Expert SEO Training for beginners on How to Rank on Google

Beginner to Advanced SEO Course Google

The Expert Advanced Google SEO Course for beginners to learn search engine optimization complete FROM fundamentals, techniques, keywords, optimization TO how to do it practically, how to rank keywords, and strategies. This Step by Step training is based on expertise & experience to help you become Ranking Expert in 2021.

The SEO course Google that is best for (and learned by) job seekers, bloggers, content writers, web designers, business owners and digital marketing professionals.

This course is about the expert training for beginners to rank keywords on Google, with link building strategy.

How to rank keywords

How to build links

This is the best SEO training course in India because it’s content is designed and based on years of experience and achievement in search engine optimization and rankings.

The SEO course syllabus is especially made very simple to learn and understand.

The syllabus of this course is based on my learning & experience and covers content & details on how to learn, use and approach SEO and its techniques to help your websites and its keywords rank on Google.

Expert SEO Training on Google ranking 2020-2021

I am Kshitij Thakur your training instructor and an expert SEO consultant in Delhi India who designed this advanced, expert & complete HOW TO RANK SEO Course Syllabus.

I gained expertise in SEO by RANKING THOUSANDS OF KEYWORDS ON FIRST PAGE OF GOOGLE. This way learned how to make keywords rank. KEYWORDS DO NOT RANK automatically and not even by doing SEO.

You need the right approach, focus and steps to make them rank. This is what this expert Google training is about.

I will teach you the right approach to rank keywords which includes SEO training on how to find & optimize more keywords, the easy keywords to rank, how to make main keyword rank and how to rank for many more keywords.

This training program also covers exhaustive & expert on page optimization with practical examples, thorough technical SEO and most detailed keyword research syllabus with insights into types of keywords.

The one most important SEO technique is link building. This course has the best training on link building. You learn the strategy which you must follow to build authority to your website and to also rank your keywords with backlinks.

How to Rank on Google training in SEO

How to practically follow the most important on page techniques

How to write better content

How to build links with a strategy

How to SEO step by step for a new website

How to rank keywords on Google first page, step by step

SEO Training reviews

Our training course was reviewed and appreciated by these digital marketing industry experts & marketing professionals. That is all this course needed, really. This really shows the usefulness and value of our course content for beginners and also for professionals.

Expert Reviews, Ratings of Purpalyn SEO training

Anil Kamble, Digital marketer, The Pure SEO, Airoli, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

I am an SEO expert in Mumbai and have been doing this work for 11+ years. Ranked many projects keywords and sites in Google local and Google International.

I have gone through your course "SEO for beginners" and this training is useful for many newcomers as well as experienced people.

You can learn something new every time you read book. It covers simple and unique techniques to help a great deal in understand SEO.

And it is in very simple language which makes it much easier to learn everything this course teaches. Also I am looking forward to many more advance courses in SEO from you.

One area of SEO, in particular, where this course helped me is understand keywords research and its value & importance, and how much you can do & achieve with keywords in SEO. It motivated me to work more on keywords and improve my SEO.

Mahira Singh Raizada, Digital Marketing Trainee, Delhi, India

You have tried hard enough & best to explain even the little details. This shows your in depth knowledge about your subject and sincerity towards training.

Best wishes!

Ankit Jha, Former Corporate Marketing Head from Ghaziabad, Delhi NCR, India

The PDF course is written in simple language and starts from the very basics so that's good for every beginner.

Young John, SEO beginner from Oxford Student, California (US)

Rated the course 4.5 on a scale of 1 to 5. She said the course really helped her learn & understand how to do SEO.

SEO beginner Sankara Narayanan, M.Tech (IT), Bank of America, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

He said the course was very useful for him in learning & understanding search engine optimization.

Mario Lewis

Rated the course 4 on a scale of 1 to 5. The course material is easy and understandable for beginners.

Complete & Best SEO training for beginners

I had just one goal while creating this SEO training. To make it as simple as possible to understand. To put what I learned, my expertise & experience in SEO & ranking in this course in simple, easy & practical way.

This is because I realize that it is the syllabus of a course which makes it best. And then how easy and effective it is to learn from that course.

For this my only objective is to present my SEO expertise in simple language in this training.

This helps me make it Complete & Best SEO training for beginners.

Beginner to how to rank Expertise learning journey in Complete SEO Training

This course is for beginners and teaches advanced and expert level search engine optimization.

This is the complete and best training for beginners in SEO with expert course syllabus to help you master how to rank keywords #1 on Google.

