SEO Expertise & Proven Rankings of Kshitij Thakur

Who Am I !?

Hi. My name is Kshitij Thakur.

I founded Purpalyn, build all the content you will find here.

After having learned & done few things (resulting in hundreds of first page rankings & thousands of monthly traffic) I decided to provide SEO training online.

I designed this advanced, BEST & complete SEO course with professional advanced training which teaches you advanced techniques & tools with practical examples. Learn more than 150 SEO techniques and the best part is the 3 phase SEO link building strategy which no other course teaches you. With this course you can take this website designing training online absolutely free.

I also founded the online Purpalyn Institute for advanced SEO Training in Delhi (Dwarka).

Let us know more about me here.

Creating Value with SEO

It is now more than 4 years. And along with his experience and expertise, this website and its content also grew.

Growth in numbers is never beneficial or meaningful unless it adds some value. That is what he believes in and that is why it took those many years.

Writing or building up a new blog site is not that difficult, and never that long or lengthy in terms or time taken.

If you can write then you can build a blog in few months’ time. Hire content writers and they will do it even faster. Go to any SEO services agency and they will promise you rankings for your blog and start building links.

But, where is the value !?

Kshitij wrote a new blog here only when he believed that it will create value. He wrote blogs only after thorough research, only after he knew he would create content that will be provide value to readers.

Perhaps this is the reason why he gets to rank blogs for hundreds and thousands of keywords, without building too many backlinks and without those “get backlinks from HIGH DA websites”.

So, this website is open for all learners and people who are interested in knowing more about search engine optimization.

Start to my SEO learning Journey

Since about 2012-13 I started my journey into website designing, search engines optimization. This journey made me learn much about SEO and helped me reach an expertise level. I further moved on to learning social media and doing digital marketing. Yet my focus and expertise remained SEO.

I worked in market research and information industry for 12 plus years before jumping into SEO and digital marketing. To some extent my industry research skills and interest helped me in SEO. Due to that skill of going deeply into any new industry, studying it to make a report and writing the reports helped me in writing better content.

Content is the most important part of SEO. If you can write topic specific content for any keyword which is deep and also covers that keyword as a topic wide enough then you have a much better chance at making that keyword rank higher. In fact, it helps you rank keywords faster.

How I learned SEO

I did not intentionally get into this search engines optimization profession and this industry or market. I started with learning and designing my own information website.

After this, I wanted to make it reach to its targeted audience. Which is very obvious and is something every website or blog owner or business owner wants to achieve. I used facebook to reach to my connections and friends. But that was limited.

I was not getting any traffic. I was clueless to be frank.

I searched the Internet, used Google.

Then I came to know that there is a technique called SEO.

I explored it and read more into what is SEO and how it works.

Basically I wanted to know how can SEO help in getting traffic to my website.

And I found out that this is exactly what SEO does. Help a website owner get free organic search traffic to their websites.

And with SEO one can grow their traffic as much as they want.

That website of mine is market-width and has been getting thousands of monthly traffic only with the help of SEO.

I made one of the blogs about Importance of Tourism industry for that website rank for hundreds of keywords. My main keyword focus and topic was Importance of Tourism or Importance of Tourism industry.

This motivated me to design the SEO course and help beginners learn search engine optimization. I want every beginner to learn SEO by heart and explore it fully and excel into it.

SEO gives you an excellent growth career opportunity. It is also a brilliant technique to grow organic search traffic to any website to as much as you want.

SEO Consultancy

If you are an organization, own a website, a blogger and are looking for the best SEO consultant with RANKINGS & TRAFFIC expertise for your website marketing and business or website growth, then drop in a few lines to help me understand your need.

Reach me

Email: kshitijt [at] purpalyndigital [dot] com

Yearning to be different may not always yield benefits and make you stand out. You have to think and ask yourself, "Whether by being different, am I any better than the rest?" And before being different and better, one needs to be worthy and competitive.

Cheers to Learning and Growing!!!

Kshitij Thakur