How to rank your keywords in google with SEO

How to Rank with SEO

Two most important questions which beginners as well as professionals ask.

Two most important skills one needs to learn & master in SEO.

  • Rank your website for many keywords
  • What are the steps to reach #1 Google Ranking

This is what you need to know and this is how you can learn how to rank websites and keywords with SEO.

Ranking on Google and ranking on the first page is not so much about any special technique or trick. What I learned is that How to Rank #1 is an approach. And you will do well if you use or design strategies to rank. I designed the complete SEO Training 2021 masterclass which teaches just that, how to rank keywords with right approach. Also learn the strategies that I used to boost keyword rankings on Google in 2021 & beyond.

Hi. I am Kshitij Thakur and also one of the expert SEO consultants in India who designed this advanced, expert & complete HOW TO RANK SEO Course Syllabus.

I have RANKING THOUSANDS OF KEYWORDS ON FIRST PAGE OF GOOGLE and this is how I learned that to rank keywords you need better understanding SEO nad its techniques and then you can use the the techniques with strategy and with the right approach. KEYWORDS DO NOT RANK automatically and not even by doing SEO.

Here you will get the overview of how my training teaches to rank and how to look at and learn SEO the right way.

This you can apply if you already know and are doing SEO.

Key SEO Learnings & mastery goals of the course training

  • Complete SEO learning, command & expertise
  • Do better SEO optimization of websites
  • Add value to website with optimization and content
  • See the importance of keywords & build focus & mastery in keyword research
  • Build skills to find, target & rank more keywords

This is how to learn & do SEO step by Step to Rank

A beginner starts from zero and when they want to learn SEO fast from scratch and to learn how to rank using search engine optimization and its techniques then this is how one should go about. This is what all to learn. This is how to do SEO step by step.

SEO basics, understanding & How to start

This module is about two aspects. One is to properly understand SEO and all the factors related to it and which impact & affect how we do it. You cannot fully learn how to do SEO without first properly understanding it. This module covers what is SEO, search engines, algorithms.

The second part of the first module is how to start SEO. The right way to start SEO is very important. This is the base of all your future efforts and strategies. Here we teach steps to start and what you need to start.

The most important learning here is how to open Google accounts, set up your SEO and how to properly submit your website to Google search engine.

Fundamentals of Ranking

Before you learn how to rank you need to understand what ranks. You need a proper understanding, learning and training on how to build the right base to rank your website on Google first page.

This is also what most SEO learners as well as professionals do not pay proper attention.

Another very important thing. This training is about how to rank and how to get more rankings on Google. For this reason, this module of our SEO training is the most important and is the foundation.

If you do this part thoroughly and properly then not only you get many rankings you can rank your keywords faster on Google.

There are two fundamentals of rankings.

KEYWORDS is the first one. The important thing to learn, master & practice here is how to find the right keywords; how to find & target more keywords; how to give meaning & build strong base with keywords; and how to find easier to rank keywords.

CONTENT is the second important fundamental of ranking. You need content for your keywords. But how much content you need, how do you know your content is better for ranking, and what to write and how to write content.

Ranking support system

There are SEO fundamental techniques which act as the right support system for helping in and making websites rank higher on search engines.

On Page SEO training is the first and the most important SEO task which supports and boosts the ranking of your keywords. It is very important to master onpage optimization. For this we provide practical training with screenshots of live SERP results and examples to learn to do onpage SEO in the best possible way.

Technical SEO is another important step to help you rank higher and faster.

Advanced SEO Training

This is the advanced module of our SEO course training and syllabus. This module takes you ahead of the beginners, the early level & junior SEO and even many professionals.

This makes you a complete professional who can do complete SEO for a website from auditing to ranking.

You learn advanced concepts and insights into the world & profession of search engine optimization.

This module best prepares you to handle many types of clients and do Full SEO on your own. You learn Mobile SEO optimization, Local SEO for location based businesses and websites.

You learn how to audit and how to track & monitor your progress and reporting.

You go advanced in technical SEO and learn using htaccess file and completely & best handle 404 errors.

The other advanced focus of this module is KEYWORDS. When you understand & learn about how to find and use singular, plural, long tails and LSI keywords then you learn the first important step on how to make your keywords rank in Google.

How to rank & improve rankings

This is the best module which actually helps you become an expert in SEO and how to rank websites on Google first page.

This is where we also re-learn and re-cap all that we have covered in the course so far.

Here you learn how to find easy keywords. You get the training on how to spot easy ranking opportunities and how to judge the keyword ranking difficulty levels.

Link building strategy to ultimately push for rankings

Linkbuilding is one of the most important part of search engine optimization. Links or link building process is that step that will actually take your website to its goal which is ranking.

You need to build links to your website to increase its authority and popularity on search engines so that your website starts ranking for the targeted keywords. These links are called backlinks and are very important factor for ranking of any website.

This section of our SEO Training Course will introduce you to off page SEO and linkbuilding. You will learn about the various techniques you can use to get backlinks for any website that you want to do SEO. You will know about the types of websites from where you can get backlinks for your website.

This course will give you training on how to start building backlinks for a new website.

The first part is how to find link building websites which actually in real life are linking to websites like yours.

The second part is the strategy on how to start link building and how to build links to increase your website authority (DA) and help your website rank higher for its targeted keywords.

Analytics, Monitoring & Reporting SEO performance & rankings

You are doing everything you need to do in SEO for a website and you are doing it in the right way too. But then what are the results? Is what all you are doing making a difference and making a website grow its traffic and improve rankings?

All this you know when you learn how to monitor your SEO work and progress. You get training on what metrics or factors you need to track and monitor. What these factors or parameters mean and say.

You also learn to do reporting. Your client also needs to know what you are doing for them and how their websites are growing. Reporting is that tool which is important in SEO and helps you communicate SEO work and its progress to your client.