Complete SEO Training Masterclass 2021 to Rank #1 in Google

Master SEO Training Bundle of Best Courses on HOW to RANK & 25 Link Building Strategies, Techniques & Tips

SEO Masterclass Introduction

SEO Training Masterclass Beginner to Advanced to Rank on Google with Approach & Strategies

Best SEO Training online for beginners in India

Here is the one SEO Training Course in 2021 which can surely help you go to the ultimate level of the SEO game, how to rank #1, and fast.

This is the ULTIMATE SEO FULL TRAINING in best optimization approach, How to Rank steps, and 25 link building techniques & strategies.

This SEO course teaches you the expert level techniques, insights and provides training in how to do search engine optimization to rank.

This is the best SEO training course for beginners to go to advanced and expert level fast.

You learn SEO from scratch and advance to expert & master level.

This is the SEO masterclass for professionals to discover new and easy ways to make websites rank #1.

This is the complete training course in SEO for business owners, website owners and bloggers. They will learn & find everything they need to rank their own websites and blogs on Google first page with simple to do steps and get organic traffic.

The Purpalyn SEO Training on how to rank websites #1 is based on expertise of thousands of first page #1 Google rankings. A complete SEO masterclass to rank #1, rank websites higher and to improve search engine rankings.

Learn to Rank on Google with the most Advanced SEO Training in India

Complete SEO Training Bundle 2021

Purpalyn is actually offering you the complete SEO course bundle. This is your full SEO training package. With this SEO training course what you are actually getting is a bunch of SEO courses from beginners to advanced and to expert & master level.

Complete Package of 11 Best SEO Courses 2021

  • Beginners SEO Course
  • Professional SEO Training Course
  • Local SEO
  • Mobile SEO
  • On Page Practical Training
  • Full Keyword Research
  • Beginner to Advanced Technical SEO Techniques
  • Professional Local & Mobile SEO Training
  • Auditing, Analytics & Monitoring
  • How to Rank Expert SEO Course
  • SEO Link Building Master Course

SEO Training Approach of the Course

This is a complete SEO Training Masterclass 2021: Beginner to Advanced Expert to build expertise in how to rank on Google first page in 2021.

The best training in SEO to master website rankings, how to get free organic traffic and how to build strong search engine presence for your website.

This master training course teaches the Approach on How to Rank Keywords on Google.

You will learn the complete how to do SEO process. You learn to do SEO with more clarity and focus. You learn how to do each step better and more effectively and with that ranking goal in mind.

This professional & expert training teaches you simple, effective & powerful SEO techniques & advanced strategies in this course program to help you master ranking keywords.

Complete beginner to advanced & expert SEO learning of this training

    Strategy & Steps to Rank your website

    The Strategy to build links for new website

    More (Easy) Link Building Strategies & Techniques

    List of link building websites to immediately start building backlinks

    Complete SEO from finding keywords to tracking & analytics to make you an expert

3 STEP SEO Training to learn How to Rank

This SEO Course offers expert training on how to rank on Google with 3 step learning and mastery.

How to Rank Expert SEO Training for beginners in India


To start learning SEO and even to reach expert & master level you need to start with the basics.

But you need proper training in the basics and the fundamental techniques.

Our SEO course starts with complete basic & foundational training. Not just that you go advanced in SEO and learn more, in-depth and in practical way.


Once you learn the basics & fundamentals, it is now time to give your SEO purpose, direction and focus.

This is what How to Rank expert SEO Training Module provides.

You learn and actually re-learn how to do all the SEO techniques with ranking focus.

You learn how to do SEO and use all the techniques of search engine optimization to make a website rank, to make your keywords rank on Google.

This is a step by step training to give you right perspective and approach on How to Rank on Google in 2021.


The third and important step of this SEO Training Masterclass 2021 is the powerful & unique set of SEO link building strategies.

Backlinks are the backbone of SEO and ranking.

You need links to rank.

And the more links you have the better you are positioned to improve rankings and rank on the first page.

The link building strategies act as the powerful rank support and ultimate boost to keyword rankings of your website.

You can use these 25 link building techniques to add more backlink power to your SEO.

With these strategies on how to build backlinks you can create many backlinks and also provide quality and variety to your link profile.

This is what we as SEO experts believe Google values more for a website. This is what Google loves about your backlinks. And this is what will help you improve your keyword rankings in 2021 & going into 2022 & even beyond.

