How to Learn SEO at Home - Steps for Beginners

What are some easy & popular ways for beginners and everyone to learn SEO?

How most of the experts learned SEO.

How a working professional, a business person, a blogger, a student, a housewife or how everyone can start learning SEO easily and at their own convenience.

This is what you will learn about here.

How to Learn SEO at Home - Steps for Beginners

How to Start Learning SEO at Home as I Learned

If you ask me how to learn SEO fast & effectively, I would say start learning it online at your home, as I did it.

I founded Purpalyn after I learned search engine optimization at home and online. Hi I am Kshitij Thakur and I have a good number of keywords on the first page of Google.

I learned all that I know on my own online. I learned how to rank keywords on Google with my knowledge and skills I built. This way I learned even more, like an expert. I also offer one of the best SEO services.

You can also start learning this important skill to rank keywords on Google online very easily and fast.

Is It Possible To Learn SEO At Home?

Is it possible to learn SEO at home? This is the question that comes up for almost every beginner.

If you have the question can you learn SEO on your own then here is the best way and your answer. If you want to ask me how did I learn SEO then also the answer is the same.

Learning SEO at home means learning on your own and that is how I learned too.

And learning at home means learning search engine optimization online.

Although learning search engine optimization, digital marketing and other professional subjects at home became more common since 2019. In fact learning from home became a routine in general for all from school students to college and university students during the Covid.

Even people were working from home only.

Still, we are not yet that much comfortable, especially in India, when it comes to learning anything at home.

It is very much possible to learn SEO at home. And these 2-3 recent past years have made us take that path of home based learning.

Start your online learning right now at your very home

I learned online from my home and I also created and wrote many blogs, guides and tutorials for beginners to learn as much of SEO as possible from their home online.

Here are two of the best SEO guides step by step for beginners in 2023.

Online learning at home is the way in 2023 (and has been since years)

  1. SEO is all online
  2. SEO needs practice which is done online only
  3. SEO keeps changing, so you need to keep updates with online reading

These three basic and important points about SEO show its nature. These points and the nature of SEO also shows that it is best to learn it online.

As soon as you begin your career you will have to start and continue reading and learning online to do search engine optimization in a better or best way and to improve on your knowledge and skills. Following are few important reasons why you need to be online for SEO:

to practice what you learnt

to see how basics, aspects & techniques work

to add to your knowledge and skills

to keep yourself updated in this professional field

to keep yourself updated about the trends, search engine updates

to read about and understand all the algorithm and other updates brought by Google and other search engines

for expert advice and view points on each aspect

and for many more

SEO is very unique and requires everyone to know about and properly understand the latest trends & updates. SEO is largely based on algorithm and other updates by search engines.

But you need online learning, absolutely.

Why learning SEO online can be the best way

SEO is best learnt online which includes at home and on your own. This is because of the nature of SEO and all the aspects which are related to it; the way it is done; and because there are many more resources which are available only online.

SEO needs time and practice. What learning search engine optimization best and full also requires is looking at how each concept & technique works, practicing it more, going little deeper into what you learn in the course.

All this you do at your own, and at your home often. All this you do online.

This you can do only when you are at ease, at comfort level and without any pressure to complete something in a given time. You can do this when have time to go deeper, search for more & supportive & clarifying resources which are related and relevant.

If you want to master search engine optimization and be a professional and an expert then you need to do two things:

  1. Learning the basics, foundation
  2. Practice what you learned

Both learning and practicing SEO is largely online based. This means you will be using online tools, Google tools, other websites and search engines to learn, experience and practice SEO.

Therefore SEO learning is incomplete without going online. And this is best done at home and by giving it enough time.

Therefore, learning complete SEO course online and at home gives you opportunities to learn more and deeper.

Few facts about learning SEO

There are no colleges teaching SEO

It is taught best by experts

You will always have to learn (more) online at later stages and to learn more, deep & advanced

There is no standard in learning. There are no set benchmarks that SEO course should include this only or should be of this level or should teach this much theory and this much practical, or should have practical also or just theory.

There are no official certificates or degrees in SEO. You don't even need one. Your knowledge, skills and expertise will speak for you in the real world.

And if you want to learn from SEO experts then these experts mostly teach online. This is because, they can reach to learners in all parts of the world by going online. All that is taught in SEO is from experience and the courses, content, blogs and all are designed and written by professionals and experts.

The best way you can learn SEO online is at home

The decision to learn SEO online at home

If you are a complete beginner or even a working professional and you plan to learn SEO online then the best way to start and complete it is to learn it at home.

To learn SEO at home is a decision take because you want to learn in the best way when you start learning it online.

The decision to learn SEO at home means that you want to learn it online. It also means that you now understand the nature of search engine optimization and what is the best way to master it. You understand the need and importance of practice in learning. And finally you know that to learn better and practice the best way is to do it online at home and at ease.

Now you may have few questions. There will always be two types or sets of questions. These would be about learning at home, and secondly about SEO and its aspects.

Concept of learning SEO at home (which is online)

Learning SEO online usually means learning at home.

Learning at home is seen as opposite of classroom based learning, but it is not that different. In the classes you are taught about SEO while at home you learn by reading and watching. But there are SEO courses for both styles of learning.

Even when you are attending SEO classes, you have to learn few things on your own, and it is never that an instructor will teach you everything on SEO completely.

Before going further and to help you understand the concept and position of home based learning, let us briefly discuss the various styles or methods of learning search engine optimization.

Different approaches to learn SEO at home

Learn all by yourself

This is learning SEO online, and is a home based learning approach. Here, you learn everything through the resources available on the Internet. These resources are tutorials; guides & blogs; SEO related forums, question answers; SEO related material on various websites, etc.

