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Hi. Glad to have you here and a very warm welcome to you. This is Kshitij Thakur. Here you can contact me for any query, question and need regarding what Purpalyn offers. Your feedback and suggestions are very welcome.

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This website mainly has SEO focused content all of which I have written and created. What I want to give is to help my viewers in learning complete, best and expert SEO with my training. I have many free resources for beginners to start their learning journey. If you want to ask anything then here is the contact mail for that.

Email: courses [at] purpalyndigital [dot] com

I have been learning, doing & executing SEO for many years now. I have been able to rank thousands of keywords which helped me get many thousands of monthly traffic.

I am Kshitij Thakur and I am the founder of Purpalyn. I am an SEO expert professional based in Dwarka, Delhi, India.

I also offer my expertise as consulting services.

If you are a business, company, startup or have a e-commerce website and need to bring traffic to your website then I am available for hire as SEO consultant.

If you want me to help you in SEO and get you tons of organic traffic through hundreds of first page rankings, then you can use my expertise and services.

You can hire my SEO consulting expertise in Delhi and anywhere in India.

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Here are two links to know me, know Purpalyn and all what we offer in little more details if you want to.

If you want me to help you in SEO you can reach me via email.

Email: kshitijt [at] purpalyndigital [dot] com

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