Best SEO training 2021 for beginners, startups, bloggers, business owners

SEO Course Reviews

Our training course was reviewed and appreciated by some SEO & digital marketing professionals & experts. That is all this course needed, really. This really shows the usefulness and value of our course content for beginners and also for professionals.

Expert Reviews, Ratings of Purpalyn SEO training course

Anil Kamble, Digital marketer, The Pure SEO, Airoli, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

I am an SEO expert in Mumbai and have been doing this work for 11+ years. Ranked many client keywords and sites in Google local and Google International.

Your "SEO for beginners" training is useful for many newcomers as well as experienced people. You can learn something new every time you read book. It helps a great deal in learning SEO.

And it is in very simple language which makes it much easier to learn everything this course teaches. Also I am looking forward to many more advance courses in SEO from you.

One area of SEO, in particular, where this course helped me is understand keywords research and its value & importance, and how much you can do & achieve with keywords in SEO. It motivated me to work more on keywords and improve my SEO.

Mahira Singh Raizada, Digital Marketing Trainee, Delhi, India

You have tried hard enough & best to explain even the little details. This shows your in depth knowledge about your subject and sincerity towards training.

Best wishes!

Ankit Jha, Former Corporate Marketing Head from Ghaziabad, Delhi NCR, India

The PDF course is written in simple language and starts from the very basics so that's good for every beginner.

Young John, SEO beginner from Oxford Student, California (US)

Rated the course 4.5 on a scale of 1 to 5. She said the course really helped her learn & understand how to do SEO.

SEO beginner Sankara Narayanan, M.Tech (IT), Bank of America, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

He said the course was very useful for him in learning & understanding search engine optimization.

Mario Lewis

Rated the course 4 on a scale of 1 to 5. The course material is easy and understandable for beginners.

SEO Course 2021 Content

2021 SEO MASTERCLASS in Link Building & How to Rank


Understand SEO

Before doing SEO you need to understand it. SEO has two sides to it, the two key platforms, also the demand & supply. Understand the website & search engines & the important factors.

Your platform for SEO

What you do SEO on and for whom? Before you began you should understand properly the platform for doing SEO. It is the website. Understand the factors & learn to make SEO friendly website.

Indexing your website

The first step to do SEO is to know how to start it and then let Google know all your pages and your website. Know the 7 things you need to start. Learn the ways how to do that completely.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is very important but often ignored. Incomplete technical optimization may harm your SEO results and rankings. Learn to make a website complete compatible for search & search engines.

Keyword Research

Right keywords give you first page rankings & traffic and this comes only from complete keyword research. Learn find best keywords with 21 tools and how to select best keywords for rankings.

On Page SEO

A complete and best on page SEO optimization can help you gain several search engine ranking positions and give advantage over even stronger websites. Learn the best on page techniques.

Off Page SEO

Off page is not just linkbuilding, it is more than that. Learn off page and linkbuilding completely. Learn what are backlinks and what is linkbuilding. Learn best off page and linkbuilding techniques.

Mobile SEO

Do you know that search users and Google, both prefer Mobile viewing? With more & more people searching on mobiles your website needs to be Mobile optimized. Learn all about how to do Mobile SEO.

Local SEO

Learning SEO is incomplete without fully understanding local SEO. And local SEO is much more than just the techniques. Learn FULL local SEO - local search & results; local keywords, optimization & ranking.

Link Building Strategy [Be an expert]

Learning to build links is needed. But how to build links? What is the best way? Learn the link building strategy that has worked & is simple & best.

SEO Monitoring & Reporting

How do you know how well your SEO is working, and know your rankings? How do you tell your clients their progress? Learn how & from where to get all the DATA about your SEO progress.

How to Rank [Master SEO]

This is where we give training on the complete process of doing SEO in a better & result oriented way. Here you learn all which helps you to rank websites on first page.