I began my learning journey as a complete beginner with no knowledge of what is SEO. I moved up step by step learning many things. All that helped me rank all those keywords.

And I learned few expert level things in SEO about how to rank keywords. I designed this SEO training course on what I learned about ranking keywords.

I have ranked thousands of keywords on Google first page. I ranked those many keywords on top on Google with #1 ranking and more rankings in the first 3 or 5 positions. This is what my SEO expertise are. This also involves writing better content which I cover in the course as a chapter.

FULL EXPERT SEO MASTER Course in optimization, backlink & rankings


Understand SEO

Before doing SEO you need to understand it. SEO has two sides to it, the two key platforms, also the demand & supply. Understand the website & search engines & the important factors.

Your platform for SEO

What you do SEO on and for whom? Before you began you should understand properly the platform for doing SEO. It is the website. Understand the factors & learn to make SEO friendly website.

Indexing your website

The first step to do SEO is to know how to start it and then let Google know all your pages and your website. Know the 7 things you need to start. Learn the ways how to do that completely.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is very important but often ignored. Incomplete technical optimization may harm your SEO results and rankings. Learn to make a website complete compatible for search & search engines.

Keyword Research

Right keywords give you first page rankings & traffic and this comes only from complete keyword research. Learn find best keywords with 21 tools and how to select best keywords for rankings.

On Page SEO

A complete and best on page SEO optimization can help you gain several search engine ranking positions and give advantage over even stronger websites. Learn the best on page techniques.

Off Page SEO

Off page is not just linkbuilding, it is more than that. Learn off page and linkbuilding completely. Learn what are backlinks and what is linkbuilding. Learn best off page and linkbuilding techniques.

Mobile SEO

Do you know that search users and Google, both prefer Mobile viewing? With more & more people searching on mobiles your website needs to be Mobile optimized. Learn all about how to do Mobile SEO.

Local SEO

Learning SEO is incomplete without fully understanding local SEO. And local SEO is much more than just the techniques. Learn FULL local SEO - local search & results; local keywords, optimization & ranking.

Link Building Strategy [Be an expert]

Learning to build links is needed. But how to build links? What is the best way? Learn the link building strategy that has worked & is simple & best.

SEO Monitoring & Reporting

How do you know how well your SEO is working, and know your rankings? How do you tell your clients their progress? Learn how & from where to get all the DATA about your SEO progress.

How to Rank [Master SEO]

This is where we give training on the complete process of doing SEO in a better & result oriented way. Here you learn all which helps you to rank websites on first page.

The step by step advanced website SEO course for beginners, bloggers, business owners to learn ranking on Google

This is the BEST SEO training in India to teach you how to make websites RANK on GOOGLE for MANY KEYWORDS.




Go beyond SEO in learning

Doing SEO is never a totally separate field of expertise. When you start doing SEO practically and gain some experience and advance to the next level of expertise then you realise this.

You need to understand a website structure as website is the platform for doing SEO.

FREE website designing course

So, this Best SEO course from the expert Institute in India gives you basic level understanding of web designing and website structure. Get this website designing training online absolutely free.

Best SEO training program online for Website designers

Website designers can related better with this course on SEO and learn. Someone who already know website designing & HTML codes will learn technical & on page techniques much more easily. SEO starts with website and for this reason too we provide a free web designing course.

This is your top website SEO training program online.

BEST Beginners SEO course at very affordable inaugural fees. INR 8,999 ONLY.


Complete SEO Course for beginners

This is the complete beginners to advanced SEO course for beginners where you learn fundamentals, techniques, in depth & advanced techniques & methods, and tools & resources to become a complete professional.

What makes this training complete in SEO is that it covers much more than other courses in SEO.

It starts with website understanding & designing (with free designing course) and goes all the way to link building strategy, how to rank keywords and how to do SEO tracking & monitoring.

It covers keyword research, on page, technical or on site and off page & link building fully & deeply. And it also covers two very important aspects of doing SEO which are local SEO and Mobile SEO.

This is the complete SEO training every beginner needs.

How you learn SEO with this complete training

  • Complete SEO understanding with basics, fundamentals & techniques
  • How to find more & better keywords to rank
  • How to optimize content
  • Local & Mobile SEO
  • Advanced Techniques in SEO
  • SEO Audit, Analytics, Monitoring & Reporting
  • Strategy on how to start building links for a new website
  • Detailed, easy and step by step how to start SEO for a new website
  • How to Rank with SEO
  • FREE Website designing course
  • FREE Website Template with HTML & CSS files, images

Real life and practical examples (with screenshots)

The first thing you need to start your career is to learn search engine optimization. You get better jobs and career growth when you learn complete and in depth.

