Reasons why website not ranking & Steps how to improve keywords ranking in 2022

Two answers on keyword ranking: Reasons why your website is not ranking; Steps on how to improve keyword search positions.

Why Keywords not ranking and how to improve position on Google

Two questions on keyword rank positions in search engines which we often ask

Why my keywords are not ranking on Google

How to improve ranking of my keywords

You may want to know why your keywords are not ranking well, if they are falling behind. And then you want to learn how to improve their search positions.

When it comes to the search engine rank positions of your keywords you ideally need both answers even if you ask any of the question.

Because, the answer for not ranking helps you find reasons & shortcomings which you need to take care of. And the second part gives you specific action points to boost up rankings of your slow moving keywords.

Let us look at reasons for not ranking & improvement steps to find the answers to both the questions.

Be clear about Keywords not yet ranking on Google

One important fact to remember always.

This is the most important point which you need to remember and which is not exactly a problem but a reason to consider.

This will help you look at the situation more clearly and help you evaluate better, and probably save your time finding reasons.

Keywords take time to rank on Google and other search engines.

Your keywords will take their own time to rank, remember this always.

The more difficult a keyword the more time and effort it needs.

So, if you are wondering and asking why your keywords are still not ranking for a new page or just few days or weeks after you published it then the solution is to do the right linkbuilding and have some patience.

Look at your keyword difficulty level and time which you have given and also the effort you have put in. You will be much closer to your answer, for sure.

What you can also do is learn to rank keywords properly.

For that I have designed this expert and complete SEO training on How to Rank Keywords. You learn the step by step approach to follow and the techniques and methods to make many keywords rank on the first page of Google.

The training I designed covers expert tips on finding easy ranking opportunities and following the smart approach to make every keyword rank faster.

You always need to learn SEO from beginning as properly & thoroughly as you can.

Apart from that, to make your keywords rank faster you need to be some kind of an expert in SEO and rankings. It is very much possible, as I have done it more than once.

There are two things that you can do to make your website rank. Hire best SEO consultants or learn how to do it yourself. Let us help you how to improve your keyword rankings when your website is not ranking for your targeted keywords.

Afterall you know the importance of your website for your business.

There are two more facts which you should know if you are When you are at a beginning stage then you should also know how much time SEO takes to make your keywords rank. Also what you need to understand is how tough SEO is to learn and to do and to make it improve rankings.

If your site or page is new or are facing tough competition then you need to read & follow steps 2 & 3 of keyword rank improvement tips down below.

Coming back to the topic.

Not Ranking reason #1

The numero uno reason preventing your keywords from achieving rankings.

Are you targeting your keywords with enough content?

Yes, this is the first reason that may be behind the below average performance of your keywords.

If you do not cover your keyword well enough how do you tell Google what you want to say or offer or mean for that keyword. And if you cannot tell this properly to Google then how can it rank your content for that keyword?


It is the content that ranks and not the keyword.

And then you need to best optimize that content to make your keywords rank.

Why you need content to improve keyword rankings?

After content your complete website and many other website and SEO factors play very important roles for ranking of every single keyword.

In fact you can look at the whole process of doing SEO for that keyword to figure out why your keyword is not ranking.

And you cannot rule out factors beyond your control which can be partially responsible for the fact that your keyword is still not ranking even though you think you have done all that you think you should do so that your keywords start improving their ranking with SEO.

Not Ranking reason #2

Let us consider one factor or situation what might cause you this not ranking problem.

Before we go into the specific points why your keyword is not ranking and how to up its ranking there is one more important thing you should do.

This is what has actually happened with me a couple of times.

I noticed my site’s clicks and traffic go down continuously for few days. I check Google search console and analytics to keep track of my traffic and rankings.

And my website traffic was declining, but not by such a volume which could alarm me. And it was also not very sudden.

The reason why I am covering this here is that this is a very common thing which can happen to anyone. And it is not your fault entirely.

And the other reason why I am sharing my experience of traffic and rank dropping is to encourage you to start from here whenever you see your keywords dropping their rankings or are not ranking or your website’s traffic and ranking are going down.

I was worried and wondering what did I do wrong. A thought also came to my mind that is my site or page or that particular keyword penalised or anything like that.

But it was nothing like that actually, thank god for that!

I dig a little deeper and saw my particular keywords losing their rankings.

What happens is that you see your organic clicks from that keyword start dropping each day. The impressions of those keywords also start dropping.

As a result your entire site traffic declines. And is that keyword or keywords are few of the highest traffic getting keywords then you can see a major fall in your traffic.

Suddenly, out of nowhere I thought of checking this.

And bam! There was the problem.

My page was de-indexed by Google.

This can happen with anyone and for various reasons.

All you need to do is re-submit the page which is done through re-indexing request.

This can happen for a well ranking page and for a progressing page. The later means your page is slowly building its rankings.

So, it is important to keep check on indexing status and also the errors in search console.

Where to start looking for reasons why keywords not Ranking yet

Now why did I straight away started with content factor and asked if you have enough content?

The answer to this is in the question you had and came here searching for its answer.

You asked why your keyword is not ranking.

You may also have asked why keywords are not ranking for my website.

When you are focused on a single keyword or few keywords then that means we mostly talking about a page and the keywords in that page.

Your website not ranking for keywords

Your page not ranking for keywords

Your keywords not ranking

All these three are different.

The right process to find why keywords not ranking

I strongly advise you to follow a thorough approach or process whenever you need to find reasons why your keywords are not ranking.

