Privacy Policy

What we are about

Purpalyn is website which publishes content about SEO and digital marketing as blogs and guides.

Purpalyn as a brand also works and associates itself with and as an online institute offering SEO training online and an agency which can provide full scale digital marketing services and SEO consultancy & services.

Purpalyn was founded in the year 2016 by Kshitij Thakur who is also the chief consultant and content writer.

The website and the brand is owned and operated by Kshitij Thakur.

You can also read further and in detail about how to use our website in our terms and conditions.

We may ask you for contact Information

Although we are a publisher of blogs but in some cases or at some point of time we may ask you for some personal information.

The personal information we may ask you for would mainly be your name; email id; phone, mobile or contact number.

How we collect information

The basic information we collect from you would be through our website. You may be asked to fill up online contact form which is available on our contact us page here. Other pages may too have such contact forms, if there is any need there for us to ask for such information.

For further and other information, we may use emails or direct contact to ask you for further contact details of other information.

If you contact us then we may ask for some detail information about you.

Why we collect information

Whatever personal information we may ask you for or collect and whenever we do so, we will do it only to have some understanding of our readers.

The information will be asked for and used only to improve our content or services, which may be offered, and to improve experience of our users on our website in general.