Complete SEO Course to Master Beginner to Advanced Skills and Strategies

This is your complete SEO training masterclass to help you learn and master baginner to advanced skills and strategies.

If you are a beginner or a startup looking to rank your website on search engines then this course is your blueprint to take from beginner to advanced stage.

This training can help you gain the necessary expertise in SEO to help you rank your website and get organic traffic from search engines like Google.

The most important learning of this course is the practical and proven expert strategies that help you rank websites.

Here are the course details and how you can learn SEO to rank on search engines.

Complete SEO Course for Beginners in Skills, Strategies & Mastery

Is there a SEO course for beginners that is also advanced which can make me an expert?

How can I learn expert strategies and build professional skills and mastery in search engine optimization?

Isn’t that every beginner wants from an SEO training?

You want to do SEO for a new website and for that you need to build your skills & proficiency in techniques.

What skills you want?

You need SEO skills in

  • Keyword Research
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Content Writing & Optimization
  • Technical SEO Optimization
  • Link Building (Off Page SEO)

These are the techniques in which you need to build your skills.

And then you also need to by skillful in these two types of SEO

  • How to do Local SEO
  • How to do SEO for Ecommerce

This is SEO skills mastery.

You build skills when you go beyond the basic knowledge and learn how to use the techniques effectively to get results as professionals.

And you need to go advanced. You need to learn the strategies to use the techniques.

This is what this SEO training course is all about. Help you build SEO skills & mastery.

What is DIY SEO

What is DIY SEO?

DIY SEO is all the steps and strategies that you learn best from an actionable practical SEO course and do-it-yourself easily.

It simply means starting to practice SEO easily and quickly as you learn it from a course.

The Do-It-Yourself SEO basically is the practical training in search engine optimization techniques and steps.

A beginner to advanced DIY course is mastering complete SEO tactics and strategies.

It is about practical & proven strategies which you can Replicate & Repeat.

It is actually SEO that works.

This is what DIY SEO is.


Beginner to advanced SEO training step by step is the practical best raoadmap for a learner to becoming an expert.

This is ultimate route to learn SEO fast for mastery.

This is how you save a lot of time and learn effectively to become a professional.

This is how you can go advanced. You can also put the steps into practice as you keep learning.

All you need is to learn complete SEO step by step.

SEO which stands for search engine optimization begins with the very basic things.

You need to know how your target audience searches for your website. What phrase they use to find your website.

You need to get your website optimized and indexed.

All this is like a step by step roadmap of basic things of optimization practiced as techniques.

Only when you do these things right you can move forward to advanced techniques and practices.

These are the steps experts have complete mastery on.

So, this is exactly how beginners should learn advanced SEO to be an expert.

Complete SEO Training Masterclass 2023: Beginner To Advanced

What you need is the SEO training masterclass that is complete from beginner to advanced in search engine optimization strategies.

That is how beginners learn all the techniques, steps and strategies to optimize a website for search engines and build rankings.

If you want to go advanced then first you need to master the basic steps like the back of your hand.

This is what the complete SEO course gives you before it takes you to the advanced level of learning.

It also means covering small details and learnings.

It even means learning it in the right way.

Optimizing a website is a step-by-step process.

And to learn it effectively it is best to understand and go by that process.

This is more practical way of learning SEO.

Here is how you learn SEO in this training course.

  • Learn complete basics and fundamentals of SEO
  • Know how to start SEO for any new website and what you need for it
  • How to open Google Accounts
  • How to add Tracking Code to Your New Website pages
  • How to add your new website to search console
  • How to find your keywords
  • How to do on-page optimization
  • What it means to make a website Mobile friendly
  • How to improve website speed for better search viewer experience
  • What are the other technical SEO optimization techniques to learn
  • How to create and submit sitemaps
  • Importance of submitting sitemaps
  • How to add individual pages or URLs to search console
  • What are the link building techniques and how to build backlinks

This is the entire search engine optimization process for a new website.

But this is not all that you learn.

What really makes this a complete SEO Training Masterclass which goes from beginner to full advanced is this.

  • Local SEO with strategies
  • Ecommerce SEO with strategies

And you learn strategies for the important steps of SEO that also includes local and ecommerce website optimization.

This is what you learn and master with our complete SEO course which helps you learn advanced strategies with ease.

SEO Mastery Course For Expertise in Strategies & Tactics

This is your SEO mastery course to gain expertise in professional and advanced strategies and tactics to help your website rank.

This course teaches advanced SEO techniques with strategies and tactics.

This is truly going advanced in SEO.

Learning advanced strategies and tactics give you complete mastery in SEO.

You become an expert in using techniques with strategies and tactics.

Gaining SEO mastery over advanced strategies starts with acquiring complete proficiency in the basic fundamental techniques and steps.

