How Fast Can You Learn SEO From Scratch? One Day SEO Beginners Roadmap to Learn Practically

Ever wondered how fast can you learn SEO? How much can you learn in one day?

What if I say you can learn to start doing SEO for your website on the very first day.

Learning SEO fast is all about having a practical & easy to learn beginners roadmap starting from scratch.

And you can be amazed how much you can learn in SEO in just one day or 24 hours to be precise.

Here is my sincere effort to give you that one day beginners roadmap to help you learn as much as possible today.

Do let me know how much of SEO you learned today with this ultimate roadmap guide.

How Can I Learn SEO Fast? One Day SEO Beginners Roadmap

How To Learn SEO Fast from Scratch?

To start learning SEO for beginners fast means you are starting from ssctach (ground zero).

But what more important it tells that you need a proper roadmap guide to start learning. That is how you can move quick towards learning more in SEO in less time.

What that also means is that you need to find the right guides, tutorials and may be some training courses.

Usually we start with free guides and tutorials.

What you should also know here is this.

The purpose of learning SEO is to build skills.

These free SEO guides and tutorials is what you get here in our 3 roadmaps.

These 3 roadmaps gives you practical and fast learning and also refer you to right guides and tutorials for further learning.

All these roadmaps along with the guides and tutorials help you build skills.

How Can You Learn SEO Fast on Your Own?

Learning SEO step-by-step makes it fast, as it is easy to learn, moving from one step to another.

And how easy & fast you understand each step and the technique helps you learn SEO even quicker.

The first step to learning SEO faster is to know and understand as much about it on your first day.

Faster you understand the faster you learn.

And you learn the techniques much faster when you can see how these techniques work practically.

This is the understanding that you need about SEO.

This is what the SEO learning roadmaps of this comprehensive guide cover for beginners.

This is how the beginners SEO roadmap helps you learn.

How Fast Can You Learn SEO?

You can learn SEO pretty fast with our ultimate beginners roadmap.

If you are a beginner then in less than an hour today you will get a good grasp of SEO.

And you will know what SEO covers, the techniques which you need to learn further to practice.

This guide will turn you from a beginner to a person with sound understanding and knowledge of SEO in just an hour.

We even got a 2 minute guide to help you understand SEO practically using just a simple search in Google or any other search engine.

Can I Learn SEO in One Day?

Yes. You can surely learn much of SEO in one day, but not everything.

This SEO beginners roadmap can be the ultimate proof of how much one can learn in SEO in just one day, or in just one hour.

But when you consider a day as 24 hours of reading and understanding then sure you can learn the basics well, learn about the techniques and what we do in it.

And with right resources and approach you can definitely reduce your overall learning time from months to weeks or even days.

We give you important lessons and things in SEO which you can learn in just one day.

This is how fast you can learn SEO.

It is all about making that day count in terms of learning and understanding.

And the right roadmap with right topics explained properly definitely helps.

This is what this how to learn SEO fast roadmap is all about. You can learn all this at your home.

Once you have done that you can move on to practising all that, which for sure takes much more time.

Still, if you have your website then you can learn and practice many of the SEO steps you can do in one day like opening Google accounts, creating your sitemap, submitting your site, finding your main keyword, learning & using key on page techniques. You can even build few basic links in the same day.

We share the 9 basic steps of search engine optimization for beginners to follow and practice as a resource as the first step in our beginners roadmap of how to learn SEO practically.

How to Learn SEO in One Day

The goal of learning SEO is to build skills. And to learn it fast means to learn and understand it easy.

That is the goal of this guide. Help you learn SEO fast easy starting today only and help you build skills.

Make your first day of SEO learning count. This is how to learn SEO fast & effective.

Here is how to learn SEO in one day. All practical and easy.

  • Quick understanding of SEO techniques (in minutes)
  • Basics about SEO
  • How Search Engines work & how SEO helps
  • Practical process of how we do SEO (fast, effective & easy way to learn techniques)
  • How to start doing SEO today if you have a website (practical step-by-step tutorial for beginners)

Quick Master SEO Learning Roadmap for Beginners

How does a beginners roadmap help learn SEO faster from scratch?

A roadmap is like a complete list of things to learn in SEO and know about.

It sets you in the right direction.

And helps you learn fast as it is step-by-step with all things you need to know and learn.

Here is our Ultimate SEO Beginners Roadmap for you.

This Ultimate SEO Beginners Roadmap is actually made up of 7 SEO learning roadmaps for beginners which cover different aspects and stages of learning.

7 Beginners Roadmaps to Learn SEO Fast from Scratch in 2023

  1. Learn SEO Quickest in Minutes from Scratch
  2. SEO Learning Roadmap That Beginners Follow
  3. SEO Skills Beginners Need
  4. SEO Basics & How Search Engines Work for Beginners
  5. SEO Learning for Beginners (Time, Difficulty, Worth, Benefits)
  6. Fastest Way to Learn How to Do New Website SEO Steps Practically
  7. Beginners Roadmap of How to Learn SEO Practically

Let us begin your SEO learning journey.