Complete SEO training 2021 to Rank #1 in Google

Complete beginner to advanced SEO syllabus

Practical Beginners SEO

  • Chapter 1 What is SEO
  • Chapter 2 Why learn SEO
  • Chapter 3 SEO Career options and best way to start your Career
  • Chapter 4 What are Search Engines and how they work
  • Chapter 5 Major Google Algorithms
  • Chapter 6 Understand Website for SEO purpose
  • Chapter 7 SEO Friendly website
  • Chapter 8 How to start SEO
  • Chapter 9 Google Accounts Set Up
  • Chapter 10 About submitting site to search engines
  • Chapter 11 Hosting & SEO
  • Chapter 12 Add site to search console
  • Chapter 13 Basic Technical SEO aspects of website
  • Chapter 14 GA account & tracking code
  • Chapter 15 Submit new site to search engines
  • Chapter 16 How to create & submit sitemap
  • Chapter 17 Create & Submit robots file
  • Chapter 18 Submit URLs to search engines

Professional SEO Course Modules

  • Chapter 19 Know Keywords
  • Chapter 20 11 Types of Keywords
  • Chapter 21 Keyword Research
  • Chapter 22 21 Keyword Research Tools
  • Chapter 23 Technical SEO Techniques
  • Chapter 24 How to do On Page SEO
  • Chapter 25 What are Backlinks
  • Chapter 26 What is Link building
  • Chapter 27 Off Page and its Techniques
  • Chapter 28 Link Building Techniques

Advanced Training in SEO

  • Chapter 29 How to do SEO Audit
  • Chapter 30 More Advanced Technical SEO Techniques
  • Chapter 31 Mobile SEO
  • Chapter 32 Local SEO and How to optimize and rank
  • Chapter 33 SEO Analytics, Monitoring & Reporting

How to Rank SEO Expert Masterclass

  • The 5 steps to Rank Websites

Link Building Masterclass

  • How to Build Backlinks for new website
  • The 25 Link Building Strategies to boost rankings

List of websites to start Link Building IMMEDIATELY

Learn to Rank with SEO!!!

Expert & BEST SEO training for beginners at very affordable inaugural fees. INR 7,789 ONLY.

Do you want to learn how to rank on Google in 2021

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Complete SEO Training in Delhi from SEO Ranking expert Kshitij Thakur

Hi. I am Kshitij Thakur and I designed this How to Rank #1 expert SEO training course in Delhi. I created the content, syllabus, modules and chapters of this SEO course on the basis of my expertise, experience and #1 Google rankings I achieved.

I have been doing SEO, researching, learning more and building my expertise right here in Dwarka Delhi, India.

I can say with much proud that I have ranked thousands of keywords on Google first page, on the very top on that search engine, ranking Number #1 on Google, and also ranking in first 3 or 5 positions.

I acquired SEO ranking expertise which I also offer as expert SEO consulting services in Delhi India.

I provide my SEO expertise here online in Delhi and across India online through Purpalyn.

I introduce my own advanced SEO training online in Delhi and with expert course syllabus & modules on how to rank keywords on Google first page.

Reviewed & Rated as Best SEO course in Delhi for beginners by SEO & digital marketing professionals in India

If you want to learn how to rank on Google then the complete syllabus of this SEO training course is important. This course on SEO aims to make you understand why each step of SEO is important and how best to do it.

It is a complete approach, proper understanding of SEO through the chapters, modules and syllabus. It is the set of techniques which you learn to use and apply in the right way through practical training.

This is how you learn and understand how you can rank keywords on Google.

This is the ultimate goal when you learn SEO fast from scratch.

Then there are the best advanced SEO chapters with practical steps to help you learn how to make keywords rank. And the best part are the specific chapters which provide training to best prepare you to rank your keywords.

How to practically follow the most important on page techniques

How to write better content

How to build links with a strategy

How to SEO step by step for a new website

How to rank keywords on Google first page, step by step

SEO Full Training on Ranking & Link Building

What type of SEO training is truly complete, best and a masterclass. The training on how to rank your keywords. This is all you need to be an expert.

To rank on first page you also need to master keyword research, on page optimization and content writing. And you especially need is to learn how to build links in SEO.

The Purpalyn complete SEO course online gives you the best, expert & specialized training in keyword research, on page optimization, content writing and link building.

This is the complete SEO masterclass to help you become an expert in SEO. The Purpalyn SEO training is based on experience and expertise of ranking keywords with much ease.

Your chance to master ranking & link building with SEO full course from Purpalyn.

Search Engine Optimization Complete Specialization Course

How to Rank SEO Masterclass Training

Rank #1 with SEO search engine optimization complete specialization course

This is the crux and most important part of our master SEO course. This is for two reasons.