What is advanced SEO? Advanced SEO is mostly the strategies and practices which requires a better and deeper understanding of the techniques and expert knowledge.

Advanced SEO strategies and tactics are build and based upon the fundamental techniques.

Going advanced in SEO means improving the techniques and practices to an expert & effective level.

Those become your strategies and tactics that help you get results.

SEO Strategies and Tactics Course

Here is your training course in advanced SEO strategies and tactics.

The best reason to go for this course is because it teaches what has been practiced and what helped in getting results.

I am Kshitij Thakur. I have been doing SEO for some years now.

Research and results define most of what I did.

I ranked many keywords. Got good results.

Ranking a single blog for more than a thousand keywords is one thing I am still proud of.

How I used the techniques is what this course is largely based on.

You learn practical way of doing SEO.

The strategies are those that helped me move the needle (rankings) up on search engines.

This SEO course will help you learn professional ways of using the techniques.

And so you are better prepared to start search engine optimization of a new website.

You can do it professionally and also target your website for results and rankings.

DIY SEO Course for Startups & Beginners that is Easy to Learn & Practice

I am sure this is one of the best SEO course for beginners and startups.

As you learn everything step by step and easily and it teaches in a practical way.

Learn easy.

Learn quick.

Start applying on your website.

With the DIY strategies and tactics improve your website SEO. Help your website and pages and see it improve rankings on Google and other search engines for various keywords.

This course teaches all white hat techniques and strategies.

Complete SEO Masterclass 2023: Beginner to Advanced SEO Practices, Strategies & Tactics

12 Full SEO Training Modules

Indexing your website

The first step to do SEO is to know how to start it and then let Google know all your pages and your website. Know the 7 things you need to start. Learn the ways how to do that completely.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is very important but often ignored. Incomplete technical optimization may harm your SEO results and rankings. Learn to make a website complete compatible for search & search engines.

Keyword Research

Right keywords give you first page rankings & traffic and this comes only from complete keyword research. Learn find best keywords with 21 tools and how to select best keywords for rankings.

On Page SEO

A complete and best on page SEO optimization can help you gain several search engine ranking positions and give advantage over even stronger websites. Learn the best on page techniques.

Off Page SEO

Off page is not just linkbuilding, it is more than that. Learn off page and linkbuilding completely. Learn what are backlinks and what is linkbuilding. Learn best off page and linkbuilding techniques.

Advanced SEO Techniques

Learning the advanced techniques, methods and steps of this course will help you take your SEO to an effective level. The insights help you get results faster.

Local SEO

Learning SEO is incomplete without fully understanding local SEO. And local SEO is much more than just the techniques. Learn FULL local SEO - local search & results; local keywords, optimization & ranking.

E-Commerce SEO

Online businesses and ecommerce business grew especially during Covid pandemic. And so ecommerce SEO clients are also increasing. Learn how to do ecommerce SEO.

SEO Monitoring & Reporting

How do you know how well your SEO is working, and know your rankings? How do you tell your clients their progress? Learn how to read and use all the DATA of your SEO progress.

SEO Strategies

Learn the expert way to do SEO which helps bring results. This is what the SEO strategies of this course are about. These strategies help your SEO right from finding keywords to link building.

Learn to Rank with DIY SEO !!!

SEO Mastery Training AT USD 144.99 FOR NOW ONLY!

SEO Course Reviews

I shared few basic level chapters with few people through social media. And this is what some of them (including business owners, SEO & digital marketing professionals) had to say about my SEO training course.

Anil Kamble

I am an SEO expert in Mumbai and have been doing this work for 11+ years. Ranked many client keywords and sites in Google local and Google International.

Your "SEO for beginners" training is useful for many newcomers as well as experienced people. You can learn something new every time you read book. It helps a great deal in learning SEO.

And it is in very simple language which makes it much easier to learn everything this course teaches. Also I am looking forward to many more advance courses in SEO from you.

One area of SEO, in particular, where this course helped me is understand keywords research and its value & importance, and how much you can do & achieve with keywords in SEO. It motivated me to work more on keywords and improve my SEO.

Mahira Singh Raizada

You have tried hard enough & best to explain even the little details. This shows your in depth knowledge about your subject and sincerity towards training.

Best wishes!

Ankit Jha

The PDF course is written in simple language and starts from the very basics so that's good for every beginner.

Young John

The course was very helpful in learning SEO. Rated the course 4.5 on a scale of 1 to 5.

Sankara Narayanan

The course was very useful in learning & understanding search engine optimization.

Mario Lewis

Rated the course 4 on a scale of 1 to 5. The course material is easy and understandable for beginners.

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Complete SEO Mastery Training AT USD 144.99

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