Learn SEO Quickest in Minutes from Scratch

Learn About SEO Super Fast in 2 Minutes (Practically)

Before you go on to learn how we do SEO with the techniques, it will be really helpful to look at the practical side of these fundamental techniques.

This will help you learn all the techniques of SEO faster & easily.

This is the quickest 2 minute learn SEO practical guide map showing how the 5 techniques of search engine optimization work.

Many of you came to this page by searching about learn SEO.

Your search is the fastest way to learn and validate SEO techniques.

What you searched in Google, Bing or any other search engine was your keyword.

And you clicked the result which looked more relevant and best to you.

What actually helps make a website page look more relevant in search engine results is the on-page SEO optimization and its techniques.

You actually clicked at one of the search results or websites appearing on the first page of Google search.

This is a typical behaviour of searchers. Most searchers do not go beyond the first page.

This is another important learning.

That is why we aim to get our website on the first page of search engine results for our targeted keywords.

For this link building in SEO helps the most, along with right on-page optimization and right selection of our main keyword or keywords.

And now you are on this page and reading.

What you are reading is the content.

The content is what you searched for.

And content is what websites publish and present for users.

Content is how we cover and talk about our keywords.

You cannot rank websites without good quality content.

Key Quick SEO Learning Points

The bold blue line you saw in search results was the Title tag. And when you clicked on it then the boldest and the first line of this page was our H1 header tag.

Title and H1 are two of the main on-page SEO optimization techniques.

The other bold lines you came across are other headers, which are also important.

What you are reading (and seeing) here (all of it including images) is content.

With the help of right backlinks, keyword optimization with on-page techniques and quality content we were able to rank this guide on the first page of Google search for one and more of our targeted keywords.

This is the practical side of the 5 fundamental techniques of SEO which you learned about fast in 2 minutes.

One even faster way to learn is to learn beginner to advanced SEO in one complete course.

Learn SEO with Google

Google is your best friend to do SEO.

Yes. I know what you are thinking.

Google ranks and it evaluates the websites. How does it help in SEO?

Google gives you list of best optimized websites and web pages.

This way it helps you learn SEO practically.

You can learn SEO in one day by examples.

You can learn basics of search engine optimization in few just hours.

All you need to do is look at the top ranking websites.

And what you need to look for is what we are going to discuss with you here.

How to Learn SEO in One Day with Google (Practically)

How to Learn Keyword Research with Google

You just need to start typing any query in Google.

As you start typing the search engine will show you suggestions.

This is how you can know the popular and relevant search keywords for your website.

Once you type your query and press enter go to the bottom of the page.

It will show you related queries.

These are search terms that are closely related to the query you typed.

These terms help you get more idea about your main keyword and what it means.

How to Learn On Page Optimization with Google Search Results

Now look at the search results.

These are the top ranking websites for your query.

In each of the search results you will find three entries.

The first line in small letter that starts with the domain name is the URL.

The blue bold line that typically follows is the Title of the web page.

At the last is a small paragraph of 2-3 lines. This is meta description.

These three are the key on page optimization techniques.

These are the three areas where you can use your keywords as your users will see these three entries and decide whether your page is relevant and best to answer their search query.

When you look at each result you can figure out how to use your main keyword.

Content Writing

Now you can click on few of these results.

What you will read at those pages is the content.

This is the content that is ranked top for the query you typed and for the keyword that you want to target.

You can get a good idea how to cover your keyword and how to write content for your keyword and your page.

This is really fast way to start learning SEO in just one day. All it takes is couple of hours or even less to learn the basics of search engine optimization with a simple Google search.

Two Important Evergreen Tips to Learn SEO Fast

When beginners look to learn SEO faster then it is not just the theoretical learning or knowledge. They need to do things quickly yet effectively so that they learn properly but in less time.

These three important ways which are also strategies for effective & faster learning will help every beginner in SEO.

Make SEO learning friends

Learning alone can take more time. So when you learning search engine optimization then you can find & make one or two friends who have similar interests and are also learning it online.

You can discuss many aspects and techniques of SEO while learning which will help you get more clarity and finally help you learn it faster.

Get help from SEO learning communities

We always get stuck at various levels while learning search engine optimization, we all go through that and it is nothing new and not any obstacle.

But when you want to learn search engine optimization fast then you need to get the answers fast too.

Online communities like Quora, Facebook/Linkedin Groups can help you a lot as you can ask your questions there and get many answers.

Here is a list of communities you can refer to or join.

  1. Google Webmasters Community
  2. Learn with Quora
  3. Learn with Reddit
  4. Learn with Moz Community
  5. Seochat Forum
  6. Warriorforum
  8. Digitalpoint Forum
  9. Seobook Community Forum
  10. Blackhatworld
  11. Seomastering Forum
  12. Local SEO Community
  13. Local Search Forum

SEO Learning Roadmap That Beginners Follow

How do beginners start learning SEO? This is the learn SEO beginners roadmap.

There is a journey, a pattern, a process which beginners typical go through when they start learning SEO.

You can remember these points as your formula or roadmap to help you learn SEO faster and more effectively as you start practising it.

Here is the SEO learning roadmap that beginners typically follow.

This roadmap formula will help you cover the learning journey steps and stages a little faster.

