How to rank a keyword fast in 2021

When you learn how to rank for a keyword fast, you learn how to rank a website for many keywords real quick.

How to rank website faster for more keywords

Learn how to rank a keyword fast

What do you get when you learn how to rank a keyword fast? You get to learn and master how to rank higher on Google and how to get top ranking on Google, and other search engines. Most importantly you learn how to help your keywords improve their Google search rankings faster. This finally helps you know how to rank a website fast, for many keywords and get faster organic search engine traffic.

This is what all we cover to help you learn how to rank for a keyword fast and how to rank websites and content quicker.

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Now back to how to rank keywords faster tips.

Here we list the important sections of this blog. We have also listed the actual steps or strategies, and the practical examples if you want to go straight to doing and start ranking your keywords faster.

Steps & Strategies on how to rank keywords fast


Strategies & Steps

Practical Examples:

What it means to rank a keyword fast

Do you know what all you can achieve with SEO when you know how to rank a keyword fast? Being able to rank your keywords faster using search engine optimization and its techniques means your website appears on the top page faster.

It means that you start getting organic search traffic much faster. What it also means that you can then rank for many more keywords as you now know how to rank for more keywords by making your keywords rank faster one by one.

Now, when you are here looking for an answer or solution on how to rank a keyword fast then it is very likely that you already know what is search engine optimization and you also know how to do it.

You know how to rank and just want to know a faster way to rank keywords & websites. It could also be that you think you are taking too long or you are facing issues in ranking but not sure what they are and so do not what to fix and how. Any of these reasons can make you look for an answer to how you can rank your keywords faster.

First thing first.

Let me tell you the most important thing before we go into how to make a keyword rank faster.

Ranking any keyword fast is actually an approach, a way of doing SEO which is better, complete and advanced or detailed.

So, how to make a keyword rank faster is an approach for me. I have followed it like that only, like an approach and have achieved some wonderful results. I achieved two results following this approach:

What you might (not) know about quick 1st page ranking

Since you are doing SEO, you should know and have realized that whatever you do in search engine optimization, right from keyword research to link building, every task is related and connected to each other in a way. They all have an impact on each other.

The second thing you should understand is that SEO is a chain of tasks where as you go forward the completed tasks will always have an impact on the success of the present or the final task.

Ranking a keyword means and can only be accomplished well if you have done a thorough keyword research, your site is good in terms of technical optimization, the on page SEO optimization is complete and is done well, and the you are doing link building or have acquired the right kind of backlinks. This is how to learn SEO fast from scratch.

The first thing you need to learn is how to make a keyword rank using SEO.

And then to go up to an expert level you learn how to rank faster. How to make a keyword rank fast is actually an approach. Yes, it is an approach a method, but the right approach and method. It has two parts and both of which are very important.

All this is what our training is all about and teaches.

What does all this tell us on ranking a new keyword faster?

This confirms the fact that if we follow how to rank a keyword fast as an approach then you can look to get even better results. When you take it as an approach then you are able to achieve much better results. You can then know and achieve the following:

Know how to rank for a keyword

Know how to rank new content faster

Know how to improve keyword ranking

Know how to improve keyword ranking in Google

Know how to rank new website fast & quickly

Know how to rank new website fast for keywords

You should start with knowing what are your SEO keywords and then learn how to rank for a keyword.

The (bitter) truth about ranking keywords fast

Time factor & time taken even when you want to rank a keyword super quick

  • How well you rank or improve ranking depends upon few factors like Content of your website, competition and your site’s DA (authority)
  • For new sites or sites with less content, rankings and trust even the proper indexing of that page can sometimes take a day or two or even more
  • You need to give some time for the trust factor

Ranking a keyword fast is never instant

If you want to rank a keyword fast then you need to understand and accept this fact that ranking fast does not mean ranking instantly. What I mean that suppose you have your keyword and you create content for it and then publish your page. You submit the new page for indexing too.