ONE. To rank keywords means doing complete SEO. Therefore, training on how to rank keywords gives you professional & expert level teaching on complete SEO from how to find best keywords, fully understanding of keywords and their targeting, which keywords rank better, the process to make keywords rank, role of on page and how to do best SEO optimization.

TWO. You will learn how to find, target and rank many keywords.

You learn how to rank best with a masterclass training which comes with this course.

  • how to rank your website for keywords
  • how to make a new website target and rank for many more keywords

This masterclass training is based on an approach and a method which has resulted in thousands of first page and #1 rankings of keywords in Google.

What you learn in this training masterclass is:

  • How to find right keywords for ranking
  • How to find more keywords to target
  • How to boost rankings of your main keyword
  • How to rank many more keywords
  • How to get traffic from Google by ranking many keywords and the right keywords

You get training on how to make your keywords rank on first page of Google. The course will teach you how to best optimize your keywords, how to write better content and how to provide the necessary boost & support to make your keywords rank on top.

Link Building with SEO Masterclass

Linkbuilding with SEO or how to build links to a website is one of the most difficult yet the most important part of doing SEO for any website. You cannot rank your website on the first page without building backlinks.

What most courses and training teaches you is from where to build links. Here you just learn the types of websites from where you can build links from.

But two important questions still remain which you do not learn from these courses.

  • How to start building links
  • How to find these websites

You can find link building websites or get lists but how do you know if these are the right websites and you can actually get a link from these?

SEO link building has a purpose which is to help you rank your websites. So, how do you start building links to your website?

This linkbuilding SEO masterclass gives you both the answers. We teach you these two most important things in SEO linkbuilding.

  • 3 Phase Link Building Strategy
  • 25 Link Building Strategies to start and scale up your SEO Link building for ranking

SEO Masterclass: Rank your website higher with better & expert SEO

Do you want to learn how to rank on Google in 2021

Mail me at OR fill the form

SMART SEO Training Masterclass 2021: Beginner to Advanced SEO for #1 Rankings & Organic Traffic

Smart How to Rank Top SEO Training

What makes this training complete & best in SEO mastery is that it covers much more, provides practical training, is very professional in teaching, gives you smart techniques in SEO. The techniques I teach here are all which I have used to RANK THOUSANDS of Keywords on TOP & #1 and got TONS of Google organic traffic to my websites.

Learn smart & easy SEO techniques to RANK which you can do & repeat for any type of website.

  • How to actually start SEO (things you need)
  • Submitting website vs URLs and how to do it
  • Website Factors (like hosting) which impact SEO
  • Understand Forms & Types of keywords
  • How to find more & better keywords to rank
  • LEARN to target & rank for more keywords, easily
  • How EFFECTIVE ON Page techniques pushes rankings
  • How to create better content with purpose
  • Best Anchor text optimization
  • How to do Step by Step SEO for new website for RANKING
  • How Keywords Rank
  • How to Rank MORE Keywords on first page with SEO & strategies
  • Smart Tip to improve E-Commerce & Local Keyword Rankings
  • Easy Beginners Link Building technique for new website

Master Training to help you be an Expert SEO Fast & Easy

Be an expert in How to Rank Keywords SEO

The SEO Training to help you get traffic with expertise in How to Rank Keywords

Why you need to learn to rank? Why you need to build expertise in ranking? Why do you need this training?

This training is all about how to use and do SEO to rank keywords.

What that brings or does for a website?

Why we as professionals rank keywords?

Not to show rankings to clients or see it ourselves.

The real objective of ranking keywords is to get traffic to a website.

Whether you are doing SEO for your own website or doing it for clients, getting traffic is very important.

This is the SEO training masterclass in how to rank and get organic traffic from search engines.

This is how you truly become an SEO expert when you know how to get many first page & #1 keywords ranking and how to get tons of organic traffic to any website.

How our SEO ranking expert Training will help you

The first and the most important training and expertise you get from this SEO course is learn how to rank keywords.

And when you learn this then you can rank any website on Google. So, this search engine optimization training will be most helpful for your career growth.

If you are working in a job in any SEO agency your expertise will be highly valuable. And if you are working in a digital marketing agency then you become the SEO expert in your vertical and stand to move up the ladder fast to a manager.

If you are a freelancer or a SEO professional offering services to other companies then you can surely improve your service quality and capability. You can get better projects and demand better SEO price or package from your clients.