  • Understand the basics
  • Learn the fundamentals
  • Bring each technique to practice & perfection
  • Know that there are different ways to do each step (this you learn as you practice)
  • Each step & technique is important
  • Learn to wait, give it time & be patient
  • Discuss your learning & progress
  • Ask questions, find your gaps, find answers online or with friends
  • Think over the answers & suggestions
  • Implement, Improve & learn more
  • Know that each step, technique, implementation & improvements take time to bring results
  • Quality always matter more over quantity
  • Things improve over time when you apply the techniques and practise the steps
  • Practice is real learning to be a professional. Aim to learn more & improve your skills with practice
  • Every expert was a beginner but they practiced, made mistakes, observed, implemented and learned more

SEO Skills Beginners Need

Roadmap for Beginners to Learn & Build SEO Skills

Learning SEO means to build and hone your skills in search engine optimization.

The more you learn and practice the more and better your skills will be.

It is the skills that you learn in SEO. It is the skills that you improve in SEO and it is the skills that actually improve your SEO and your worth.

Yes, there is an order in which you should learn the skills. This is your roadmap on how to learn SEO properly.

SEO is one organic digital marketing technique that businesses use and to learn it properly is to learn it as how we do it.

This is your learn SEO techniques roadmap. This is your broad framework of what you need to learn in search engine optimization.

And this framework covers the things to learn in SEO.

What skills you need to learn?

This is also a more effective and faster way to know how to learn search engine optimization.

This is what you will understand in this guide.

The list of things which you need to learn. These are the areas or steps of SEO which you need to learn and build your skills in.

This is also an approach to learning search engine optimization effectively and fast.

What Skills Do You Need for SEO?

As a beginner you need to know what skills you need and how to learn SEO skills.

This guide is about learning skills of search engine optimization as you learn about all the topics that help you learn and master these skills.

SEO Beginners Roadmap of Essential Skills

Here is the list of search engine optimization skills you need to learn as your beginners roadmap.

  • Understand the basics
  • Know The Types of SEO
  • Working Understanding of websites & HTML codes
  • Opening & Operating Google Accounts
  • Submit your site to Google
  • How to Make Mobile Friendly Website
  • Improve Website Speed
  • Know What are Keywords
  • What is Keyword Research
  • Know The Types of Keywords
  • How to Find Keywords with Research
  • How to Use Google Search Results to Know Keywords
  • What is On Page SEO Optimization
  • How to Use Keywords in Title
  • How to Use Keywords in H1
  • How to Use Keywords in URL
  • How to Use Keywords in Other Header Tags
  • How to Use Keywords in Image Tags
  • How to Use Keywords in Content
  • Write Proper Meta Description For Your Keyword
  • Content Writing and Optimization
  • What is Competitive Research
  • What are Backlinks
  • Off Page SEO and Link Building
  • How to Build Links
  • Track your performance
  • Learn to use SEO Tools

Two Important Steps of Learning SEO from Scratch

Learning SEO has two important steps or aspects every beginner needs to know about.

How to learn SEO means learning the basics and the techniques which is theory.

Then you move on to practicing those techniques to optimize websites. This is the second and more important part of learning.

Search engine optimization is learned best and complete by practising it. It is more practical than theoretical.

Theory helps you understand how to do SEO using the techniques.

Learning SEO by practice helps you gain the real knowledge and insights into how these techniques work and how to properly follow the steps of SEO.

Learning SEO by practice also requires the right approach which where you should begin.

SEO Basics & How Search Engines Work for Beginners

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What you are about to learn here is SEO.

You will learn about SEO as a story that covers many lessons and topics covering many aspects search engines and optimization.

SEO stands for search engine optimization.

It is how professionals target people and users that use search engines to find all types of information.

What people go to search engines to find is answers to what they are looking for.

They want general information about different topics. They search Google to find products and services they want to buy.

They look for companies which they want to know about. They search for reviews about companies and products.

What search engines offer is a set of websites for every query or question people search for on Google.

These websites are positioned according to a set of parameters followed by Google and other search engines.

This is called ranking of websites by Google and other search engines.

You are going to learn SEO and practice it so that you can optimize a website according to the set criteria or parameters so that searchers there can find it on Google.

You are going to learn the techniques and steps of SEO and all about search engine optimization to gain expertise and skills in improving the search visibility of websites on Google.

This you will do by improving its ranking by learning the proper steps and techniques of optimization and link building.

This is how you learn SEO, and learn more about it.

How to learn search engine optimization fast is to learn more with the right topics and understand it better with resources that best explain it.

All this is what you will be reading here in this how to learn SEO fast roadmap 2022.

You need to learn the steps of SEO now.

These steps are the basic and fundamental techniques of SEO.

SEO is a Step-By-Step Optimization Process

SEO is a process of optimizing a website step-by-step.

We need to follow and practice all the techniques of search engine optimization.

Not just that it is advised to follow these techniques in a methodical way.

And then we need to do all the steps of each technique properly.

SEO follows a process and works as per certain parameters & guidelines to improve search positions and rankings of that website on search engines.

