SEO Career Opportunities - SEO Job Types & Options

Chapter 2:

This chapter on SEO covers the career options and opportunities for candidates. Before learning SEO, you need to know and understand how will you use your SEO skills acquired through this tutorial. It tells you how you can start a career in SEO and the type of SEO jobs you can have. Also, it points out the necessary skills you need to be successful in SEO career.

This is what you will learning in this chapter:

1. Why learn SEO

2. SEO Career advantages

3. SEO Career options

SEO Career Opportunities - SEO Job Types & Options

Why learn SEO

A career in SEO can be very well rewarded and satisfying. SEO offers many career opportunities. It is also your best way to enter into the digital marketing world. This is because SEO as a professional field or career opportunity has now spread well beyond just doing typical SEO jobs like link building, SEO copywriting or doing technical part, optimization or localization of websites, etc.

SEO is now a complete marketing tool involving strategies to increase the visibility of websites and make websites reach its target audience. It now involves much greater use of content marketing, social media, relationship management, etc.

Of course one still needs to all the basic things in search engine optimization some of which we mentioned above. They are very much needed and are the base of all kinds of search optimization campaigns whether it is for a local business, blog website, a national level business or for a website that needs to target global audiences or audience in different countries.

No matter what the scale and scope of an SEO campaign is, it still starts with keyword research, optimization and then going to off page activities which can be scaled up to include all the other digital marketing channels we mentioned.

SEO is still SEO, but also a lot more.

When you gain more understanding, awareness, knowledge, skills and experience in the SEO field then you also develop the understanding of how these other channels can be incorporated or used to scale up, advance and enhance your SEO.

You also need to develop a broader understanding of SEO and also a keen interest towards how to use these channels and how to advance your SEO to the next level. This is also when you excel your SEO career and expertise and start moving up to the next levels into managing and devising SEO based and marketing oriented strategies.

So, when you decide to enter the SEO profession, you need to know what all career options you can have. How you can start a career in this field after learning SEO.

SEO Career advantages

  • High growth in SEO Industry
  • High demand skill in digital marketing
  • Growth in search
  • Growth in SEO demand with increasing Internet usage and increase in number of websites
  • Best way to start learning about digital marketing
  • Good pay
  • High growth opportunities
  • Range of career and working options
  • Wide range of SEO jobs

SEO Career options

There are basically two ways in which you can start your career. One is taking up a job in this field. This is a great way to practically apply all that you have learned. You also get to learn how SEO works in the real world. You can learn more from your colleagues and seniors. As you learn you grow your career.

Second option is to start your own work. This is little risky option at the start of your career when you have just learned the theoretical part. SEO in real world involves lot many other things. To be some sort of expert one needs some experience. Starting your own work also means that you are completely on your own unless you build a team.

There is a third unique way which we would like to suggest to all SEO candidates. This is how I started out and build my skills, expertise in this field and also moved on to other related channels which I mentioned.

You can learn the basics of HTML and build a website of your own. Then start doing SEO for this website just like you would do for a client if you were in a job. Practice everything with this website and try to rank it for its selected keywords.

This way you will learn more and will gain practical experience too.

Now let us take a look at the career options you can have in SEO.

Below are the ways in which one can start his or her career in search engine optimization.

1. In house SEO job

An in house SEO job means that you will be part of an in house search engine optimization team. This team looks after all the tasks related to search optimization of the company that hired this team.

Here you would typically be working on a single website. You might be assigned one task of SEO and later you can move to other areas or add more tasks in your job.

2. Agency SEO job

An agency job could be totally different from an in house job. Any agency typically works for various clients. They also do all different types of work for them. Also the agency could only be focusing on SEO or could be a digital marketing agency where you would be hired in the SEO team.

The advantage here is that you can learn much more. First thing is that you might be working for different clients. This means doing the same tasks for different websites or even doing different tasks for different websites. This all will depend upon how good your knowledge is.

This gives a good exposure to a candidate. But this also could be little hectic with more deadlines. But you learn more.

The other advantage is that if you in a digital marketing agency then you learn about other channels too. There also a big chance that social media or content team members would interact with you and ask you to do things. This will help you understand how all these channels are inter-related and work together for a website's complete marketing.

3. Freelance SEO

Freelancing means that once you believe that you have acquire the necessary skills and expertise in SEO, you start taking up projects by approaching companies. It is just like working in a job with the difference that you will be doing most or all of the work.

Freelancers often also build and work in small teams of other freelancers or even hire employees when they grow.

4. SEO Agency or company

This is the step people usually take when they have gained enough experience. This also requires higher and deeper understanding of how the whole SEO process works from start to finish and what all is included.

This stage is not that much about SEO skills but more about managerial skills and entrepreneurial abilities. This also requires funds or investments. Although, agencies often start with small teams and so relatively small investment.

However, once you start it takes time to build and take your agency to a certain comfortable level.

Whether one works as a freelance or starts an agency, it is always beneficial to have your own website which is ranking for its keywords and has good search presence.

This not only will bring customers for you but also showcase your SEO abilities and help in brand building.