After this training and a little practice you become and ranking and traffic expert like me and can offer expert SEO consultant services or start your own agency.

One other best advantage of this training course is that it is your life long reference book and material. You can always refer this course at any stage of your career and any step of SEO.

If you are stuck or need a little guidance or need to revise at any step when you are practically doing SEO then you can refer back to this training.

Learn to rank for many keywords with my expertise & experience in 2021

BEST SEO training every beginner & professional in India will love & needs

This is the best SEO training course in India because it’s content is designed and based on years of experience and achievement in search engine optimization and rankings.

The SEO course syllabus is especially made very simple to learn and understand.

The syllabus of this course is based on my learning & experience and covers content & details on how to learn, use and approach SEO and its techniques to help your websites and its keywords rank on Google.

Simple & Easy Training for SEO expertise

I had just one goal while creating this SEO training. To make it as simple as possible to understand. To put what I learned, my expertise & experience in SEO & ranking in this course in simple, easy & practical way.

This is because I realize that it is the syllabus of a course which makes it best. And then how easy and effective it is to learn from that course.

For this my only objective is to present my SEO expertise in simple language in this training.

This helps me make it Complete & Best SEO training for beginners.

Why Everyone Absolutely NEEDS THIS online SEO training in Delhi

Complete SEO training for job seekers & beginners in Delhi

Learning SEO from this complete course can help you in many ways. For beginners learning complete PLUS advanced search engine optimization will make you know more in SEO and improve your skills and qualifications. Knowing more and in depth will always help you in interviews, make you more confident and therefore help you get better job and faster.

Our complete SEO course is the perfect learning platform for beginners and entry level professionals to learn in depth, and more about SEO. It advances, perfects, compliments and completes your SEO learning and skills and help you to be the best in your jobs and careers, and this makes it the best and complete SEO course in India.

Best SEO training online for Delhi bloggers & website owners

Every blogger and website owner wants to make their blogs and websites reach many people. And believe me, SEO is one of the best, cheapest, flexible and long term beneficial way to make your website reach as many organic visitors as you want. Growing a blog and making it reach thousands of people is best done with SEO. But you need to learn it more thoroughly, little more deeply and more completely. Just learn that you can select a keyword, put it in meta and title tags and do some link building is never enough.

A complete SEO knowledge can make you grow your blog to as many search visitors as you want and also in a faster and more effective way.

This is why we all need to learn complete SEO and for this our course is one of the best.

BEST SEO Course 2021 for all learners

Best SEO course for beginners

This is the best training program for beginners. This is a complete beginner to advanced SEO training to help search & ranking newcomers reach expert level with advanced techniques & insights.

Beginners to advanced SEO

Full professional course

Practical learning approach

Learn how to use SEO

Learn how SEO works

Learn the important techniques

Learn how to build links with link building strategy

Become a professional in SEO fast

Prepare for digital marketing career with website designing

Best SEO course for startup and business bloggers

Learn to rank content

Bloggers are good at writing content & creating blogs. And when they learn how to make it search friendly and match it to many search queries then they will learn how to rank much faster.

This becomes even more important for startup bloggers and business bloggers, as they blog for specific purposes.

Simple learning approach

Learn easy, fast and apply it

Learn how to write & optimize content for blogs and rankings

Learn how to use advanced techniques

Learn to make content search friendly

Improve search & user value of your blog

Rank your content and blogs on Google

Learn SEO marketing for your start-up & business

Learn SEO marketing for your business

Many start-ups and business owners often look to learn SEO.

What start-ups, small business owners want? Marketing and sales. SEO is one best way of marketing. Learning it means you learn to present your business to an audience which is ready to take action and is already searching for products or services you provide.

What every business owner wants is result. What start-ups want from SEO is to make their websites rank on Google and get traffic.

The Purpalyn how to rank SEO training is the best course especially for start-ups and small business owners. With this course business and start-up owners can rank their websites.

They can learn to get traffic from search engines for their businesses. They learn how to do SEO marketing for their business.

Get this advanced SEO training from Purpalyn today

Learn best and expert SEO from my experience. What this training will give you is deeper and complete learning & understanding of search engine optimization. And with specific modules about keywords ranking, how to do SEO and link building you can reach an expert level in SEO much faster and have a wonderful career growth.