The complete optimization process of SEO involves:

  • Building website presence on search engines
  • Finding and using the right keywords
  • Having appropriate and relevant content
  • Using steps to improve rankings of website

SEO is how you tell search engines what searches you are targeting and then taking steps to build trust factors to improve search positions and rankings of your website.

Fundamentals of SEO

Learning about the fundamentals of SEO gives you the basic knowledge of search engine optimization.

This is a must to understand as this builds the foundation of what you are going to learn in search engine optimization.

Here are the 5 fundamentals of search engine optimization.

  • Keyword Research
  • Content Writing & Optimization
  • On Page SEO Optimization
  • Technical SEO Optimization
  • Off Page SEO Optimization

These steps are also like stages of optimization which every website needs to go through and do, step by step.

These are the five important steps or techniques to learn in SEO.

This is what is SEO in digital marketing. This is how SEO works as an organic marketing technique.

It is a complete process of website optimization in digital marketing.

These 5 fundamental techniques and steps to optimize a website is what you need to learn in SEO.

3 Components of SEO

SEO is made up of 3 components. So what are these 3 essential elements of search engine optimization?

  • Keywords
  • Optimization
  • Link Building

These 3 are the mechanisms which constitutes SEO essentially.

SEO works around keywords. You need keywords which represent your content. Google and other search engines rank your content and pages for keywords.

And we create content to cover and rank these keywords only.

But you need to use the keywords properly. This is what optimization mainly is. You optimize your keywords through important on page SEO techniques.

This is just one part of search engine optimization. What you want is search visibility and rankings. This you cannot achieve without building links.

Links or backlinks are another websites linking back to your website. These are like votes (of confidence) from other websites for your website in the eyes of search engines.

All the three steps are important and needed in SEO. But it all starts with keywords and is all about these only.

2 Types of SEO

There are two main aspects of doing SEO. We do the complete SEO in two ways. These are also the 2 main types of SEO.

On Site SEO

This is internal. This covers the techniques and its steps which we do on our own website or on its page.

Off Site SEO

This is external. This covers the techniques and its steps which we do outside of our website and its pages.

This table shows how each technique works as on-site and/or off-site in search engine optimization.

The SEO Techniques Their Types
Technical SEO Optimization On-Site mainly but also some Off-Site
Keyword Research Starts with Off-Site but is applied On-Site
Content Writing & Optimization On-Site only
On Page SEO Optimization On-Site only
Off Page SEO Optimization Off-Site only

SEO Technique Help Build Rankings

We do SEO to build rankings for website. We use the optimization techniques to improve rankings of website organically.

This is why the results from SEO takes some time to show.

Ranking among the top search engine results is the only way to get more visibility on search engines.

More than 90% of organic clicks come from the first page of search engine results.

So for this reason we aim to improve rankings of a website for its targeted keywords and make it reach the first page.

That is how and that is when more and more searchers see it and a website gets clicks.

SEO is Organic Digital Marketing

SEO is one of the organic techniques of digital marketing.

It is organic marketing technique which targets search engines to build and increase website views and traffic.

As the full form of SEO (search engine optimization) suggests. We optimize websites as a step-by-step process to make it organically improve rankings. These improved rankings then bring in more search views and as a result traffic for our websites.

Search engines are the search platform where everyone goes to find all types of information.

People use Google, for example, to find blogs for general information or specific questions and to find companies for products and services and related information.

They always use some words or terms for what they want to search.

These terms are the queries and keywords, which a website can target or make use of to find the same set of people who use it for search.

So search engines connect searchers to different websites and web pages and can also help all types of websites find & connect with millions of searchers.

There are two ways for a website to use search engines to connect with these searchers.

Paid and organic. SEO often also called organic SEO.

Any website can place ads on search engines using those keywords which are useful for that website or company.

This is called PPC or pay per click paid search engine placement. Here you pay for every click you get from your search engine placement.

Search engine optimization does the same thing but through an elaborate and long process of optimization.

This is the organic way to list your website on search engines. This is a more permanent listing and placement.

As long as you have your website and it has content that continues to serve its audience well and your website remains trusted by the search engines and the users it will remain on search engines, without paying a single dime for it.

Your website is important here.

For organic listings, search engines keep evaluating or revisiting all the websites that it has indexed to check on various quality and relevance parameters.

As long as websites keep maintain their level of quality and relevance they maintain their search indexing, visibility and placements.

And as they improve upon the various factors they also improve their search positions and go higher on search engine placements.

This is ranking on search engines. This is what we aim to achieve with search engine optimization of a website.

SEO is a step by step process of optimization techniques.

During the evolution of SEO along with search engines, these steps become the accepted techniques of SEO which experts and professionals practice.

SEO Does Not Guarantee Anything

SEO never guarantees ranking or anything.

The only thing you can be sure about is that you need to add quality and value to a website and for users with your content.

Rankings depends upon number of factors.

And the most important factor which we cannot control is the competition.

It is optimizing a website to make it better and more relevant for its targeted users.

It is all about working according to the guidelines of search engines and following & practicing the quality parameters.

SEO is How Search Engine Works

To learn SEO more effectively and complete you need to understand how search engines work.

Because this is how SEO works practically.

Search engines follow a system under which the spiders or crawl the internet to find new pages and websites.