The second thing you learn is how SEO works in real life. This only comes after you start working.

But with Purpalyn SEO Training Institute you learn how SEO works with the course itself. This best SEO course helps you know and learn real life aspects of doing search engine optimization with real life examples and screenshots.

BEST SEO Course for all learners 2020 & 2021 and how

Best SEO course for beginners

This is the best training program for beginners. This is a complete beginner to advanced SEO training to help search & ranking newcomers reach expert level with advanced techniques & insights.

Beginners to advanced SEO

Full professional course

Practical learning approach

Learn how to use SEO

Learn how SEO works

Learn the important techniques

Learn how to build links with link building strategy

Become a professional in SEO fast

Prepare for digital marketing career with website designing

Best SEO course for startup and business bloggers

Learn to rank content

Bloggers are good at writing content & creating blogs. And when they learn how to make it search friendly and match it to many search queries then they will learn how to rank much faster.

This becomes even more important for startup bloggers and business bloggers, as they blog for specific purposes.

Simple learning approach

Learn easy, fast and apply it

Learn how to write & optimize content for blogs and rankings

Learn how to use advanced techniques

Learn to make content search friendly

Improve search & user value of your blog

Rank your content and blogs on Google

Best SEO course for business owners

Learn SEO marketing for your business

What business owners want? Marketing and sales. SEO is one best way of marketing. Learning it means you learn to present your business to an audience which is ready to take action and is already searching for products or services you provide.

One of our learners is an entrepreneur and a dentist who is interested to learn SEO for his business and apply it.

Understand what is SEO and how it works

Get your business best search visibility

Learn website designing to create a website for your business

Learn the techniques to start doing SEO for your business website

Learn how to write content for your pages like product page and blogs

Learn how to build links to your home page, product page, blogs

Learn how to make web pages and their keywords rank

A comprehensive and ready reference for life time

Know all about SEO and how to do it right to build your own SEO in house team & guide them too or to know & understand what your SEO agency is doing

Get full control of how to build search engine visibility of your business website and grow your business with organic traffic

The content of this course on SEO is so simple to understand for beginners that it can be the best training for middle aged or mid career professionals looking for career change.

One of our learners lost his job as a Medical transcription executive in healthcare BPO. We hope this course can help him get a job or freelancing work.

And if you love reading E-books then you will surely love the content of this PDF SEO course.

Complete beginner to advanced SEO syllabus

Practical Beginners SEO

  • Chapter 1 What is SEO
  • Chapter 2 Why learn SEO
  • Chapter 3 SEO Career options and best way to start your Career
  • Chapter 4 What are Search Engines and how they work
  • Chapter 5 Major Google Algorithms
  • Chapter 6 Understand Website for SEO purpose
  • Chapter 7 SEO Friendly website
  • Chapter 8 How to start SEO
  • Chapter 9 Google Accounts Set Up
  • Chapter 10 About submitting site to search engines
  • Chapter 11 Hosting & SEO
  • Chapter 12 Add site to search console
  • Chapter 13 Basic Technical SEO aspects of website
  • Chapter 14 GA account & tracking code
  • Chapter 15 Submit new site to search engines
  • Chapter 16 How to create & submit sitemap
  • Chapter 17 Create & Submit robots file
  • Chapter 18 Submit URLs to search engines

Professional SEO learning

  • Chapter 19 Know Keywords
  • Chapter 20 11 Types of Keywords
  • Chapter 21 Keyword Research
  • Chapter 22 21 Keyword Research Tools
  • Chapter 23 Technical SEO Techniques
  • Chapter 24 How to do On Page SEO
  • Chapter 25 What are Backlinks
  • Chapter 26 What is Link building
  • Chapter 27 Off Page and its Techniques
  • Chapter 28 Link Building Techniques

Advanced SEO concepts & techniques

  • Chapter 29 Google Algorithms as rule book of ranking system
  • Chapter 30 5 ways to get pages ranked without indexing
  • Chapter 31 How to do SEO Audit
  • Chapter 32 More Advanced Technical SEO Techniques
  • Chapter 33 How to use htaccess file for technical SEO
  • Chapter 34 How to create & use 404 pages
  • Chapter 35 Understanding Singular & Plural Keywords
  • Chapter 36 Long Tail Keywords and their importance
  • Chapter 37 LSI Keywords
  • Chapter 38 Mobile SEO
  • Chapter 39 Local SEO and How to optimize and rank
  • Chapter 40 SEO Analytics, Monitoring & Reporting

