.

You can look at it like starting a new drawing on a new canvas. You need to visualize what you want to draw and then start drawing it.

You need to plan it. You discuss it with the business owner if you are designing a website for a client. You need to know what they think or want.

Plan your content

Content is the soul of the website. All the designing of any website is actually designing the presentation of the content of that website. Website content is very important and it is the content for which a website is created. Content means and includes the text, images, videos.

So you need to plan and build content for your website.

Layout & Structure

Design does not only means adding and thinking of colours or shapes which you want to show on a page. Designing a website is a proper, logical and thorough process.

You need to plan all that you want to present through your website and then decide how and where all will it be placed.

Layout & structure means how you are going to present all the content on your website. What all the pages will have & say and how each page will present it.

Designing a website

Then comes the designing of your website. Here the designers use the techniques and codes to create web pages on the basis of the design, layout and structure you have in mind.

Designing a website and its web pages is done using HTML and CSS.

HTML or Hypertext Markup Language is the language which lays out the content of a page by using proper codes.

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. It is a different language used for styling all the elements of HTML used on different web pages and for the complete website.


A website is needed by businesses, companies, institutions, organizations, bloggers, individuals, and by almost everyone who wants to have an online presence. So, there are various types of websites. Not everyone needs to be a designer.

However, it surely helps everyone who has or wants to have their website, to know how a website is designed and what is website design and website designing.