It then indexes those websites according to different keywords it is targeting.

And then it ranks those websites.

And these search engines evaluate each website according to various parameters which Google uses and releases by way of algorithms and updates.

So, SEO is all about working as per those guidelines to help websites get indexed and ranked in search engines.

What are Search Engines?

Search engines are the place where people go to find information and answers.

These search engines are the largest platform for digital marketing.

In digital marketing we use search engines for organic and paid website listings or placements.

While PPC is paid listing done through paid ads on search engines.

SEO is organic digital marketing on search engines.

What Search Engines Offer?

Google as a search engine offers facility to search anything.

Google is the platform where people search for many things from information to products to reviews and opinions.

Google has become the largest search engine where you can find almost everything.

So, people search. There are billions of searches on Google everyday.

Google and other search engines have a long history which says about evolution of SEO.

Search Engines Present Information

The goal of Google as the largest search engine is to present the best of information or content or the results to all the searchers.

Google presents the best information and answers for every query by taking out the best websites or content from its database. It uses hundreds of parameters to evaluate best and most relevant content for the qeuries.

The results which Google presents are always the answer to these respective queries.

We Search Using Queries

All the searches are made when we type in some words for the information we want to find.

Searches in Google and other search engines are made using queries. Whatever you search there becomes a query.

You Need to Target These Queries

So, when we do SEO for any website, all that we are doing is target these queries.

When we target these queries, we actually target the set of users who use such queries.

This is how we are able to find, target, reach and connect with our set of relevant audience, by targeting queries which are related to what content or information our website has or offers.

To target these queries you need SEO for your website

How do you target search queries on Google? The only way to target these queries is when your website appears as one of the results.

There is the complete SEO step-by-step process for that.

SEO Learning for Beginners (Time, Difficulty, Worth, Benefits)

How Long It Takes to Learn SEO

How long does it take to learn SEO? In how much time can you learn & master all the things there are to make you a complete professional in search engine optimizing a website.

This is the basis that we take when we go on to discuss and explain the time taken learning search engine optimization.

Therefore, to properly analyse the time it can take to learn search engine optimization we will go through the right process or steps a beginner goes through or should take to learn SEO from scratch.

When beginners want to learn search engine optimization from the very start then they go through this typical process.

These are the stages of how to learn SEO from the scratch.

  • Understand SEO
  • Learn to do SEO
  • Getting Good at Doing SEO

You need to go through these stages of learning to become an SEO professional or expert.

1. Learning the basics of SEO

2. Learning SEO fundamentals & techniques

3. Learning how to do SEO practically

4. Learning how it actually works

So, the time it takes to learn SEO also depends upon what level you want to reach or achieve.

Yes. All this can take some time which also depends upon the learner and type of resources. Yet it is not difficult it is to learn.

And yes, all this is worth to learn as this is what makes a beginner a professional and even an expert.

How much time it will take to learn SEO like this?

Mastering SEO has two stages.

One is learning the basics and the techniques.

Second is to learn SEO by practice, which is doing SEO for websites and helping them rank.

You go through the first stage and learn the basic techniques in 1 or 2 months and even in 1-2 weeks.

Practicing takes time. It usually can take few months.

SEO is a step by step process. This is because SEO is organic. It takes time to start working. Things go step by step and slow.

It takes time to find your keywords with research.

Optimizing those keywords and writing the best and relevant content takes time.

Getting your website on Google and to start getting search impressions is a process which takes time.

Link building is the most time taking process, compared to other techniques of SEO.

Search engines take time to notice your new links.

It takes some more time for those new links to improve your search positions.

There are many factors which search engines consider before you improve your rankings.

And there is trust which your website needs to build for search engines.

You can start learning fast by directly learning the practical steps of optimization with this SEO tutorial step-by-step.

Know in detail how much time it takes to learn SEO.

Is SEO Hard To Learn in 2023?

Is SEO difficult to learn for a beginner?

If we take some clue from the above section about time to learn then again we can divide this question in two parts.

Learning the basics and practicing it and learning more.

There are few things which are very specific to how to optimize a website for search engines.

Yet these are not that hard to learn.

Most beginners find it difficult to learn at the start because of too many technical terms which normally people don’t know about.

Both learning and practicing SEO is easy.

And you can make it even easier.

If you learn practical steps from an expert who has already done it and achieved results.

For this here is the advanced SEO mastery training in proven expert strategies.

How Hard it is to Learn SEO from Scratch?

Is Learning SEO Worth It in 2023?

Should you learn SEO? Is it worth learning as a beginner to make a career?

Yes, SEO is very much worth learning. You should definitely go ahead and learn it. It is a skill. It is a very important skill that is very important. It is a great and wonderful career and growth opportunity.

Companies look for SEO professionals for their businesses and their business websites. This is because they know that SEO is important for business and for its online success.

SEO is also the most important, effective and result oriented digital marketing channel or technique.

With the help of search engine optimization a website or a blog or a business can get thousands or even millions of views or visitors or users and that too regularly.

Benefits of Learning SEO

Learning SEO provides many benefits for all types of learners.

Here are the rewards you get from learning search engine optimization.