This will help you eliminate more blocking factors.

This will clean up and enhance your complete website SEO.

What this will also do is improve SEO performance of your complete website.

You can then reduce the chances of facing this issue again or in the near future.

Why your keyword is not ranking on Google in 2022

When you start looking for reasons why your website is not ranking then you need to start from the very top. This means starting with site level factors.

which will include your entire website, technical factors, search visibility, any penalty or not being properly submitted or indexed by search engines, etc.

Your page or pages not ranking is one level down. Your overall website may be ranking but your few pages or any single page is not ranking. This will also broadly start with site level factors but more focused on those page, page level factors and also looking at related or linked pages.

Your keyword not ranking means any single or few keywords are not ranking. For this you need to look first at the targeting & coverage of that keyword.

The best way to target and cover any keyword is through right and proper content. Your content is all what you need to tell Google, hey I am talking about this here. Please come, see and help me to show it to the right people.

Now we look at how and what all you did or missed in doing SEO for that keyword. This is like going back and through your SEO process to help you boost rank positions of your keywords, which are not yet where you want them to be.

How to improve ranking of keywords by boosting their search performance

What you really want to know is how to get keyword ranking up in Google. So, we give you a list of things to do which will improve your keyword rankings as it will give you insights into why your keyword was not ranking on search engines.

Let us give you specific points to consider to rank your keywords. By taking these actions and following these steps you will be able to improve ranking of your keywords.

10 steps on how to boost Google rankings of your keywords

  1. Keyword Intent
  2. Competition
  3. Authority
  4. Indexing
  5. Page Speed
  6. Mobile
  7. Coverage
  8. Optimization
  9. Links within site
  10. Incoming Links

Step 1: Did you look at the intent of your keyword?

Did you look deeper and properly at your keyword? What is say, what it means, etc. Your SEO keywords are important and you need to treat them properly.

Keyword intent plays an important role. If you get it wrong then the whole game can go wrong.

Your content and optimization will vary according to the intent of that keyword. Intent can lead you to how to cover your keyword.

Intent means what searchers are looking for in that keyword.

Look at your keyword. Is it too general? Does it point to a particular or specific meaning or answer?

Look at the top ranking websites. Find out what are they saying on that keyword.

Did you look at the competition?

You looked at the competing websites which are the top ranking websites for any keyword. This is competitor analysis. But you need to look at them again.

What all type of websites are ranking there for your keyword.

Are they known brands in your industry? Are they high authority websites?

What it means for your keyword if most or all of your competitors are like the above we mentioned?

You need to put in much more effort if you want to rank for that particular keyword. You will need to build your authority, if your website does not has it now. And you will have to wait for more time to see big improvements in your keyword rankings.

What you can now do is either put in the effort and wait patiently.


Try targeting an easier keyword which is a good alternative for your targeted keyword which you want to rank.

Our course teaches you how to find easier keywords & alternative and how to rank.

Does your website has enough authority to rank?

In the previous step you checked the authority of your competitor websites and in that process you reviewed your own site authority too.

If your website has low authority then that means your ranking power is low.

You cannot rank for many keywords and not certainly for the difficult ones. You will be facing ranking problems more often.

So, what you need to do is build your site authority.

Build links, better links and more links.

In fact this is the first step of doing SEO for any website and this is what every good SEO consultant will do an suggest.

Did you check indexing status?

We mentioned this step before. This is a small step but very important.

You may be looking for reasons everywhere while the problem may be that your site or page is not indexed properly, there are few errors or your page has been de-indexed which is not something to worry too much.

Re-submit your page through request indexing in search console.

Is your page slow to load?

This is a factor which may play a spoilsport. This can even affect the already ranking pages and bring down their performance.

Did you look at mobile friendliness of your page?

Your page will not get indexed properly or not get indexed at all if it is not mobile friendly.

Google has long fully shifted to mobile indexing first.

Did you look at your content & coverage?

I can keep on and on and on saying content is the most important part of SEO and the single biggest factor to improve rankings of your keywords.

Low quality and quantity of content can therefore be the most important reason for your keywords not ranking well or are not on the first or second page yet.

We often fail to consider this or look at our content.

Searchers are looking for content and search engines also look at it to rank your keywords.

Even before ranking, your content only tells what you are covering & saying and how well & how enough you tell, explain and cover your keyword.

Improve your content, both in quality and quantity.

Do not forget to use images, videos or even infographics.

Did you look at your on page optimization?

On page optimization is the smart way to help your keywords improve their rankings.

You cannot optimize your keywords well enough without content, still on page is very important.

Your on page optimization depends on your keyword. If it is a head keyword then you need to optimize it properly in your URL, Title and H1.

If it is your body keyword then you need to mention it through other header tags and also in your content.

You can also use alt tags for better keyword optimization.

Is your page well connected internally?

A page that left alone on your website will find it very hard to rank for its keywords. Search engines will think it is a less important page or a forgotten one.

Internal Linking!

If you want to improve rankings of your target keywords and to boost up many keyword rankings then link that particular page from other pages, preferably those which are ranking or performing better.

Are you building links to the page?

You cannot take your keywords ranking higher without building links to the page.

We mentioned link building need to build website authority.

You also need to build links properly to the page that you want to rank.

This is what we teach in the link building strategy of our training.


Knowing the reasons why keyword is not yet ranking is as important as learning the steps to improve keyword's ranking and search engine positioning & performance. And since now you know both you can now improve search engine performance of your complete website to get better search performance, rankings, clicks & traffic.