Understand what is SEO and how it works

Get your business best search visibility

Learn website designing to create a website for your business

Learn the techniques to start doing SEO for your business website

Learn how to write content for your pages like product page and blogs

Learn how to build links to your home page, product page, blogs

Learn how to make web pages and their keywords rank

A comprehensive and ready reference for life time

Know all about SEO and how to do it right to build your own SEO in house team & guide them too or to know & understand what your SEO agency is doing

Get full control of how to build search engine visibility of your business website and grow your business with organic traffic

The content of this course on SEO is so simple to understand for beginners that it can be the best training for middle aged or mid career professionals looking for career change.

One of our learners lost his job as a Medical transcription executive in healthcare BPO. We hope this course can help him get a job or freelancing work.

And if you love reading E-books then you will surely love the content of this PDF SEO course.

Best Course in Delhi to learn Complete SEO

Learn to find keywords, On Page SEO, On Site SEO, Off Page & link building techniques and how to do Local & Mobile SEO. Best SEO training in Delhi.

To learn how to do SEO in Delhi you need the best SEO course in Delhi. And if you want to know which is the best course to learn SEO in Delhi then our full course is one of these.

Best SEO course in Delhi NCR is the one that teaches you how to do local and Mobile SEO. It should also cover complete SEO from fully submitting your site to finding best keywords to building backlinks.

Learning and doing SEO in Delhi, first of all means, learning to do Local SEO. Do you know that almost 50% of searches in Google are made to find product or information about a local business? You need to learn local SEO. Our course covers local SEO in more detail.

The second most important thing is Mobile SEO. Mobile users search more for local information and close to 80% of these searchers visit a store within the same day. Our Mobile SEO course module & chapter will teach you how to optimize your website for Mobiles.

To do best and full SEO you need to learn SEO basics and also how to do local search engine optimization and Mobile optimization of a website. This Purpalyn SEO course is the best in Delhi and teaches you all that.

This course makes you complete SEO professional in Delhi.

How you learn from our online SEO course in Delhi

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Introduction for beginners

  2. How SEO works and Basic SEO Knowledge for beginners

  3. How to do SEO step by step

  4. On Page SEO

  5. Off Page SEO

  6. Local SEO Targeting, Optimization & Linkbuilding

  7. Mobile SEO Optimization

BEST SEO Training in Delhi for 2021

This is the best and complete course for beginnners to learn SEO in 2019 and beyond for 2020 because it is complete and covers much more of search engine optimization and its techniques than other similar courses in India. After this course, you may not need to learn anything else in SEO from any other course.

I got these results in the year 2019 from using the techniques which I teach in this course. Therefore you can also learn and achieve the same in 2019 and in year 2020 and even beyond.

  • Learn complete SEO and how to do it
  • Learn all the relevant and required techniques
  • Learn to find and target more keywords
  • Learn to best optimize websites for keywords ranking
  • Learn to build links with safe and white hat techniques
  • Learn local search

Enroll in the best Search Engine Optimization Course

The BEST SEO Mastery Program, Methodoly & Template in India

ULTIMATE & PRACTICAL steps to learn how to rank

Yes, this is the best practical course on search engine optimization that you will ever need to learn how to make websites rank.

Learning to rank is learning how to approach and actually do SEO and all that you learned in a practical way. This is what you will learn with this trainig.

This is because you learn from years of experience of doing real life search engine optimization. You learn:

  • the approach that works in SEO
  • how to start and do complete SEO
  • how to do it more effectively to aim for better results

Master the real life & practical SEO

When you are working for an SEO consultant then you get to do search optimization and build rankings for many types of websites. The most common types of websites or clients are local businesses and e-commerce websites.

This is true whether you are in job, are a freelancer, a consultant or run an agency.

If you are getting a training in SEO for your career, jobs, freelancing, consulting venture or planning for an agency then you need to learn to do SEO for all these types of businesses or websites.

The Purpalyn SEO training teaches the approach and its techniques in SEO to help every website rank for keywords. So, you can apply the learning from this course to different websites.

But, we also teach you Local SEO and cover e-commerce SEO including some important insights and tips.

We also teach you how to do Mobile SEO in the best way. You learn it with the mobile SEO module and also learn it practically with our free website designing course.

Mobile optimization is now a necessity in SEO as Google now indexes mobile first. It is also one very important step or technique for local optimization as most local searches are made from mobiles.