  • You can build a growing career
  • You can start your own agency
  • You can make help your blog website get traffic
  • You can help any website grow and get traffic
  • You can learn the skill and grow your business or startup website
  • This skill is a faster route to learning and doing digital marketing

If you want to learn SEO for job and career then this is why you need to learn it.

You should learn this skill because when you become a professional then your expertise become highly valuable in the industry.

Practicing these skills is what SEO consultants do.

This is how they help SEO work for business in growth.

You can also start practicing SEO as a freelancer, an independent professional and move on to start your own SEO consultant services as an agency.

You can read about what makes SEO worth it for small business here.

Fastest Way to Learn How to Do New Website SEO Steps Practically

Now we move on to learning the steps of search engine optimization practically and easy. This is how to learn SEO techniques fast today.

However, if you have a website and you need to start SEO even quicker then we have the right practical guide for you.

This tutorial guide shows and teaches you the beginners steps very practically with examples.

This is the easiest and fastest way to learn how to do SEO for website.

This is the best 9 Step SEO Tutorial which covers complete search engine optimization process steps for a new website.

The 9 Basic Steps of SEO for Websites

  • Step 1: Google Accounts
  • Step 2: Adding your Website for Indexing
  • Step 3: Finding your Keywords
  • Step 4: Write Content
  • Step 5: Learn On Page SEO Techniques
  • Step 6: Technical SEO Techniques
  • Step 7: Submit Website Pages for Search
  • Step 8: Build Backlinks
  • Step 9: Track your SEO Progress

Beginners Roadmap of How to Learn SEO Practically

The best way to learn SEO is to know how it works practically.

This is your beginners roadmap to learn SEO techniques as they work to optimize a website for search engines, step-by-step.

Through this roadmap you learn where and how the techniques are used.

Technical SEO Optimization is where we start in SEO [What you need for this]

We start search optimization process with Technical SEO. The steps of technical optimization helps us to get our websites properly indexed in the Google search database.

What you will need to start here are two Google accounts.

Google Search Console or GSC and Google Analytics (GA).

Remember this. For every websites you need to create these two accounts.

You will be needing and using these two accounts as long as you do SEO for that website.

This is how you start.

You open GSC and then add your website.

Then with the help of GA account you add the tracking code to all the pages of your website.

After this you submit your sitemap in GSC so that Google knows all your pages.

All the data and tracking of your pages in GSC is done through that tracking code in every page.

For proper indexing of your website and pages you need to do few more things. These are also part of technical SEO optimization of your website.

Your website needs to be on Google first

How do you target search queries on Google? The only way to target these queries is when your website appears as one of the results.

There is the complete SEO step-by-step process for that.

But what is the first and the most important step in that?

You need to have your website on Google search.

What this means?

Google should know that you have a website.

Google should include your website in its database. Yes it has a database of millions of websites and billions of web pages.

The search results you see or the websites you see in the search results come from the database only.

What you need to do for this?

You need to submit it to Google

The first step of doing SEO is submitting your website to Google.

When you do SEO for a new website then how do you tell the search engines that hey please look at my site, I want to rank it.

The best way of doing this which is also recommended by Google and SEO experts too is to submit your sitemap.

A sitemap is an XML file which lists all your web pages.

When you submit your sitemap then with it you can submit all your pages at once to Google and other search engines.

What happens then?

Google reads your web pages

Once you submit your sitemap to Google then it will read your pages.

After it reads your pages then it categorizes your pages as relevant for different topics.

This way search engines know about your pages and cover these in their databases.

There is a process to include web pages in database

Google follows a systematic process to add or include new web pages and websites in its database.

What is this process and how it works?

Crawling and indexing.

Google has crawlers or spiders which crawl or read new web pages and also re-visit the already indexed ones.

There are steps or stages to getting web pages indexed.

This can be the typical process of indexing:

First it is discovered by Google

Then it is crawled

After this and within due time it is indexed

Your website needs to be mobile friendly

We already know there is a growing trend of using Mobiles while surfing the internet. Day by day more and more searches are made on Mobiles.

Google also considers how good your website looks on a mobile device.

In fact Google has in recent past made mobile indexing as a priority.

This means that it indexes your website for mobiles first.

This is mobile first indexing.

If your website is not mobile friendly, it will have issues in getting indexed.

In fact, Google has two types of crawlers.

One type is smartphone crawler.

The other type is desktop crawler.

What this means is your website is indexed for smartphones or mobile based searches and for desktop based searches.

Your website also needs to be fast loading

The other thing which you need for proper search engine presence and indexing too is to have a fast loading site and pages.

If your website is too slow then search console will show all the slow loading pages with errors under its Experience Tab.

This Experience Tab mainly evaluates the user experience or UX by analysing performance of pages on key parameters of Core Web Vitals.

These errors can decrease your traffic and affect your rankings in the long run.

Now, when your website is all set for search engines and is indexed then we go forward to next stage of how to target search engine queries.

This was the basic of technical SEO.

Why we do this as step first is that it takes time for a new website to get submitted and start getting tracked by search engines.

And while Google does this you can utilize the waiting time to start with the next step, which is Keyword Research and further SEO planning.

You will need keywords

We said that Google categorizes websites and web pages in its database as part of indexing.