Expert SEO Training on How to Rank in Google

  • Chapter 41 The 3 key On Page SEO Techniques
  • Chapter 42 How to optimize content
  • Chapter 43 Link Building Strategy
  • Chapter 44 How to do SEO step by step for a new website
  • Chapter 45 How to Rank in Google STEPS & PROCESS

Get this advanced SEO training from Purpalyn today

Learn best and expert SEO from my experience. What this training will give you is deeper and complete learning & understanding of search engine optimization. And with specific modules about keywords ranking, how to do SEO and link building you can reach an expert level in SEO much faster and have a wonderful career growth.

Get this BEST & EXPERT SEO training ONLY for INR 8,999!

If you have questions about SEO COURSE then we have few answers for you, read on.

Questions people ask about learning SEO course

What is SEO course?

The answer to what is SEO course has and means two things. One, the course is created to help students learn SEO properly and completely.

Two, a course should be like a training on SEO and how to do it, whether online or classroom, and not just teach theory about what is SEO and what it includes.

This course provides you the best SEO training on how to rank on Google, which every learner wants to learn and achieve.

SEO course is as good as its syllabus. To find your best course you need to look at the best SEO syllabus from an institute or expert.

SEO course syllabus is what the course covers through relevant topics which build the modules and chapters of that course. This is the content of every course. Therefore the course actually is the SEO syllabus, this is what it teaches.

Advanced SEO course will have advanced syllabus. A professional one will have professional level learning syllabus. A practical course will have syllabus which cover practical ways of teaching. A beginners course covers beginner level chapters.

Similarly, a complete beginner to advanced SEO course will have a syllabus that will cover much more topics and chapters in SEO to help a beginner learn search engine optimization from a beginner level to the advanced level. This is why it is called complete beginner to advanced course to learn search engine optimization.

Look at the syllabus of our course to learn how we teach you step by step how to rank on Google.

SEO course is the best training to learn all about SEO from what it is, how it works, its concepts, techniques to how to use techniques and how to do SEO. It is a professional way of learning search engine optimization.

There are many ways in which one can learn SEO. Learning it with an online course, learning it by reading blogs and resources, learning it on the job.

A course provides a complete training to learn SEO from one single resource. You can learn it faster as the best & advanced courses cover all that a beginner needs to be a professional and start doing SEO.

What is the best SEO course?

An SEO course can be best in many ways. The best SEO training can be the one that is advanced and complete in teaching. If it covers more from basics & fundamentals to advanced learning.

A course can be best also if it makes it easier to learn with the language and the way it teaches.

A course which is professional and teaches in a more practical way with live examples or with training that teaches how SEO and its techniques work in real life. In that way the best SEO training is the one that gives how to effectively do search engine optimization by teaching you how each technique works and how best to do it

So, considering all these the answer to the question which is the best SEO course or training is this.

The best search engine optimization training one can get from a course that is complete from beginners to advanced, is professional in teaching, is easy to learn, gives you practical tips or examples on techniques, teaches from experience and more importantly guides you on how to do SEO and how to make websites rank.

Is SEO easy to learn?

Yes, SEO is quite easy to learn. If you understand what is SEO, why we do it, what are the steps, and how to do each step then it becomes much easier for you to learn it professionally.

SEO is a process that is done step by step. And one should learn it like that only.

A course therefore should start with helping you understand SEO then teaching you basics & fundamentals, going on to the techniques, why we use these, their roles and how to do it. Once you make a beginner learn and understand all this then the training should move to how to do these techniques and the advanced level.

This helps a beginner learn SEO much easily from a training.

Does SEO requires coding?

No. SEO does not require coding or to learn how to code. But is surely helps if one can learn basic website designing and its codes. However, it is not at all required, please keep in mind.

When we do optimization or on page SEO then we use the HTML codes to insert keywords. This is not difficult and once we start we learn about them. Still we do not need to write any codes or any lengthy codes as it is done when you learn programming or software development or even website designing.

To make it easier for our learners, we provide website designing course with this SEO training. With this you can learn how to design websites using HTML and CSS. These are very simple codes, again, as compared to programming codes.

Even if you do not want to go into web designing, this web design training can be a helpful ready reference or resource for life time.

Is SEO worth learning?

Yes, SEO is very much worthy of learning. It is a great career choice. SEO is one the most important digital marketing techniques or channels.