Do you expect it to rank immediately on the first page of Google or other search engines? That is not going to happen.

Ranking fast follows the process of how to rank for a keyword

What does ranking a keyword fast or quick actually mean? As we said in the above section that ranking fast is never instant or immediate. So, what really happens, what you can and should do, and what you need to know & understand in order to rank your keywords faster is this.

Ranking faster is actually the process of improving the rankings of your keyword faster. It is actually knowing how to improve the ranking of your keywords, in order to make those rank quickly.

Often professionals get stuck much earlier. They are looking to find reasons why keywords are not ranking with steps you can take to improve their search positions. Before you aim to rank fast, find out how to improve rankings of keywords which are slow in progress.

It is because of this that we prefer to take this whole ranking faster thing as a concept or approach rather than any tip or trick or technique. But yes, of course there are few or many things which one can and should do to fasten the whole process. And all this creates this whole process. This is also why ranking faster becomes relative than any constant concept, discussed in the section below.

To rank a keyword fast is relative & means how to improve keyword ranking fast

As we said above that there are few things which you can call as SEO tips or tricks to help you rank keywords faster. But it is more like a complete approach. And this makes it a relative thing.

It means knowing what approach to take and which steps to take to make the whole process of keyword ranking fast. By this what you are actually doing is ranking your keywords faster than others will rank. Or making keywords rank faster than the time it usually takes or will take.

Can you really rank keywords very fast?

The questions everyone often asks about ranking are these:

  1. Can you actually rank a keyword fast?
  2. Can you quantify ranking a keyword fast?
  3. Can I rank a keyword in just a few days?

Here is the answer to your questions on fast ranking your keywords

Yes, you can actually rank keywords very fast, in few days times actually

ONE. I ranked a head keyword faster in few months and with I ranked that blog for hundreds of other related keywords. All these keywords are bringing thousands of traffic to that single blog post every month, and is growing too.

TWO. I ranked a keyword fast (in about a month’s time with just 5-7 days of basic and easy off page activities or link building).

THREE. And recently I ranked a long tail keyword in just ONE or TWO DAYS without any additional linkbuilding. THIS IS MY SEO EXPERTISE.


If you have a business, company or website which you want to rank #1 on Google then you can hire me as your expert SEO consultant. I have RANKED THOUSANDS OF KEYWORDS #1 on Google. You can look at my SEO expertise and know what I did in detail.

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This course training comes with how to rank module with the right way to do SEO to make your website rank for more keywords. It is all what I do.

Questions to make you rank keywords faster for your website

You need to ask yourself these questions if you want to know how to rank a keyword fast. The answers to these questions will help and lead you to ranking of any keyword, and any website, rank quicker and faster to the first page.

What these questions actually are and why these are important is because they represent the complete SEO. These questions point you to the right and more effective way of doing search engine optimization. This is the proper way to teach yourself SEO.

These are the finer points of learning and doing. These are also the way to do SEO which we cover and teach in our search engine optimization course.

7 questions to help rank a keyword quicker

  1. Did you find all the possible keywords through keyword research?
  2. Did you use the most relevant keyword or keywords for ranking?
  3. Did you check the competition for your selected keyword?
  4. Did you write content that covers your keyword properly?
  5. Did you use your keyword properly and smartly in your URL, Title and H1 (main header tag)?
  6. Did you also use your keyword just a few times in your content?
  7. Are you building backlinks to further add value to your content and make it reach people the easy way or you are doing link building just for the sake of building as many links as you can?

Learn how to rank for a keyword, before making it fast

How to rank for a keyword

You have a term in mind that you want to rank for. Now you want to make your website rank for that keyword. You want to see your website rank on the first page and also as high as possible for that keyword.

How to make your website rank for a keyword, is now what you want to know.

Making a website rank for any keyword is actually the complete SEO which you need to do. This whole process of search engine optimization is focused on that particular keyword.

Ranking a keyword is not just about doing on page, randomly mentioning that keyword in the content and then starting to build links and then wait for it to rank.