The pages are categorized for different types of searches or queries.

How will Google know or figure out the categories under which it should keep your websites? What categories or topics or queries are more relevant for your pages?

As and when the crawlers of Google notice certain important words in the content of a web page and thereby understands what all the content is talking about it indexes that page and its content for all those words.

These words are the keywords.

We need to use these keywords in our content to tell Google what are we talking about. For example, is your page about a product or service or an information blog. Then what product, service is it about or what topic your blog is about.

Keyword Research is how you find your keywords

In order to tell search engines what are we really talking about we need to find keywords at the very start of search engine optimization for a website.

This process of finding keywords is called keyword research.

Keyword Research is the step to put your SEO in the right direction

Keyword Research is very important in SEO.

This is the step, the technique and the stage where you do planning as well as execution of how and where your SEO is going to go.

It is like finding or creating your own direction and path so that you do not get lost in the jungle.

Keyword Research is the technique and the complete process which tells each website who their audience are on Google, how they can target and reach them.

How to do keyword research

Keyword Research is the platform from where you start your SEO for a website.

Keyword Research means researching your keywords. This is the step, technique and the process where find keywords for your website.

The goal is to find the keywords which you want to target on your website and its pages.

What are SEO keywords?

Your keywords are those words or phrases or terms which represent your content and your page. These are those important words that define the content that you write on your page.

Keywords are also the words or terms which people use when they search on Google and other search engines.

So, when it comes to learning SEO your keywords become very important.

Because it is these words that people will use to find your website. And it is these words that you want to target and rank for, so that people searching you on Google can find your website.

Check out this resource.

How do you learn to find your keywords?

As people use these words to find your website.

This means that these words represent what your website is about, what it offers or says or talks about. What all your website has can be summed up by those keywords.

So, finding your keywords starts with knowing what your website or business offers.

What you need to do to find your keywords is to find and think of different words and different combination of words which can properly represent your website and its web pages.

The best keywords that look more relevant and appropriate for your page and are also searched by people become your targeted keywords.

Check out this resource.

Your keywords should target audience relevant to your business

Can an E-Commerce business SEO target local store based keywords? Or worse target products which it is not selling at all?

How would you find an ecommerce website selling online

Your keywords need to be relevant to your business.

The keywords you need to find and select should match the type of your business, the products and services you offer.

And when you want to expand to the related topics or keywords then also these should be relevant.

You need to tell Google which keywords you are targeting

Now you have your list of keywords for each page. You know which topic your pages would be and which are the keywords that each of that page will be targeting.

But, how do you make sure that the content of each page points correctly and in the best way to that keyword? How do you properly target your keywords for each page? And how do you make sure that the right keyword or keywords are indexed for each page and how to make sure that you are setting them up rightly for rankings?

On Page SEO Optimization is how you structure and tell what you

In life and in SEO it is not what you have or what you can find, research or create. It is how you use it properly.

And On Page SEO is just that set of techniques to optimize the entire web page for search engines and its users, with keywords and content.

In life and in you may have all the tools, knowledge and even experience. But if you don’t know how to use these in the right way and at the right time and place then

On Page SEO is like dressing up properly for an occasion. Right keywords and content at the right places is what OnPage optimization does.

Yes, you need to use your keywords on every page. But using your keywords just anywhere will not bring the result.

Imagine reading newspaper article which has no headlines.

This is why there are specific places which tell a reader what the content is about.

When you do SEO the same logic applies.

Therefore we have on page SEO which covers how to optimize & use your keywords. Here you learn how to use keywords properly on a web page, at the right places which matter more and in content.

How to learn On Page SEO

What is On Page SEO? Why we do it and why it matters and why it is important?

After keyword research the second step is on page SEO optimization.

Onpage SEO is page level optimization. It is optimizing a page to improve its visibility on search engines and for search terms and to make it rank better on search engines.

What are the search terms which we want to improve page visibility on Google? We want to improve page visibility for the keywords or key terms or phrases which we have selected in keyword research step.

So that means it is these terms or keywords which we want to optimize our page for.

Therefore, on page SEO optimization is about using our selected keywords wisely throughout the page and at the right places.

This is what On Page SEO is.

And when you start to learn it then you learn all the techniques which help you use your keywords at different places.

Learning on page optimization means learning where and how best to use different types of keywords.

On Page SEO is a set of techniques

On page optimization or on page SEO is that part where you use all your targeted keywords at the right places. This also means improving your content to better fit and represent your keywords.

With on page optimization and by using keywords at places where they should be you tell Google and other search engines what your content is talking about. The techniques tell Google which keywords you are focusing on, targeting and talking about. And so the search engines index these keywords and thereby with your further SEO efforts those keywords start to improve their rankings.

On page actions and activities help in establishing the relevance of a keyword on a web page and improve its ranking on search engine pages so that it is visible to more and more of our targeted audience and also gets more clicks and visits by them.

Check out this resource.

The better you optimize better you help your keywords rank

There are few important places where you can and should use your keywords. The reason for this is that this gives your user a very idea about what the page is about. They can instantly and easily understand what they should expect to read or find on the page.