Businesses, bloggers, website owners all use search engine optimization to build search engine visibility of their websites and to increase the visibility with rankings.

This is how a website gets free organic traffic from search engines.

SEO is a growing career and field and is in great demand and will always be.

After learning how to do SEO, one can build a career in this field. They can even move on to learning complete digital marketing. And learning SEO helps a lot when you want to learn complete digital marketing.

Is SEO Dead 2020?

NO. It is not and it will never be. If there are search engines then there will be SEO. This is because search engine optimization is the only way to get free organic search traffic.

And people have been using search engines and have been searching there for lot many things including information and products & services.

SEO is optimizing a website and making it appear more relevant and authoritative for a niche or industry and for the targeted keywords. It is optimizing the way search engines believes websites and content should be served to the users who are searching for it.

So, it cannot be dead. It just keep evolving as the search engines refine and develop.

Is SEO a skill?

Yes, SEO is a skill. It is also a practice. It is a very particular type of skill and knowledge. It is a skill to know and be an expert in how to make a website more and more visible and popular on search engines.

SEO is a skill that even covers content writing.

It is a skill to find and know about the searchers or audience for a niche or industry or a subject. It is a skill to know how to target and satisfy the information needs of these audience.

It is a very important skill to know and be an expert in how to make websites rank and therefore appear higher for their targeted keywords.

Enroll in the best Search Engine Optimization Course (66.67% OFF)

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SEO training to learn how to rank

Yes, this is the best practical course on search engine optimization that you will ever need to learn how to make websites rank.

Learning to rank is learning how to approach and actually do SEO and all that you learned in a practical way. This is what you will learn with this trainig.

This is because you learn from years of experience of doing real life search engine optimization. You learn:

  • the approach that works in SEO
  • how to start and do complete SEO
  • how to do it more effectively to aim for better results

Learn techniques which are most important when you start doing SEO

Do you what is are two of the most important techniques which you need to learn and master when you actually start doing SEO in your careers or even for your own website?

Local and Mobile SEO are two of the most important parts of doing professional SEO.

Google has shifted to mobile first indexing. This means you need your website to be Mobile friendly. For this you need to learn to do Mobile SEO.

When you start your careers most of the SEO clients you work for will be local businesses. So, you need to learn how to optimize and rank local websites for keywords which are relevant for their location based business.

This is why you need to learn local SEO and also Mobile SEO even before you start your career.

The other two reasons why you need to learn how to do local & mobile optimization are these.

You should also know that almost 50% (and even more) of organic searches in Google are made to find local products and location based business. So, you need to learn Local SEO.

Most the local searches are made on Mobiles. Mobile users search more for local information and close to 80% of these searchers visit a store within the same day. Therefore to do local SEO best, you need to master Mobile SEO.

This is why we give you the FREE website designing course. You learn how to FULLY build mobile friendly websites.

This is what we teach. Our SEO course is best as it trains you best in how to do local SEO and how to do Mobile SEO.

Learn importance of long tail keywords & how to find and use

Learning how to use long tail keywords on live websites for search engine optimization can make a huge difference. Do you know that these long tail keywords account for more than 50% of all the organic search? Learn how to find long tail keywords and how to use these effectively.

Learn meaning & role of LSI, how to find and use these

LSI stands for Latent semantic indexing (LSI). It is a concept, a system and also used to refer to some types of keywords. All this is important to know and learn when doing SEO, doing keyword research and optimizing content. Learn what are LSI keywords and how to identify, find and use them through examples in this course.

SEO Master Course

What you will be enrolling for here is the best, complete and the Master SEO Course. This SEO master course is best for beginners to learn complete SEO and is even best for professionals to complete their SEO learning & skills and master it.

Our Best SEO course gives you complete training in SEO fundamentals with expert advanced SEO training on how to do professional SEO using tools, analytics and spreadsheets.

Learning with examples and snapshots makes it a complete practical SEO course.

SEO Training Masterclass to RANK #1 in Google in 2021: Complete Beginner to Advanced | STEP BY STEP

  1. SEO Fundamentals

  2. What you need to Start SEO for a any website from scratch

  3. How to Start SEO for a new website

  4. How to find Keywords for a website

  5. How to find best & many Keywords

  6. 3 phase strategy on how to build links

  7. How to find & rank a new website for more keywords

Search Engine Optimization Course FEES at 66.67% INAUGURAL DISCOUNT

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US Dollar course fee will depend upon the current conversion rate

Our SEO course fees is just about $122 or INR 8,999.

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