The thing here is that you need to search and find all these resources all by yourself. You also need to figure out which one is good or better, which one is more reliable. This way surely takes time.

Learning through a course

Learning through a course is another way you can learn search engine optimization at your home, office or any other place. There are many good online SEO courses to learn SEO from scratch and to learn everything and master it right at your home, without attending even a single class or going out.

In fact the best of the SEO courses and resources available are online only. This makes learning at home the best choice to learn full, best and even advanced SEO.

Learn complete SEO basics with a beginners SEO course for, or better

Learn expert & complete SEO with an proven advanced DIY SEO Course with professional & practical training.

Learning SEO at home means the following

  1. It means DIY (Do-It-Yourself) concept
  2. Learning by self
  3. It means an enterprising thinking - DIY is usually take by persons with entrepreneurial mindset
  4. DIY also means control
    1. doing my way
    2. having or demanding flexibility

Knowing or unknowingly learners or students who are looking for and select learning at home option in SEO or any other field they are looking for learning more, learning better. And more often than not, these learners learn the best in SEO.

An expert online SEO Institute can give you that learning.

It does not always mean

  1. you have a low budget
  2. you cannot attend classes
  3. there are no good SEO institutes near you
  4. you cannot find a good institute
  5. shy of attending classes

It only means that you chose to learn search engine optimization at home for its many benefits, because you are more technically inclined and because you like that approach of learning.

Reasons why learn SEO at home can be the best approach

Learning SEO at home is the best way for people who have chosen to work at home or work from home. This is because they will be able to save much time. Also since they are already doing their work from home they have learned how to manage it along with other things. They also know the advantages of this, which are being more in control of what you are doing and saving a lots of time.

Learning SEO from home is therefore best for



Website owners

Website designers

Content writers

People doing work from home jobs


People who are in between switching to a new job

Those searching for new opportunities

People on sabbatical

Advantages of learning SEO at home

Learning SEO at home is a wonderful opportunity to start learning from the very beginning and in the best way. It also gives you the opportunity to practice and learn as much and learn as fast as you want.

There are some big advantages which learning SEO online at home will give you and which will be very valuable for your future career and growth. These will help you develop your skills, confidence, knowledge, expertise and the ability to do SEO with practice.

To learn more

Learn SEO as fast as you want with best resources and devoting as much time as you want

Best way when you want to learn as much as you want

Go as deep into learning SEO as you want

Learn and practice doing research (which is very important in SEO)

Practice SEO while you learn (SEO is online & learning online & on your own makes you go through the issues you might face, practice the process of SEO)

Building your own way of thinking and doing

Encouraged to search and find more for answers

Flexible timings

Plenty of resources to learn

How to turn learning SEO at home into an advantage

We discussed few advantages and benefits you can have when you learn SEO at home and online. These advantages purely come from focus, dedication, efforts, you give to your learning.

There is one hidden but a huge advantage which you can get or you get from this approach of learning. It is actually a dual advantage.

  1. Having a good learning platform to build foundation
  2. Having to search and research for more answers

Both these aspects will help you become an SEO expert, faster. You will be better than those who just read and learn what they are being told.

When you question more then you get more answers. Then you learn more and become better at what you are learning.

Now let us look at what steps you can take to turn learning at home into a true advantage and become a SEO expert at home.

Few things in SEO you only learn online

Here is the list of few very important things which are available online ONLY and that is how you can learn it. Moreover, classroom training courses, especially the ones you try to find in your city or local areas, usually do not teach these or go that deeper.

And, since SEO is never learn once and do it all the life thing, you will be learning most of it online only. The very nature of SEO is dynamic, where every now and then there are new developments. You need to keep yourself updated.

So, here are few interesting and wonderful things you can and you should learn through these resources.

History and Evolution of SEO

How SEO came to existence? What was before SEO? How search engines were born or created? What made us create search engines? When Google was started, who started it? There are so many questions which you should ask if you are truly interested and excited about learning SEO. The answers to all these questions and many more like these will broaden your horizon for SEO learning and about the industry. It will better and completely prepare you towards becoming a learned person in the SEO industry.


SEO history

SEO trends 25 years

Google: Web History & Search History

Updates & Technicalities:

The Google webmaster blog is the first thing that every SEO expert follows. It keeps you update with all the latest that Google introduces in SEO and that which applies to the SEO and search engine industry.


Google Webmasters blog

This one is for advanced learning and learners. Do check it out once.

SEO by the sea

Concluding on How best to learn SEO online at home

Now I believe you are in a much better to know what all to learn in SEO, how best to learn SEO, and that learning SEO online is the best and the universal way. You will be learning much about SEO online during your SEO career and growth journey, so why not start it that way.

And yes finally, you can of course attend SEO classes but on the other hand learning SEO at home can be a much better approach and option. And when can learn so much and everything in SEO right at your very home with all the comforts and flexibility then why not take this approach.

Few interesting facts to conclude and say learning SEO online is fast & complete

SEO is done online and is best learned online too. Why? Because

  1. You are already & always learning SEO online - While practicing SEO you read blogs, answers, every now and then
  2. Online has many resources
  3. Online is both paid and free
  4. Learning never stops and so you will always be learning something in SEO and it will be online
  5. Online is easy and 24/7
  6. Online is convenient
  7. Online is fast

Learning SEO online is very easy and convenient way of learning. In fact it is the best and easiest way. Learning online means you can learn SEO at home, at office, during travelling or anywhere you are. You just need Internet, a computer or your smartphone.

You can even learn a full SEO course at home or anywhere else without always needing an Internet connection. That is learning SEO with PDF downloadable file. So, learning online and self learning is the easiest and best way to learn SEO, and downloadable pdf files are the best way to learn SEO online. Anything which you can download and save on your system gives you the easier way of learning anything.