This is the complete process which you should do and follow to rank for a keyword.

  1. Know your website
  2. Look at competition
  3. What is your focus or objective of ranking
  4. Keyword Research
  5. Decide the position of that keyword (page) on your site
  6. Write content
  7. Optimize content and page for that keyword
  8. Build the required links
  9. Check your progress and adjust your strategy

How to rank for keyword steps

Know your website

If you want to target and rank for a keyword on your website then the first thing you need to do is look at your website. This is because the importance of a website is huge both for your business and your users. There are few things which you should consider and know about your own site. These are important aspects of your website which you should always know when doing SEO and these will also help you ranking for a keyword and in future help you in ranking a bit faster.

Know your website and know what does a good website consists of. What is your website all about? Is your site a blog, a company or business website, an ecommerce site, a site for opinions or news, a non-profit or welfare focused site or any other type? Look at and understand all the important parts of your website, as all these play some role in SEO.

Second, are you focusing on a sector, a specific industry, a particular subject or topic? This will also help you to know if your focus in large or broad or is it a niche site.

This will help you to understand the relevance and need of every keyword that you want to target and rank for now or in future.

Then look at whether your website is new like 3 to 6 months old or had been there for a little longer time.

The next thing to see is how much content or page does your site has. Have you already published few pages or blogs or not?

All this help you know your website better. What all this will also give you is help you know how much authority your website may be having. New sites with very less quality content or pages need that much more effort to make it rank for a keyword.

Look at competition

Whatever keyword or term you chose to target, ranking for it largely depends upon the type of competition that is there on the search engines for that keyword.

So, it is quite important to know your main competing websites. If you are have been doing search engine optimization, and especially ranking for a few or more keywords then you know which type of websites are ranking top in your niche or industry.

These could be high authority sites or branded websites. This can make ranking a little tough and would need more efforts. However, if you find sites like yours in your competition then you just have to do a little better than those sites, in few aspects of SEO, to make it rank for your targeted keyword.

What is your focus or objective of ranking

Why do you want to rank for particular term? This is very important for you to know and understand before you go for ranking for this keyword which you want to rank for.

There are two things which you need to look at. One, why you are targeting that keyword and what you want from it. Second, the nature and type of that keyword.

Do you want to publish an information or helpful content for users to come and read, and appreciate? Do you want your users to take some action after reading it? Do you want to sell something through that page and you think that keyword can help you in that?

Now look at your term or keyword. Does it rightly match with your objective? What you need to do here is look at and try to understand the intent of the keyword. Try to visualise and understand what most of the users searching for that keyword would be looking for.

The next step in how to rank for your keyword will further help clear many things and help you select the right keyword.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is that step which will help you actually decide which keyword you should target and aim to rank for. You might have a keyword or term already in your mind. But to actually make it rank you need to know if it is the right keyword that you are targeting.

You now already know few important things about your website. To make a keyword rank it is better if it is in line with the focus of your website.

The second thing to know and which is achieved with a proper keyword research is to find the right keyword. You have a term or subject in your mind. But do you know which particular keyword will be best for that type of content and focus?

For this you need to do a thorough keyword research.

What other important insights a keyword research can give you is help you find a keyword which you can target depending upon the authority of your website and the level of competition.

You will also be able to know the number of traffic your selected keyword will bring. And also if you can select another keyword which either could bring more traffic or a more relevant traffic, or can be easier to rank for.

After going through this research, now you can purposely and specifically select your keyword to rank for.

Let me tell you if you have selected the right keyword, considering the intent, your own website’s authority and the competition then you have already done half of the tasks you need to make your site rank for a keyword.

If you have done this properly then the later things become much easier.

Decide the position of that keyword (page) on your site

Now you have selected your keyword and also have decided the focus and you also know what you want from it. This means that it is also clear the type of page your keyword will represent i.e. whether it will be a product page or a blog post.