SEO Master Course

What you will be enrolling for here is the best, complete and the Master SEO Course. This SEO master course is best for beginners to learn complete SEO and is even best for professionals to complete their SEO learning & skills and master it.

Our Best SEO course gives you complete training in SEO fundamentals with expert advanced SEO training on how to do professional SEO using tools, analytics and spreadsheets.

Learning with examples and snapshots makes it a complete practical SEO course.

SEO Training Masterclass to RANK #1 in Google in 2021: Complete Beginner to Advanced | STEP BY STEP

Search Engine Optimization Course FEES

Entire Course Fee – Special OFFER! USD108 (INR 7,789)

US Dollar course fee will depend upon the current conversion rate

Pay INR 7,789 ONLY for this BEST online SEO Course

Do you want to learn how to rank on Google in 2021

Mail me at OR fill the form

Purpalyn SEO Training Institute in India

Know the SEO Institute (Delhi & Mumbai)

We are Purpalyn and we are an online SEO Institute in India. As an institute operating within the digital marketing industry and domain area, we focus purely and solely on search engine optimization.

The Purpalyn Institute provides online training in India.

Our Motto

We look forward and are working to establish and brand Purpalyn as an institute which offers most effective and best SEO learning and course content, in India. Then we aim to be the best provider of SEO course material and content across the world.

As an institute are committed to providing courses, content and learning material which covers search engine optimization in the best way for the learners. The way to make it effective is to make the SEO learning content easily understandable. The learners should be able to understand SEO concepts, basics and techniques easily and also understand how to apply the same to get results.

The Institute that teaches the BEST SEO

We teach search engine optimization in the best way. We aim to cover SEO extensively and also make it really simple for students and learners. There is no point in teaching SEO or any other digital marketing channel in a way that the learners are not able to understand, follow and apply it.

As an SEO teaching institute we are not teaching SEO to prove our expertise but to use our expertise in search engine optimization and convert our knowledge in SEO learning content which everyone can understand and apply.

Why we teach SEO at the Institute?

We only teach SEO. This is because, we are based on experience and expertise which are in doing search engine optimization. The other reason why we teach only SEO is that we are not teaching for the sake of just teaching.

We are teaching because we believe and have proved also (with results) that we have gained authority and expertise in one field which is SEO. This puts us in a strong position where we can teach the things, which we have learned and achieved, to many more learners.

We teach SEO (only) because we believe we can help learners become SEO professionals (and not just another few job seekers), because we can help them become SEO experts and to SEO in a more effective and better way.

We can help them understand SEO in a better way so that when they start doing it they are more knowledgeable, more aware and better prepared. And so they will be able to do SEO in a far better way.

Also, we believe it is much better to teach (and do) that thing or things only which you are good at. And not do all the things which you just have some knowledge and you think you can do.

And we also focus on and teach SEO because it is a wonderful professional field. It is a very good career option which has plenty of growth opportunities. There are many benefits of learning SEO which we have list below for you to read and know. SEO is one such field in online marketing which not only gives you opportunities to do wonderful things, grow but also opens up many doors and opportunities in digital marketing.

SEO Learning Tips from Purpalyn SEO Institute

If you are a beginner or even a working professional anywhere in India then aim to go further in your training. Do not settle for learning just the techniques. When you are doing SEO for your own website or for clients as a working professional then also aim to go further than just routine SEO tasks. Aim for higher goals and thereby learn much more practically and move towards building expertise in SEO.

Of course you need to start learning SEO with the fundamentals and then you go on to learn the techniques used in SEO.

Aim to learn as much as you can in SEO. Go deeper into SEO and master the use of SEO techniques from keyword research and on page optimization to writing better content and building backlinks.

I like to wish all the best to all the SEO learners and beginners across India. I wish you all have a wonderful career in search engine optimization or digital marketing.

India offers plenty of jobs and also opportunities to start your own SEO agency or do freelancing anywhere in India and even abroad. There are so many companies located here which constantly are looking for SEO services and need SEO professionals and experts.

So learn more and best in SEO and become a professional to serve huge client prospects in India. There are also many SEO or digital markeing companies where you can get your first job if you learn SEO the best way.

So, here is me, Kshitij Thakur from Purpalyn, wishing you all the best for your SEO career again.

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