These are the Title, the URL and the H1 (this is the main header tag on a page).

How do you use your keywords in these three places? By looking at the purposes each of these serve.

URL is the name of the page. The name has to be relevant.

Title is what tells searchers what the page is going to talk about and what all it is about. It introduces a searcher to the topic.

H1 is the main heading of your page. It is like a second Title but it is on the main page and in the content.

Looking at the three purposes you should use your keywords accordingly.

Apart from the three important places there other places too where you can use your keywords. Keywords are also used in content (avoiding over use or stuffing of any keyword).

There are many other factors and techniques which on page SEO covers and can be used to improve the content, user experience and especially to help the targeted keywords rank.

We talked about H1 and that you need to use your keyword in this primary header tag. However there are five more header tags which can be used on the page and are can be optimized as part of on page SEO.

You can (or should) use H1 only once on any page and in the content.

So, if you want to tell Google that you are focusing on few keywords then what do you do?

You make use of these other five header tags which are H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6.

H2 is the one that is used most by SEOs and can be used few times in the page.

After this there are images and other media files which we use in the content. These are also optimized for each page. There are two ways of optimization of images and media files here. And these two optimization types help improve user experience and help in keywords targeting and ranking.

Optimize the image itself

Optimize the how you use images in content

Images also rank on Google and should be optimized

Optimizing the image means to use properly sized image and other media files like videos. The size of an image matters. Too large or too small images do not give best user experience and are not good in terms of designing. Too large images also impact the speed of the overall website which is not good for its SEO.

Optimizing the use of images in content is another thing. When an image is used in content then search engines do not read and understand the images. Users can see the images but you need to make Google understand the use of that image in any particular section of content.

For this the HTML codes used for images have an option of describing briefly what the image is about. This is used in the tag called as alt tag. It is a short form of alternate text tag.

We can use a short sentence about the image in this tag. This tells Google and other search engines that this image talks about and is related to this topic or subject.

It is also advised to use your keywords within these tags for each particular image. The alt tag is another part of on page SEO optimization or image optimization.

You need to write content

You need to create or learn to create content for a website. It could be blogs or content about companies and products. You can start with your website for practice.

Start writing content focusing on your keywords. Take one keyword at a time and write blog or pages on that.

Content plays a very important role in ranking. Its importance in search visibility and rankings has been increasing continuously.

If you can develop a practice and skill of writing user friendly and keyword specific content then it will help in your search engine optimization a great deal. Write content in natural language without over focusing on your keywords. Your language needs to be simple eight grade English.

Your pages need to be submitted again

I know you have submitted your sitemap and your pages are showing on Google.

Do you know you can use this simple way to find which pages are indexed on Google?

Just search on Google for your website this way.


For example, if I had to find indexed pages of Purpalyn and how they look at Google then I would search for:

Coming back.

Once you have written content for a page, optimized it with keywords and with on page techniques and are ready to target your selected keywords then you need to submit your URL to Google.

Go to search console. Paste your page URL in the bar on the top saying Inspect any URL, and press enter.

There you will see a button asking for Request Indexing.

Now you need to power up your website

Now you are all set for targeting your selecting keywords on search engines. Google also knows about your pages and your targeted keywords.

Are you done then?

Will your website start ranking on Google?


You need to power up your website.

For this you need to learn link building techniques.

Off Page SEO and Link Building is the step to build website authority, trust, relevance, reach and popularity

Whatever you have or have created or built, you need to take it people.

You need to build authority and power of your website so that your keywords start getting search impressions on Google and then with time improve their rankings.

Off Page SEO and Link Building is a set of techniques and activities which you do to make people know that you have this website and you want it to reach many more people and searchers.

Link Building is a part of Off Page SEO . It is one of the offpage techniques which is perhaps the most important one.

What we do in Off Page SEO and specifically in Link Building is like marketing. All the activities are done away from our website.

The aim is to make people know your website, make people and other websites connect to you. This way you help as many people on the internet know about your site and visit it.

And when you aim to get a mention of your website and more preferably get a link back from another website to your website then it comes under Link Building.

Every backlink you create gives your website that power.

You need to now start this very important step and technique of SEO.

To learn search engine optimization complete and as a professional you need to learn few more things.

These are what most people call as Advanced SEO.

And these are types of SEO, techniques, concepts, insights and better way of doing SEO when you begin your career and start doing website SEO.

Learn to use SEO Tools

SEO Tools play important role. The first and few of the most important tools are Google Search Console (GSC) and Google Analytics (GA) tools.

Then there are many free, fermium and paid tools. These SEO tools make your day to day tasks easier. They also help in specific tasks from keyword research to optimization, content & linkbuilding and even for social media.

But yes, you do not always need these tools. And GSC and GA tools can give you lot many metrics and parameters and data points to track and monitor your SEO progress.

Bonus Chapter: Learn how to Rank Keywords faster

When it comes to learning SEO quick then this is one question which everyone asks when they become professional and start doing SEO for websites. How to rank a keyword fast. Ranking faster is a whole approach and it is like re-learning SEO with better understanding & insights.

The another important thing to learn about ranking is know why your keywords are not yet ranking as they should be on Google search how to improve rankings of those keywords.