Now decide the position of that page. What this means is where in the hierarchy of your site structure will the page be positioned. It also decides how deep it will be in the structure of your site.

It will primarily depend upon the hierarchy or the structure your site is following. For example, blogs publish their posts in two ways.

One is to have a folder named blog or blogs and publish all the posts within it. This way the page would be two levels below the home page.


The other way is to publish the pages directly one level below the home page.


For other types of pages like product page one can publish these depending upon their site structure or types, levels or range of products.

If a product falls within one type of product then it could be within a folder for the respective category or it could again be directly one level below the index page.

You must have seen category pages or in blogs website a blog page. Having a category or a blogs page does not necessarily mean that you need to create a folder or a level for that category or blogs type. A blog site, just like a products selling site, can have many categories of blogs once it grows old.

Having folder for each category (where each might fall within a main category) could mean having multiple folders.

What this do is make your blog post or product page URL very long with multiple folders.

One thing to note here is ranking difficulty increases slightly as a page is positioned lower and lower down the structure or hierarchy of a website.

So, having a clear hierarchy and structure at the start will help you in the long term when doing SEO.

Write content

Now it is time to get real. It is time to bring all your plans, thoughts into words. Now write your content. If you notice and observe you can now write better content for your keyword. Why is that? Because you have chosen the best keyword to target. Having done a thorough keyword research you can now quickly and clearly think of what you should write.

But do not just rush into writing it. Jot down all the points that come to your mind. Also pen down all the thoughts that come to your mind. You would have also seen the content that is already ranking.

After this just write and create your content. Understand the importance of website content as it your content that will help you rank faster and satisfy your users too.

All you have to do now is give all your points and thoughts a proper structure.

Optimize content and page for that keyword

This is called on page SEO. It is the task of optimizing a page for your keyword. It also means optimizing and further improving your content as the targeted keyword.

We teach many on page techniques in our SEO course to make you an expert in on page SEO so that you can optimize and strengthen your keyword for ranking. But here is one more resource to make you start. Look at what you need to do in on page SEO optimization and also learn few technical optimization techniques.

Build the required links

This is the part where you actually start to make your keyword rank. This is done by building backlinks to the page you have published. Backlinks are very important to make a page rank for a keyword.

So, start building few links to your page. Use the various link building techniques, a mix of few different techniques to build links to your page.

Check your progress and adjust your strategy

Doing the above steps will not always make your keyword rank. It will rank somewhere for sure. But then you need to then improve your keyword ranking in Google. Isn’t it?

So, what you need to do for that?

Keep tracking your keyword ranking. This you can do with Google Search Console. Once you publish a new page, it will take a few days for console to show keywords that your page has started targeting.

If your content and optimization was good then you will see your keyword in console sooner. However, it may take some time depending upon the level & quality of content, optimization and links that you are building.

But when you are constantly tracking your rank then you can judge its progress and take necessary action if needed to further improve your keyword ranking. It is actually always needed.

This is how to rank your keywords in google.

The RIGHT APPROACH that will always help in ranking keywords faster & quicker

Always use these three points as SEO strategies for any and every keyword to make it rank well and fast

  1. Your keyword is your topic
  2. Do not divide one type & topic of content into different pages
  3. Optimize for the main topic (keyword) but also for sub topics

Your keyword is your topic

When you look at your keyword as a topic then you look at it with a better and perspective. Your perspective for that keyword is more complete and wide.

With this you will be able to cover that keyword better and more completely and this will also help you write better content.

This is the best way to make any keyword rank faster.

Do not divide one type & topic of content into different pages

Often many of us do this mistake of dividing one type & topic of content into different pages. What does that mean? This means having many pages which cover the same line of topics or keywords.

When you look at each of these keywords as topics then what you may find is that the keywords which these pages are focusing are not too different from each other.

This can make ranking each or few of those keywords for their respective pages and content little more difficult or slow.

