Best 2020 Guide on how to start your SEO career with best SEO companies in India

Discover SEO career growth, oppoturtunities and requirements to work with best India SEO agencies in 2020

How to start your SEO career in 2020

How to get your first SEO job in a top SEO agency in India

Here we will discuss how to best start your career in SEO. There is a two step process, or rather a three step process, to best start your SEO career so that you learn more, you gain more, you achieve more, and you grow more.

The first step of the process what you need is to learn the best and full in SEO. For this, we can have what you need and recommend it for learning complete SEO, our professional SEO course.

The second step is what we teach in the course too. Have a little practice or some practical understanding of SEO and how it works. This is another reason why you should go for our course as it is also a very practical training course in SEO. With example, exercises and case studies, you learn complete professional SEO.

The two steps above prepare you best for this third step, which is to start with one of the good or top SEO agencies, companies or consultants in India. Why the first two steps are needed is because these best of the SEO companies in India would usually prefer someone with good experience or good knowledge & understanding.

There is one another reason for publishing the list of some of the popular and top search engine optimization or digital marketing agencies in India. We want to make the whole process of finding your first SEO job and starting your career as easy as possible for you. You readily refer to this list of top and best Indian SEO agencies and start applying for your first job.

SEO Career in India

First, few things about SEO Career in India

Why SEO is a highly rewarding career?

SEO opens up many career options

Learning SEO in 2020 and starting a career is perhaps more rewarding and fulfilling than it was ever before. This is because SEO is changing, evolving and is now having much large impact and footprints than ever before.

An SEO expert who has learned it well and deep enough can not only do full scale search engine optimization but also has a good understanding of and can do Google ads or PPC (pay-per-click), social media marketing, content marketing or writing. And with some experience and little more understanding an SEO expert can easily become a digital marketing expert.

Look at Neil Patel, for reference. He can give you expert advise on SEO, PPC, websites, social media, and what not.

Every company can benefit from SEO

Search engines are such a huge platform with billions of searches and people searching for anything and everything. There are always queries and keywords for every type of company or product. People who search there are looking for answers or solutions and are ready to take actions which helps in bring traffic and conversion.

Search engines are the best platform from where any and every company can attract and bring volumes of free traffic to their websites. With the help of right SEO a website can target two types of traffic or two segments of traffic.

One, SEO helps websites target a very specific set of traffic or searchers who are more likely to be interested in the products or services that website or company is offering.

Two, SEO also helps in expanding your set of audience to include many types of searchers who are looking for some or any kind of information or help related to your products or even as far or specific to as looking for help how to use it or where to use it, etc.

To be able to do all this one needs an SEO expert with professional experience, expertise and skills. But when have become a specialist in SEO then you can be important and useful for almost every company on earth.

Because, in this digital marketing era, website is important for business and so every business needs one. Then SEO is important for business & website, which we just proved above. All that makes you, as an SEO expert, a very important professional.

Plenty of Career options after learning from our SEO course

We mentioned above that SEO opens up many career options. There are many types of jobs and many types of careers which an SEO professional can take and pursue. Let us discuss few of the jobs, and career options, that are available after you have learned professional SEO from a complete course.

After learning complete SEO

Do full scale SEO

Senior SEO executives

Fast track to managerial SEO position with expertise from this course

Take up high value SEO projects

In house SEO expert for large companies

SEO Executives in agencies

SEO Digital Marketing Executives in agencies

SEO analyst

SEO marketing specialist

SEO specialist in digital marketing

Provide SEO consultancy

When you learn full scale keyword research

Keyword research specialist

SEO & PPC executive – use keyword research for both SEO and Google adwords campaigns

Keywords specialist in large & reputed agencies

Keywords & on page specialist in companies

SEO/PPC campaign assistant or manager

SEO executive in agencies or in house

Keyword research and content strategy executive or intern

Google Ads specialist

When you learn full on page optimization

On page SEO executive as in house in companies

On page SEO specialist in SEO agencies

On page & SEO specialist in digital marketing agencies

Take up full scale on page SEO projects

On page SEO consultancy

When you learn full off page optimization

Link building specialist

SEO & marketing executive

Off page SEO executive

Linkbuilding and Off page SEO specialist

Off page & link building projects as freelancers

Link building consultancy

Link building services

Full backlinks audit services

When you learn full technical SEO

Technical SEO strategist

Technical SEO specialist

Technical SEO webmaster

Website developer & technical specialist

SEO & IT executive

Technical specialist jobs in website designing agencies

In house technical specialist jobs in companies

SEO Career Advantages

The demand for website optimization and the need and significance of ranking websites for more and more keywords is consistently growing. This is because more and more businesses and website owners now know the importance of SEO and value and benefits of what it brings through ranking web pages on top search engine pages (SERP). There are endless growth and success opportunities with SEO.

Taking it as a career can bring many advantages and keep you always in demand. This is because SEO is one of the best digital marketing platform for growth and to do many more things, it is a long term solution and strategy, it is very cost friendly and growth oriented, and often times it is the first channel or strategy which both learners and clients ask for.

  • High growth in SEO Industry
  • High demand skill in digital marketing
  • Growth in search
  • Growth in SEO demand with increasing Internet usage and increase in number of websites
  • Best way to start learning about digital marketing
  • Good pay
  • High growth opportunities
  • Range of career and working options
  • Wide range of SEO jobs

So, when you decide to enter the SEO profession, you need to understand search engine optimization better, fully and in depth, you should know how it is done in the right way and also know the wrong way to avoid it, and you should be aware of all career options you can have in this field. This is all we cover here in this guide for SEO professionals and aspirants to start or advance your career. We also tell the best way for learners to start career in search engine optimization.

Skills that might help to work in best of SEO agencies

Following is a list of skills and abilities that will help you start and then succeed and stand out in the SEO industry and career.

SEO knowledge

SEO experience

Working knowledge of HTML and websites

Understanding of digital marketing and position and role of SEO in it

Interest in technology field

Bit of curiosity

Attitude of always learning

Good or at least average level of language, comprehending and writing skills

Developing good written communication skills will help

Little bit of creativity

Ability to manage different tasks

Ability to switch from one task to another

To do repetitive tasks quickly and efficiently