What you can do is look at each of these keywords and look at the respective topics. Then try to combine and organize these topics. Please note here we are just asking you to try to see if you can create a combined bigger topic. We are not yet asking you to either redirect any page to another or delete it.

If you can create a better by combining all or few of these pages then you can take that strategy and redirect the separate pages to a new combined page or to one of the pages which now covers all their content.

Optimize for the main topic (keyword) but also for sub topics

Often we focus only on our main keyword and use it in URL, Title, H1, other headers and in the content AS IT IS. This leads to keyword density. Even if you ignore the density concept, this strategy does not make the content and its focus look natural and very user friendly.

What you need to do instead of that is this.

Optimize for the main topic (keyword) but also for sub topics.

Few sections below we have given examples on how we have used little variations of the main keyword in the Title and H1. So, you can and should always use few variations of your main keyword throughout the content which means the actual content and also covers the headers and Title.

Understand the how to fast rank keywords need

When you say you want to know how to rank a keyword fast then you mean two things, and you may not know it. These are two scenarios or situations or stages where you are looking to rank a keyword fast. These two needs for faster ranking are:

How to rank a keyword fast

How to rank a website for a keyword faster

Before actually starting to make keywords rank faster it is important that we understand that there are two differences (even if slight) when we need and ask for how we can rank a keyword quick.

Once we understand the two different situations then we can use and apply the right strategies or techniques and in the right and best way.

So, let us look at the two want to rank fast needs and scenarios separately.

How to practically rank keywords fast

How to rank a keyword fast

When we say how to rank my keyword fast then what we mean is that you have a keyword and a page and you want to rank that particular keyword for that page faster.

What this primarily means is you want to know how to improve keyword ranking in Google or other search engines.

So, knowing to rank a keyword fast means knowing (and doing) all of the following:

Know how to improve keyword ranking

Know how to improve keyword ranking in Google

How to rank one particular keyword fast

How to rank the existing content fast for the targeted keyword

How to rank my new content fast for its keyword

10 step strategy is the answer to 'How to improve keyword ranking'

Here is what you can do to improve ranking of your main keyword for that content.

  1. Compare it with the ranking content for that keyword
  2. Look at the content gap
  3. Try to find if there is an important part of that topic which are not covering
  4. Add more relevant content
  5. Make your content easy, elaborate, user friendly
  6. Use your keyword in the content more BUT in a natural way and better through keyword variations, related keywords, synonyms
  7. Diversify or focus your anchor text: Use these related keywords as anchor texts in articles of use your main keyword more, whatever is the need
  8. Improve your Title tag to give more, better or wider focus on your main keyword but also at the same time add few other words from related keywords or words about the result, use, benefits etc from the main keyword (topic)
  9. Move your main keywords and variations up front in Title
  10. Combine and use keyword variations in the Title and H1

On Page Optimization Practical Examples to help you rank a page faster for Keywords

This is how we have used on page SEO optimization on three of the pages of our site PurpalynDigital. What these examples primarily show is a way to improve keyword optimization through Title tag and H1 (which is the main header tag).

Looking closely at these three examples and learning from these, you can use these strategies or create your own strategies to better optimize your main keyword for fast ranking. With these type of strategies you can also better optimize your pages for quicker ranking of related keywords at the same time.

Learn SEO page

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How to learn SEO

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SEO Tutorial page

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SEO Tutorial

Few of the other important Keywords Targeted:

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Factors that help in making keywords rank faster

There are few factors that will always help you in ranking your keywords quicker. As we said that it is or should actually be a complete approach. The approach of doing all the things that are needed to rank a keyword fast. It also means knowing what all will help in faster ranking of keywords.

So, what it actually means is that we need to know all the things that we should do will help in faster ranking of keywords.

Being an approach, it all starts from the start.

The first thing you should know are these few facts.

Ranking a keyword faster starts right from the selection of a keyword for targeting and ranking, and even before.

The facts you should always keep in mind when doing SEO and aiming to rank any keyword faster and even otherwise.

The quality, quantity and depth of content a site already has

The keyword you select

The existing competition for that keyword

The existing content already ranking for the keyword

How much keyword research you do: for selecting that keyword and after selecting that keyword

Factors that definitely help in ranking keywords faster

More content

More related keywords used

Content that explains

Content that is very simple to read and understand

Less competitive keywords

How to rank a website faster

By how to rank a website fast we mean is how to rank a website for a keyword on the first page fast. This also means that you are starting from the very start which is keyword research and selection. You have a website that you want to rank on the first page and quick.

This is usually the case with a new website where one often looks to make it rank quicker. What that also means is that you will be starting with finding a keyword for your website to make it rank fast.

What do you do to rank your website quicker?

Now as we said earlier that there is already some time that will go in the process like indexing and then the improvement of ranking, etc. Actually it is a process of search engines.

Yet, you want to rank your website on the first page faster.

The first thing that you have to do is find all possible keywords. Either you have a topic or the keyword you select becomes your topic.

Since you want to rank your website faster to the first page then you need to start with a keyword which is easier to rank. One of the best type of keywords for faster first page rankings are long tail keywords.

Long tail keywords are lengthier keywords that are more specific, are targeted lesser and also have much lower search volume. But they are much more easier to rank than commercial or head keywords.

For your selected keyword find a long tail. What this would mean is that you will be focusing on a sub topic rather than the main topic. Google auto suggestions, Google related searches at the bottom of the search page are perfect place to start.

The steps and approach to make a website rank faster to the first page of Google

Select a less competitive keyword. Long tails are much easier to rank keywords and therefore you can rank long tail keywords much faster

Take the keyword as a topic

Look at the content that is already ranking. Look at how the top ranking websites have covered the topic

Create better content

Go a little deeper on the topic in your content

Create sections and use H2, H3 and other headers if needed

Find all related keywords

Find versions of that keyword

Use related keywords & versions of your keyword in the content

Build few internal links to this topic

Build the basic links

Write few good articles at least 500 words that talk more about what you cover in your blog

One Important BONUS TIP to help you rank content for a keyword & many keywords fast & quick

You have a content, and probably it is not yet ranking top or high for its main keyword or not ranking for many keywords. OR simply you want to rank your content for many more keywords and at the same time want to know how to improve main keyword ranking fast.

Here is one TIP that can help you in ranking a content faster for more keywords.

Is your keyword best one to represent the topic your content and page is focusing on? Because only if it is the best or if not the best then at least one of the more relevant keywords which can fully or at least properly represent that topic.

One way to look at this is to go to search console and in performance section find and select that page and select queries.

Look at how well your particular keyword is ranking or has improved its ranking for that page. Look at number of impressions it is getting. And if it is getting clicks then look at the CTR (click through rate).

All this can give you an idea about how well Google positions that content for that keyword. And also you can see how well your users are responding to the content when they search for that keyword and come to your site.

You can use the On Page SEO optimization examples to better target your keywords. And then as per your observation from the exercise above you can modify or improve your content.

EXERPT TIP: Please do always remember this when looking to rank keywords faster

Avoid compromising quality for quantity in any task of SEO from content, optimization to link building.

Be very (and preferably avoid) changing the complete content of any page. This might completely change the focus & meaning of your page for that targeted keyword. This might also significantly change your existing rankings. Try to avoid this unless you are sure that this new content is better than the pervious one, and more importantly, that this content covers your topic better, more completely and is what you want to tell your users.

The tip or concept above for content also applies to optimization of Title tag and then to H1. Your Title tag is very important to show your keyword & topic focus. Changing it completely while keeping the content same could mean that now you want to target the same content for totally new keywords. This again could destroy or reduce your existing rankings for the keywords that were there in your Title tag. For the new keywords, the process of ranking will be like starting from the beginning. You may rank much higher for your new keywords, provided they match better to your existing content. Even then it may (or will) take some time.